LeLongevity: Will LeBron James Stay Longer in the NBA?

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📖 Published on: March 25th, 2024

✍️ Updated: March 25th, 2024

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It is no secret that LeBron James still has a massive claim in being the best player in the NBA, and no one can deny that his extreme longevity in the league has made him one of the biggest players to look out for. As a legendary player who has seen multiple generations in the NBA, it does seem that LeBron doesn’t seem to be his age with the way he is playing right now.


Four championships, four season MVPs, four Finals MVPs, and eight straight Finals apperances – James has done everything imaginable for an average NBA player. But that seems to be the problem, LeBron is not your average player who is expected to be retiring by the end of a decade. At the age of 39, LeBron is doing what other players have failed to achieve over the years.


How is LeBron Playing at a High-Level Right Now?


Longevity has been a main thing with LeBron James. One of the only few stars in the league to ever play a season with more than 50 games each, there’s no doubt that James has proved himself well as a star who has managed to play at a high level and remain a constant force in their games. His impressive strides have made him the face of longevity in the league – no major injuries, missed games less than 30 in a season, which just proves his point as a mainstay player.


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On top of that, LeBron has delivered massive feats in most of his games. From achieving career-highs, setting season records, NBA records, and many other feats, James just continues to play even at the age of 39, and his high production just proves that there is more to expect from his games in the coming months and even years as he continues to take his game to the next level.


What Can LeBron Achieve in His Extended Stay in the NBA?


LeBron is expected to play at an older age – possibly even eclipse Michael Jordan’s age of 45 in the NBA. Still, it cannot be denied that James is putting up some of the best performances ever seen for a player at the age of 39, and he is definitely slated to even continue making waves while also continuing to make his case of a championship and even a chance at a Finals MVP.


But what can LeBron add to his legacy if he continues to play in the NBA for years to come?


A Championship and Other Accolades


Let’s be frank, many haters and critics have already trolled James for being unable to cook up his Finals record into a bigger one. James has gone to the Finals for a total of 10 times, but only ended up winning four of those attempts at the top. Still, James can eclipse that number and come up with a promising push to another title. He is playing with a competitive team right now, and he has already won one title with the Los Angeles Lakers back in 2020. This just means that LeBron has every chance to come up with a title and even a Finals MVP that comes with it. The expectations are high for James even at the age of 39, and there’s a huge chance that he can actually come up with more accolades in his career.


LeBron has a chance to win more titles and accolades image


Believe it or not, James has already made a strong argument for being the greatest NBA player of all-time, and no one can deny that his case is definitely a good point actually. Still, James has to come up with more feats in his games in the coming years if he is going to get the best chance of settling his legacy to a whole new level with the Lakers riding on his success. An additional MVP? Why not. The first player to win the In-Season Tournament and the NBA Finals in the same season? Not impossible.


A Chance to Play with His Son Bronny


LeBron has hinted at his desire to play with his son Bronny image

Over the past few years, James has already hinted at his intentions to play alongside his son Bronny, who is already an up-and-coming rookie in the NBA should he declare for the draft by the end of the season. The only change in that scenario is that the Lakers are unlikely to come up with a chance to get a pick for Bronny, and James has already expressed his willingness to even sign a star minimum just to get a chance to play with his son, which just means that he is eager to move to another team wherever Bronny plays. Who knows, maybe he can even retire with a championship while his son gets his first taste of a title at the same time.


Any team would love to get James just by picking up Bronny in the draft. That being said, there are multiple teams with a chance to get James Jr. in their picks later on – with the San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder having picks to spare for the 2024 NBA Draft. Still, being able to play with your own son in the NBA is set to bring levels as to how LeBron is capable of putting up his best game even with the next generation of basketball already coming up on him.


A Shot at Setting Bigger Records in the NBA


LeBron just eclipsed the 40,000-point mark – which is the most in NBA history. In his 21-year career, James is the only player to reach 30,000 points, 10,000 rebounds, and 10,000 assists – numbers that have never been seen before in the league. On top of that, he is still on the pace to make a climb for the most field goals made and total minutes played in his career – showing what is still possible for James to achieve even as he continues to play through the twilight of his basketball career.

James has already set the record for the most All-Star Games played, most games played in the NBA Playoffs, most field goals made in the postseason, and first in games with more than 20+ points.

LeBron continues to add to his points tally in his NBA career image


Just when you think that he has already reached his peak, another day comes with another wild LeBron stat – and that is something to ponder if you’re a fan who has seen his days from Cleveland all the way to Los Angeles.


What is the Future of the League Without LeBron James?


Whether you believe or not when it comes to LeBron’s reputation of being “The Chosen One”, you just have to appreciate greatness as he continues to set the standard for the next generation of NBA players to come. There are already big names in the league who are starting to make their presence felt, and this is why you should expect James to see make the most of his games night in and night out – as should fans as there can only be one LeBron in a single lifetime.


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