Interested in Fish Table Games? Here’s What You Should Know

Checking off lists, shooting targets, and getting things done are some activities many people don’t always stay consistent with. There’s something about shooting off-targets that keeps the momentum going, you know? These days, you can find people enjoying certain hobbies and forms of entertainment.

Today, we want to give credit to fish table games or fish game gambling – the classic target shooting casino game no one gives enough credit to. Read on as we discuss its humble beginnings, how it works, the best fish table games online, and which social casinos you can find them in.

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📖 Published on: April 11th, 2024

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Last updated: May 2024
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Brief History

Anyone who doesn’t live under a rock would know that this type of game has been around for a while now. While the date of invention might be a bit murky, it became a sensation in arcade games and Asian casinos in the 80s and 90s. In the mid-90s, in particular, when online casinos were seen as rising stars in the gaming industry, , more variations of fish table games came to be.

Fast forward to 2024 and we have highly adaptive, exhilarating, and digitally enhanced fish table games for everyone to enjoy. Read on as we explore the most popular fish table games online, understand where you can safely play online fish table games, how the game works, and why online fish tables at social casinos are a better alternative for responsible gameplay.

Free fish table games image

Understanding the Legality of Fish Table Gambling in 2024

As much as we want to tell you that fish tables can be found anywhere online and be played from wherever you are, we hesitate to do so as the reality is a bit different What we can do, however, is give you a little clarity on where the lines blur and how you can access fish table games on alternative platforms.

So, the first question you might be asking is ‘Is it legal to play fish table games online anywhere in the US?’ Well, the safe answer is no, mainly because each state has its own rules when it comes to online gambling. Since a fish table game online is more of a game of skill, the general legality allowing operations is grayer than most.


Playing Fish Table Games in Social Casinos

So where do fish table games stand nowadays? This means some games can exist without traditional gambling licenses in a few regions. Meanwhile, those fish table games operating in larger establishments may be classified as gambling activity, which means they could require proper licensing for real money wagers.

However, it’s important to recognize that most US states deem anything with real money wagers to be illegal without proper licensure. While there are limited exceptions in certain regions or establishments, it’s always better to access fish table games in licensed social casinos online.

Playing fish table games in social casinos is a popular and safe option for many iGaming enthusiasts. All you have to do is sign up for a licensed, trusted, and reliable social casino online and find the best fish table games for you. But before signing up, let’s break down how fish table games work.

Online fish table games image

How Fish Table Games Work

The mechanics of a fish table online game are simple, and it’s all about shooting and aiming at moving targets, after all. You have to have a unique combo of skill and luck to maximize this type of game. These are popular in casinos and gaming establishments where you’ll find a physical table with a ball and a cue stick. Highly digitized computers calculate the outcome of each round.

In virtual casinos, you’ll have a mounted gun to aim at colorful fish and other sea creatures swimming all over the screen. Each type of fish has an equivalent point value that players successfully shoot down to gain rewards or in-game currency.


Fish Table Games vs. Fish-themed Slot Games

Some first-time players in the gambling scene might find themselves confused with all the fish games on their screen. But, one of the first things you should know is that fish table games and fish-themed slot games aren’t the same thing.

The main objective of a fish table game online is to score as many points by shooting and catching fish; it’s a target-and-aim type of game anyone who loves arcade games will enjoy. Once you’ve accumulated all the points you can, you can use them to win in-game rewards or even exchange them for virtual currency in social casinos.

Fish table games image

Fish-themed slot games, on the other hand, are considered to be classic slot games. Many slot games have underwater and fish-themed games with symbols, reels, and pay lines you can nab with a simple ‘Spin’ button. This type of social casino or online casino game is purely based on chance with a house edge you need to compete against. All you have to do is match symbols and win real money prizes or virtual currencies to make the most of the game.

Best Online Fish Table Games in Social Casinos You Can Play On

Now that you know the basics and mechanics of playing fish table games, you can go on taking our advice and checking out the best online fish table games at your disposal (provided you live in the US and love gaming, of course) and exploring your shoot-to-aim skills with a few underwater creatures and here and there.


Golden Dragon

If you’ve seen the Little Mermaid and love anything under the sea, then the Golden Dragon fish table game might be something you’d enjoy. This multiplayer shooting game challenges you to chase the fascinating golden dragon that swims across your screen, for the promise of a 300x payout once you catch the target.

Another clever feature of this fish table game is the Crystal Win — a win of this kind wipes out every other crystal on the screen. You’re also going to love the Freeze Bomb — a game-changer that, once hit, freezes every fish on the screen, giving you superb target and visibility. This seamless and immersive arcade-like game is a thrilling one you’ll have to try out for yourself!


King Octopus

King Octopus is another exhilarating underwater table game worth exploring. With vibrant colors, superb graphics, and a pumped-up musical sequence, this game is one for the senses. The objective of the game is simple: use a cannon to aim at fish and sea creatures until you accumulate player points for a chance to win up to 36x your initial stake. The ever-moving aquatic life, treasure boxes, and pirates all contribute to the game's overall unique atmosphere.


KA Fish Hunter

An excellent fish table game developed by KA Gaming, getting an underwater treat is all the rage with this game. It features 200x multipliers, blue whales, and gold sharks that trigger a freeze bomb to help you with game visibility and eventually score some wins in the depths of underwater gaming. This fish table game offers a high RTP at 96% at medium volatility that offers a superb payout in real money casinos.


Mermaid Hunter

As the game’s name suggests, this game is all about finding mermaids and all sorts of marine life all over your screen. This interactive game is a crowd favorite in many social casinos with features enabling players to aim, lock, and auto-shoot until they gain all the wins possible. Plus, if you like a challenge, this fish table game has multiple tiers for a more exciting yet challenging game at your disposal.


Emily’s Treasure

If you've got an impressive aim, then Emily’s Treasure is a fish table game you’ll love. With captivating underwater elements like various fish and sea creatures, the fierce fire dragon and energy shot are some features you’ll want to target to get more rewards and bonuses.

Fish table games near me image

Where Can You Play Fish Table Games?

When you master the game of fish table online, real money might not be within your reach - but virtual money is! There are a bunch of social casinos legal in the US that you can explore this type of online arcade game on. Here are a few we think are worth mentioning:


High 5 Casino

Founded in 2020 and dubbed “Social Gaming Operator of the Year” by EGR North America Awards in 2023, High 5 Casino has been a crowd favorite among iGaming enthusiasts for years. It’s also a great virtual platform that hosts multiple fish tables and ocean adventure games you can take advantage of, and it boasts over 800 games with exceptional bonuses and promotions up for grabs.

High 5 Casino logo image


Pulsz Casino

Launched in 2017, this real money casino boasts over 500 games available to players in Idaho, Nevada, and Washington. If you like VIP programs to take part in when playing, Pulsz has a six-tier one you won’t want to miss out on while making the most out of your favorite fish table games.

Pulsz Casino logo image

When it comes to the leading social casinos offering online fish table games, is a top choice. With many players leaving positive reviews on their fish table games, there’s no doubt trying their selection of games is a must to see which one best suits your game style. logo image


Mobile Gaming and Fish Tables Online

While big screens are always great for gaming, fish table games are also great for mobile gaming. With more younger users opting to play from their phones, accessing fish table games for Android and iOS is very much possible. Several social casinos and even real cash casinos have supplementary apps for easy, on-the-go gameplay. But playing on their website is just as immersive since most online casinos are mobile-optimized.

Tips and Tricks: How to Win in Online Fish Table Games

We’re aware of how straightforward fish table games typically are: you just have to aim, shoot, and win points. But there’s still some strategy and timing involved if you want to maximize your gameplay and heighten your chances of winning. Here are some tips and tricks to try out on your next round at a fish table game:


Avoid targeting the largest fish in the sea first

Bigger might not always be better in these parts. Catching all the fish and other underwater creatures might be the ultimate goal, but chances are you’ll miss out on a few here and there. It might be easy to shoot at the biggest fish you can see first, but the thing about fish table games is that the smaller the fish, the higher their points usually are. So try to aim at the smaller fish first before getting the big ones out of the way.


Make use of rapid-fire in swarms

Now, once all the fish start to move at the same time and your screen looks like a fish plague all of a sudden, then it’s time to use the big guns. Try aiming and then firing multiple rounds simultaneously to make the most of your hit percentage. This way, you’re more likely to play your odds upwards.; you can’t go wrong with that now, can you?


Attempt using different guns

Some fish table games have multiple gun options the higher the tier you’re in. Be strategic and use other cannons and ammunition to take down larger prey. This will not only challenge your gameplay to keep playing to get up the tiers, but it’ll also give you more opportunity to work on your strategy.


Stay away from aim and lock features

What many fish table game players aren’t aware of is the aim and lock feature that most games have. It’ll simply do the aiming for you automatically and lock your target for smoother gameplay. These features are fantastic for novices or for when you want to take a break, but they're not very efficient and will almost always cost you real money. You will need to put in the work yourself if you want to be efficient and secure strong wins in the long term.

Best online fish table games image

Fish for Wins instead of Compliments

Now that we’ve covered everything you need to know about fish table games and taken a deep dive into this exciting underwater world, remember: to aim small, shoot big, and keep those rapid-fire skills sharp! With some strategy and a bit of luck, you'll be racking up points and enjoying your deep-sea adventure in no time. Just steer clear of those aim-and-lock features if you're aiming for those big wins!

Experience Social Casinos!

Immerse yourself in the world of social casinos with our expert reviews. Discover a vibrant community of players and enjoy a wide variety of social casino games. From slots to table games, explore the best social casino sites and join the fun!

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Are there fish tables near me where I can play?

Traditional fish tables are usually available at arcades, gambling institutions, and some Asian casinos, though their availability can vary according to your area. On the other hand, many online social casinos have a selection of fish table games that you can play from the comfort of your home if you're searching for a more practical choice. Just be sure to ascertain whether internet gambling is permitted in your location before partaking!

What makes fish table games different from other types of casino games?

Fish table games differ from other casino games in that they don't just rely on reels or cards instead, players shoot and aim at moving targets, which are usually underwater creatures. The gameplay offers a dynamic and involved experience, frequently requiring a combination of skill and luck.

Are fish table games purely based on luck, or is there a skill element involved?

Fish table games involve a certain amount of luck, but skill is also necessary to maximize your winnings. To gain greater scores and rewards, players must prioritize targets, aim strategically, and use rapid-fire skills.

Can I play fish table games on my mobile device, and are there specific apps available for them?

Yes, a variety of fish table games are accessible on mobile devices through specific apps that certain online casinos offer. Whether they favor the iOS or Android platforms, players may take advantage of the immersive underwater action while on the road.

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