The Ultimate Guide to NFL Betting

Take your football galore to the next level! Are you an avid fan of the National Football League? Make the most of Sunday Night Football and Thursday Night Football to score the best wagers while supporting your favorite teams and players!

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The NFL is arguably the most popular league in the United States thanks to its massive fanbase and intense games. Whether you are a new fan or a seasoned punter, this guide is for you to make the most of your wagers that will give you a good run for your money. Of course, watching your favorite teams and players make a dash to the opposing side or try to tackle opposing players is fun. But you can spice up the excitement in every single game when you take note of our NFL betting strategy that will help you rack up amazing wins!


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Why Should You Consider NFL Betting?

Football is surprisingly popular in the United States, and it opens up a lot of avenues for punters to enjoy watching games by having bigger stakes with a chance to win prizes! The NFL offers a lot of promising games that will get you to the edge of your seat, and you would not want to miss a chance to join the hype! NFL betting offers high stakes for those who are willing to take a risk. If you get lucky, you might just make the winning wagers and wrap up your Sunday or Thursday with a lot of winnings in your account. This is what makes NFL betting exciting and fun for fans and punters alike.

Don’t have ideas for good bets to make? Fret not, our comprehensive betting guide will help you get to all the latest strategies, tips and tricks that will help you enjoy placing wagers in the hottest NFL games on schedule.

Understanding NFL Betting Markets

Betting on the NFL is pretty much the same as any other sports with the same markets. The only difference is that these are all quite easier to predict, especially if you follow the respective teams that you want to wager on. Here are the markets you should understand when going for football betting games:


Point Spreads

It is important to consider the point spread for every game that you would bet on. This determines the winning margin for a team to win a given matchup. This helps punters gauge the final scores of the team that they would want to wager on.

For starters, a team that has a minus (-) sign next to the number of points is the favorite to win. On the other hand, the team with the plus (+) sign next to the points is the underdog and is expected to be the losing team in the game. The goal here is to bet on the margin of victory by the team you want to wager on.

When betting on point spreads, it is important to note that previous games are put into consideration, as well as records playing at home and on the road. These are used to gauge the performance of a respective team, meaning that standings, the last five games, and many other factors play into consideration.



Moneylines are considered a popular betting market in the NFL thanks to its unpredictability. But this is more of straight up betting on the winning team, and there is no need to determine the winning margin like in point spread.

It is easy to mistake this for a point spread, but all you need to do to make the most of your chances is to wager on which team you think has the best chance of winning. However, it is worth noting that betting on the underdog sometimes yields better prizes with bigger payouts.

The NFL is an unpredictable sport, and it means that there are instances when even the favorite team would not come out on top and will instead lose or even blow leads by the end of the game. Avoiding favorites in straight wagers is one of the good bet ideas you can try here.


Game Totals

Game totals is a fun market to try if you are keen on making guesses in game endings. The goal in betting in totals is to wager a set number by the sportsbook that covers the total scores from both teams.

This is tricky in other sports, but in the NFL, higher or lower is easy to predict. All you have to do is to guess if the game total goes over or under a given number. You can bet over if you think that the game showcases a free-flowing offense between two teams and is likely to generate big points.

On the other hand, scoring under means that there are a lot of tight defensive performances from both teams, meaning that there wouldn’t be a high-scoring affair, and the game is more likely to go down the wire.

Advanced Betting Strategies

Now that you are familiar with the most common markets in the NFL, it is time to dig deeper and find out more about the other betting strategies that can help you score big winnings in the long run. Betting on parlays, teasers, props, and futures can help you rack up winnings if you plan it right. With our detailed guide on these betting strategies, you can make the most of your wagers so you can be sure that you don’t end up empty-handed.


Here are some advanced betting strategies that you should consider:


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Parlays are quite fun to pull off and are often rewarding thanks to huge payouts. This is done by combining two or more outcomes, and the catch is that all of your predictions need to win for the wager to be won.

This is considered to be high-stakes betting as you need multiple scenarios in a given game day before the parlay is won. For example, you wagered on five games, but if you only won four, it will not count towards the final payout as you need all five games to be won.

Therefore, it is smart to keep these wagers to just a small number instead of going for a large size. Betting on at least three games that you are so sure of the result can give you a good winning chance in this bet.



Teasers are considered an advanced level of the point spread where a collection of straight bets are combined and each line has been altered to your favor by the points of the teaser. Depending on the number of games wagered on, it is possible to win with a safer bet.

For this market, you can adjust the point spread to make it a much safer bet in your favor. There are three numbers in teasers – which are 6, 6.5, and 7 point teasers. Each will deduct points from the spread to make it closer for you to easily wager on.

However, the catch is that you cannot bet on a single teaser. There should be at least two or more teaser bets parlayed together. This makes it more riskier but also rewarding and has a higher chance of being a win since the spread has been adjusted.



Prop bets are a big twist in betting on the NFL. These are bets that are answerable by “yes” or “no”. These range from the total yards gained, touchdowns scored in a quarter, kicks, number of sacks in the second half, first TD scorer tonight, and so on.

These propositions are relative to a certain team or player’s performance. Props can also be in the form of over/under as well. A single game usually offers dozens of props from oddsmakers, which means plenty of opportunities to win.



Long-term betting on the NFL is also applicable. Most of the time, you can bet on the game ahead of time, but there are also other markets to consider, such as final standings, individual awards, and championships.

Most of these will translate by the end of the season. Aside from the Most Valuable Player, you may also consider placing wagers on Coach of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Offensive Rookie of the Year, and many more.

On top of that, you can outright bet on a team to win the Super Bowl, the NFC and AFC Championship, or which would come out on top of their respective conferences. These are long-shot wagers, but will yield bigger rewards if you make the right wager.

How to Bet on the NFL?

Now that you have a grasp on all the wagers that you can use in betting on the NFL, it is time to learn how you can place actual bets in a given game. From picking a wager, using odds comparison tools and gauging your chances, this is how you get started:

  1. Select a betting site from the recommended list to avoid mishaps
  2. Pick a game to wager on.
  3. Check the available betting markets and select a market.
  4. Review the odds and compare it to different betting sites before finalizing your pick.
  5. Place a wager amount that meets the minimum or maximum bet.
  6. Double check your wagers and remember to use bonuses and promotions to your bet.

NFL Betting Tips to Consider

It is easy to bet on the NFL, but there is a risk of losing big-time if you are not careful. This is why it is a must to consider taking a short read on our tips and tricks that can help you make the most out of your wagers. Here are some betting tips that you should keep in mind when you place wagers on the NFL:


Always Check the Previous Game

NFL teams play once a week, and occasionally twice depending on their schedule. This means that a long interval is observed between games, and the previous games play a huge role on their winning chances in the next game.

For example, a team that won in their previous game is more likely to win depending on their performance. A losing team, on the other hand, is expected to drop that game, especially if they are in a losing streak.


Make Sure to Check the Injury Report

A team that is missing its top star is not the same team that played a week ago. Always keep in mind that the NFL is a very physical sport, and it means that there are certain games where the top players would miss out a game due to an injury, illness, or personal reasons.

This has a lot of impact on any given game – especially in prime time showdowns and rivalry matchups. It is important to see if the team will field its best star or will come up with a replacement to cover their squad.


Try to Target Underdogs Based On Team Records

Not all underdogs are the worst team in the league. A game between the top two teams in the NFL will still have a team named as underdogs even though they have identical records. This means that underdogs have a huge chance to win even if they are not favorites depending on the playing teams.

On top of that, it is worth noting that the NFL is full of surprises and is highly praised for its unpredictability, especially in the Playoffs. The league history has already shown that it is possible for wild card teams to pull off upsets, which just shows how likely it is for underdogs to win and for bettors to yield bigger wins.


Check the Head-to-Head Stats

When it comes to NFL games, it is best to always check the previous games between the two playing teams. Regardless of the winning streak or the last matches, the head-to-head stats will show how a team performs against a certain squad.

The points scored, number of sacks, total touchdowns, yards gained, and many other stats will play a huge role as to how the game will shape up. It also determines how the coaches and teams will adjust their game plan and come up with ways to defeat the opposing side.


Consider Undervalued Picks in Futures Betting

Futures betting is a risky but rewarding market to look out for. The odds shift from time to time as the season progresses, and it would be different than how it began in the offseason. It is also worth noting that the odds would be different from the start and when the season ends.

Hedging is a way to prevent losses in the long run, especially if your bet ends up on the losing side in the middle of the season. It means you will be betting on another pick to win, which should make up for your initial wager.

Gaining Ground on the Game: Analyzing Picks and Previews

Most of the time, the NFL itself provides stats and insights based on the schedule. These NFL game previews allow you to come up with further bet analysis and make an informed decision based on the deductions of NFL analysts. On top of that, most betting sites also offer a brief insight on the game itself, which you can use to your advantage. Game previews usually discuss the head-to-head stats, players to look out for, and their predictions for the said match. They even give hints on who they think will be the first touchdown scorer tonight, which should help punters make a winning bet if they get it right.


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Betting analysis is also important to consider, especially in high-stakes games such as rivalry showdowns and key matches of the day. Most of the time, analysts discuss the ability of a team to deploy a pick 6 – a play where the defensive players come up with an interception and score six points for a touchdown. Many punters should have an idea of pick 6 meaning in football as it is a commonly used play to disorient the opposing squad into thinking that they are attempting to sack the quarterback. The goal, however, is for the defenders to turn the interception into a touchdown – thus it is called pick 6.

Betting on Thursday Night Football

There are 17 weeks of NFL action, and Thursday Night Football often showcases the best showdowns between select leading teams in the league. Depending on the schedule, most of the playing teams will feature intense showdowns with rivalry history or have the top record, and these are the best Thursday Night Football bets to consider. Finding the best bets for Thursday Night Football is not that hard. Most betting sites usually update their odds on a weekly basis, and the NFL releases the schedule before the season begins, which means you can bet as soon as the game list drops. It is also wise to check out the Thursday Night Football point spread as it would determine multiple winning chances for your bets.

There are usually highlighted players for the day, and some games even have the best prop bets for Thursday Night Football, especially a game between two top teams in the league. For example, a top team contender is expected to score more than their average points in a game, which will be the prop bet that you will likely see in most sportsbooks. Others include predicting statlines of a single player, and so on.

Betting on Sunday Night Football

Nothing beats the hype of starting your week right with Sunday Night Football! Compared to TNF picks, Sunday Night Football bets allow you to see the best competitors on the big stage. This usually packs the top-seeded teams in the league or star-studded clubs taking on each other. Sunday Night Football has been a staple in betting over the years, and it is easy to say that you can enjoy the best of the best in every single SNF game. That says a lot about the traction that it gets in the United States as it leads the NFL in terms of viewership and fan following.

When betting on Sunday Night Football, it is important to note that prime-time matchups are hyped and are more likely to affect the odds between playing teams. For instance, a game between two contender squads can have a thin point spread compared to other games, which makes it rewarding to wager on underdogs. On top of that, SNF games are known well for being a shocker among many teams in the NFL. Most upsets and heroic performances can be witnessed in the Sunday Night Football slate, which makes it more rewarding to place wagers and win big compared to the TNF best bets that you can make.

High-Stakes Betting: The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is considered to be the most popular grand final stage for any sporting event aside from the World Cup. All of the games from other sports leagues in the United States take place earlier to ensure that there would be no conflicts in broadcast scheduling. Aside from putting the champions of the AFC and the NFC in one neutral venue, the Super Bowl is well known for its halftime show and commercials, which strike up the viewership of the league’s finale.


The Super Bowl and its halftime show has become a cultural factor in United States sports. Over the years, the viewership ratings have increased, with the playing teams also having a role in its popularity. On top of that, it has also become a part of the betting frenzy in the Super Bowl. Many people clamor for Super Bowl betting tips, but like any other game, the NFL championship game is hard to predict as this brings the best teams in the league together. Most of the time, the odds for this game usually has a thin line in the point spread and is expected to go down the wire.


There are only a few games in the Super Bowl where it ended up in lopsided scoring. Most of the games are decided by just three or four points, making it a fun and rewarding experience for punters who can make the right bets.


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Make the Most of Your NFL Betting Experience

Betting on the NFL is as rewarding as it can get, and learning a few tips and tricks can help you elevate your chances of winning, especially in high-stakes games such as the Super Bowl. Get started on placing wagers and win handsome prizes like no other when you wager today!


What does fade mean in betting?

To fade in betting means to back up a losing team in a given game. It is considered a risky move but can be rewarding if done right.

What does pick 6 mean in football?

Pick 6 is the act of a defensive player intercepting a pass from an opposing player, usually a quarterback, and then scoring a touchdown, which leads to six points earned by the team.

What is a 3 way money line?

Betting on two of the three available results in a given game is called 1x2 or a 3-way moneyline. This means betting on two possible game results out of three, which are win, loss, or tie for a given team.

Whats on bet tonight?

The Super Bowl LVIII is on the table tonight as the current NFL season comes to an end. The San Francisco 49ers are the favorites to win against the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs. The game will take place this Sunday, February 11, 2024 at the Allegiant Stadium in Nevada.

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