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Welcome to GambleSpot, your go-to source for everything legal in sports betting and casino gaming in the United States. Since our launch in August 2023, we've been dedicated to providing an extensive, informative, and engaging platform to elevate your online gambling experience. Whether you're an experienced bettor or new to online gambling, GambleSpot is here to be your reliable guide.


GambleSpot is a project from Adwise Partners LLC

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Our vision:

At GambleSpot, we see a future where the United States has a flourishing and responsible gambling community. Our main aim is to guide you through this thrilling journey. We're dedicated to helping you explore the ever-changing world of online casinos, sports betting, poker, and beyond, making sure your experience is safe, fun, and fulfilling.


What makes us stand out:

  • Expert insight: the GambleSpot team is made up of dedicated gambling experts who stay on top of industry trends, regulations, and new developments. Our advice and recommendations come from years of hands-on experience.
  • In-depth reviews: we take pride in offering thorough reviews of online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker sites. We carefully assess aspects like game and betting line variety, bonuses, security, and customer service. Our impartial evaluations help you make choices that suit your preferences.
  • Current updates: the US gambling scene is constantly changing. We're committed to keeping you up-to-date with the latest in game releases, regulatory shifts, and special promotions, all aimed at enhancing your gambling experience.
  • Responsible gambling support: your safety and well-being are our top priorities. We advocate for responsible gambling and offer resources to help you manage your gaming responsibly.
  • Exclusive deals: we work with leading legal gambling operators to bring you special bonuses and promotions, available only to our users.


Our team of experts:


Illya Nayshevsky

Based in New York City, Illya Nayshevsky is a data scientist, entrepreneur, and financial advisor. He earned a Ph.D. in polymer chemistry and has a broad range of expertise in data analysis, chemistry, trading, and AI/ML solutions. Currently, he contributes his skills to GambleSpot, an initiative by Adwise Partners, serving as the Chief Operating Officer. At Adwise, his varied experience is crucial in improving the company's operational efficiency and strategic growth.


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Andriy Nezdropa

Andriy Nezdropa, CEO and Co-Founder of Adwise Partners in New York, boasts over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, with a strong emphasis on marketing and sales. His leadership at Adwise Partners, known for its performance marketing in the US igaming industry, showcases his dedication to collaborative strategy development for niche markets. Andriy previously established the Online Media Marketing Agency, where he honed his skills in e-commerce and B2B sales. His method blends strategic planning with focused execution, propelling businesses towards growth and success in the market. Presently, he's applying his expertise at GambleSpot, an initiative by Adwise Partners.


Andriy Nezdropa photo



Evgen Bimbirekov

Evgen Bimbirekov, an igaming SEO expert from Kyiv, holds a bachelor's degree in information systems and technology with a focus on economic statistics from Kiev National Economic University. Leveraging his analytical abilities, he has cultivated extensive expertise in SEO and marketing solutions. Presently, he's utilizing his skills at GambleSpot, an initiative by Adwise Partners, serving as the lead SEO expert.


Evgen Bimbirekov photo



Joey Dacillo

Joshua Marie Dacillo brings a fresh and engaging perspective to the GambleSpot team as a writer and content strategist. With a knack for crafting compelling gaming content, she plays a pivotal role in delivering insightful and informative articles that resonate with our audience. Joshua's expertise not only enriches our content library but also strengthens our mission to provide comprehensive guides and updates in the world of online gambling. Her dedication to excellence and innovation is evident in every piece she writes, making her an invaluable asset to our platform.


Joey Dacillo photo



Marco Cerino

Marco Cerino has been reporting on the gaming industry for more than five years, contributing to some of the sector's leading websites. Growing up near Atlantic City, he has witnessed the rapid growth of sports betting in the US since 2018. He enjoys interviewing experts and executives, covering breaking news, and delving into various topics. Marco holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master's in Journalism from Temple University. When he's not busy writing, which isn't often, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, and persuading his buddies to join him for a game of Dungeons and Dragons.


Marco Cerino photo



Paul Daniel Flores

At the heart of GambleSpot's sports betting insights and strategies stands Paul Daniel Flores, our esteemed sports and esports expert. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the betting landscape, Paul guides both novices and seasoned players through the intricate world of sports wagering. His expertise is not just in predicting outcomes but in crafting strategies that help readers navigate the highs and lows of betting with confidence and insight. Whether you're looking for the next big tip or a deeper understanding of the sports, Paul's contributions are designed to elevate your game.


Paul Daniel Flores photo



Travis Asherton

Travis thrives on adrenaline, whether he's in the game or covering it. As editor and expert in sports betting at GambleSpot, he's always tuned into every major sports event, analyzing each play with style and accuracy. His articles are more than just words; they're vivid play-by-plays that transport you right into the heart of the action. When he's not deep into the latest sports news, Travis is off seeking his next big thrill. For him, life is about constantly being on the move. Looking for a front-row experience of all things sports?


Travis Asherton photo



Wia Van Cauwenberghe

Wia's expertise extends beyond traditional gambling insights. She is adept at analyzing trends, understanding the complexities of online wagering, and providing readers with a comprehensive view that is both informative and engaging. Her contributions are pivotal in making GambleSpot a reliable and respected source for gambling enthusiasts around the globe.


Wia Van Cauwenberghe photo



Katarina Oakshore

Katharina embodies the high stakes and vibrant energy of the gambling world. Her approach to casino games is passionate and infectious. In each article she writes, she doesn't just offer insights; she provides a front-row view into the glamour and tactics of the casino scene. Katharina's extensive background in the industry lends a genuine authenticity to her work that's rare to find. Outside the casino's bright lights, she's an adventurer, constantly seeking her next big thrill or creative inspiration. This enthusiasm for life and exploration enhances her deep expertise in the gambling field.


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