All You Need to Know About Minimum Deposit Casinos in the US

If you are in the following states: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Michigan, West Virginia, or Rhode Island (the newest addition to states where online casino gambling is allowed), there are a number of casinos that are available for you if you have a limited budget or would just like to try out online casino games for the first time. We’re referring to minimum deposit casinos, of course, and they are a kind of casino that accepts low deposits so you don’t have to risk too much of your money!

But if this is your first time to sign up for a minimum deposit casino, where do you even begin? Also, what amounts do these types of casinos accept, and how do you find the best casino site for your needs? We will begin by defining minimum deposit casinos, and as we go along, you’re going to get all the information you’ve been searching for. Are you ready? Let’s step right in to the fascinating world of minimum deposit casinos.

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📖 Published on: April 15th, 2024

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Minimum Deposit Casinos: An Overview

Who says it’s only the high-rollers who have fun? You can, too, as long as you know where to go and what to do once you’re there! As its name implies, minimum deposit casinos are just that: they are online casinos that don’t require much money for you to start playing and enjoying the games they have to offer. In other words, they’re ideal if you’re just starting on your online casino path and you don’t want to commit too much of your hard-earned money yet.

So what deposit amounts do minimum deposit casinos accept? Well, it may surprise you to know that some minimum deposit casinos accept deposits of only $5. Although these casinos are rare (and you may have to sift through all the online casinos with a fine-toothed comb before finding one), they do exist – in fact, we’ve gone through the trouble and we’ve sifted a few casino sites for you! With the smallest deposit of $5, you will already have access to an amazing plethora of slots, table games, and even a live dealer game or two – enough to keep you entertained (and on your toes) for a while. Of course, there are also $20 minimum deposit casinos, if that’s more your thing, but the majority of casinos we’ve found take $10.

But wait – there’s more. We’ll tell you what you can do to take advantage of the most generous bonuses and casino offers, how you can deposit and start playing, what games you can try out, and how to maximize your chances of winning.

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The Different Types of Minimum Deposit Casinos: What You Can Expect

There’s one aspect we think you already know: minimum deposit casinos (or low deposit casinos, as they are also known) will accept small amounts of as little as $5 to $20. Most casinos nowadays ask for $10, although there are some casinos that still ask for $1 (but you would have to sift through all the casino sites available before you can find one). Your best bet? Look for a casino site that accepts $10 - this will put you right in the middle and give you access to the best freebies as well.


$5 minimum deposit casinos

As we mentioned, $5 deposit casinos exist - but these are few and far between. From what we’ve seen, though, DraftKings is arguably the best casino site that accepts $5 minimum deposits, and it has bonuses and rewards that you can get without making another deposit.


$10 minimum deposit casinos

This is the most common minimum deposit for online casinos - you could call it the standard deposit. Most casinos actually require you to deposit $10 in order to unlock those bonuses and rewards. According to a majority of players, the best casino site with a $10 deposit is BetMGM, but there are others on the list, too - including Borgata and Playstar.


No minimum deposit casinos

First of all, there aren't really any casino sites that accept no minimum deposits, and if there were, we don't think they’d be regulated in the US at all. But there’s no need to fret just yet - you can still try out sweeps coins or social casinos that will let you play online casinos with no minimum deposit. The only catch is that these social or sweepstakes casinos will not give you any real money prizes. Still, it’s worth a look, especially if you want to play a practice game or two first.

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The Advantages (and Disadvantages) of Playing at a Minimum Deposit Casino

Now don’t get us wrong – playing at a minimum deposit casino comes with a definite set of advantages, primarily that you won’t have to spend as much just to enjoy your favorite casino games. But playing with a minimum deposit comes with a few disadvantages as well, which you’ll see below:

Advantages (PROS)

It gives you access to an astonishing array of games, such as real-money slot games and other games available for high-rollers.

You can unlock potential promotions and bonuses that can extend your gameplay, including free spins, free play, and match deposit offers.

You have the unique chance to try out and test different casinos – all without risking a lot of money.

Disadvantages (CONS)

The transaction charges may be bigger when it comes to making deposits – especially with certain payment methods.

Your deposit, since it is a minimum amount, may not be enough to take the best advantage of bonuses and other offers.

Your available bankroll may be too small for some games, such as table games.

How to Sign Up at a Minimum Deposit Casino

You may be wondering now, great, where do I sign up? And you’re right – signing up for an account is a breeze, and once you’ve signed up, all you have to do is get your bonus and make the minimum deposit. The first step is simple: you must ensure that you’re located or residing within a state that allows online casinos, such as NJ, MI, PA, DE, RI, CT, or WV.

Then the 2nd step is to go to the minimum deposit casino site/app which has the most appealing welcome bonus or games, click on the sign-up icon, and fill in the registration with info such as your name, email address, and any promo or bonus code listed so you can claim your bonus.

The 3rd step is to make your minimum deposit (whether it’s $5 or $10) using your preferred payment method, then go to the games library of the site to choose from its array of games, whether you like slot games or casino games or others. Next is the best part: start playing!

What Bonuses and Promotions are on Offer with Minimum Deposit Casinos?

You may also be wondering what bonuses and promotions you can expect with minimum deposit casinos. Well, fear not, because there are plenty. In fact, all online casinos have bonus offers for players who sign up, and it doesn’t matter if you make a deposit of $5 or $100 - you will still be able to get a bonus. Note that you may not be able to take full advantage of the bonus (especially if it’s a matched bonus), but you are guaranteed to receive something. We’ve come up with a list of offers from some of the best casinos; take a look.


It takes a minimum of $5 deposit, and you can receive $100 in credits instantaneously. The conditions, however, are clear: you must make a first deposit of $35, play $5 worth of games, and you will get $100 in credits back right away. Plus, you can choose from a wide selection of games (over 600 in all) and play for low, medium, and high stakes.

DraftKings Casino logo image

It takes a $10 minimum deposit. For this, you will get 200 bonus spins and a chance to win $1000 back. Here, you will get the chance to choose from among 400+ different games, including slot games, live dealer games, video poker, and table games.

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BetMGM Casino accepts a minimum deposit of $10 – and if you deposit this, you can get $25 in free play. Needless to say, it is one of the biggest online casinos in the US, and it has over 850 slot games! Use the welcome bonus code PLAYSPINS, make your deposit, and you can start playing.

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For a minimum deposit of $10, you can get a first deposit bonus of up to $500. It features more than 1000 slot games, table games, and low-roller thrill games, and you can sign up using the code CASRIV so you can get back your losses in the first 24 hours 100%.

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With Caesars Casino, you can get a welcome bonus of up to a whopping $2500, try out an astonishing number of games (at last count, the games were over 1000) - all with a minimum deposit of only $10! Of course, most everyone is already familiar with the Caesars brand - and best of all, you will automatically be part of the Caesars Loyalty Program once you sign up.

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But here’s the thing: you must remember to search for online casinos that let you play for free first, or casinos that offer a bonus upfront just for signing up or registering. This allows you to get more out of the deal, and you can check out casino games that let you play for real money without any risk to you. But take note: you will only receive most of the bonuses if you play within a certain period and if you have fulfilled other requirements (such as playthrough). It’s important to read the T&Cs first so you know what to expect.

All in all, be aware that the most common kind of welcome bonus is the one that matches your deposit. So if you will only deposit $10, the casino will still match it and give you another $10 – but you wouldn’t be able to receive a bigger bonus, either.

The good news is that you will still have a chance to receive free spins, loyalty rewards points, entries to tournaments, and other promotions even if you opt for low minimum deposit casinos – so everybody wins.


A List of the Bonuses and Promotions You Can Get with a Minimum Deposit

Like we said, you will always get some kind of welcome bonus each time you make a deposit at an online casino, even if you only deposit $5. But aside from this, here is a list of the other bonuses and promos you are bound to get:


Welcome Bonus

This is something you can always expect from any online casinos, but need we remind you: not all of them are equal. In short, some online casinos have bigger welcome bonuses than others. Some welcome bonuses also include free plays, no deposit bonuses, credits, free spins, deposit match bonuses, and a lot more.


Reload Bonus

For this, some online casinos will match your most recent deposit with the same amount as a bonus. Keep in mind that this may come with some requirements for wagering, but the bonus (and anything you win because of it) are yours.


Deposit Match Bonus

Some casinos will also match your first deposit with a bonus, and this is another common type of bonus. Again, the same rules apply – read the terms & conditions first so you know what to expect, but once you fulfill the T&Cs, everything is yours.


Loyalty Program / VIP Rewards Program

Many minimum deposit casinos will also allow you to earn points each time you play, so you can accumulate these points and earn a spot in their loyalty or VIP Rewards program. Best of all, you can then redeem the points you’ve earned for rewards, such as cash backs, bonuses, free spins, and real cash.

The Game Selection

This is where it gets really interesting, because you will have a vast array of games to choose from! The games include slots (the most popular game in online casinos) to video poker, keno, table games, and many more.

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Here’s a list of the games, and all you have to do is take your pick:



Slot games dominate all online casinos, regardless if you’re playing with the VIPs or enjoying a game with your peers. When it comes to slots, there are endless variations to choose from, and the betting starts at 20 – 30 cents, which is ideal for players with a limited bankroll. If you go for a slot with a progressive jackpot, look at the minimum bets first, because progressive slots tend to start with more substantial bets. Experts recommend starting with the non-progressive slot games first until you have a bigger bankroll.


Table Games

For table games, there’s a lot of variety as well – but here’s a tip: if you are looking at trying out real money roulette or blackjack, start with smaller wagering amounts first and play with the software. One of the most popular ways you can play table games is with a live dealer, and bets start at $1 for each hand – so you might want to lay off of these and start playing table games with the software first. Besides, it’s a great way to practice.


Video poker

Video poker is another popular game at many online casinos, and it comes with many different variations, so you can start with a small stake first and go big as you go along.


Banking Options when You Play at a Minimum Deposit Casino

There’s one hard and fast rule when playing at a minimum deposit casino: it would be wise to steer clear of casinos with transaction charges or high deposits. Many casinos ask for deposits of between $10 and $25, and this will depend on your chosen payment method. Of course, there are casinos that only ask for a minimum of $5 (meaning there are 5 minimum deposit casinos), but these are few and far between.

Minimum deposit casinos payment options image

There are a number of ways through which you can make a deposit, and they all have their pluses and minuses, as we have outlined below:



It’s a popular option for deposits, and for this, you will receive a barcode from the cashier of your online casino, then you will take it to the nearest 7-Eleven or CVS. The minimum deposit for PayNearMe is $10, but be warned: there is a transaction fee of $3.99.



Keep in mind that not all casinos accept PayPal, though a vast majority do (check this with your chosen online casino first). There is no deposit charge but the minimum deposit is $10, and if you choose PayPal for receiving your winnings, there will be fees and charges.



This is somewhat similar to PayPal, but with one crucial difference: you will have to pay the fees before you receive your winnings. Again, the minimum deposit is $10.


Online Banking

You might find online banking an easier way considering that it doesn’t come with additional fees or charges, and it’s also the same method used for paying bills online. But there’s one catch: the minimum deposit starts at $25.


Visa or Mastercard

Debit or credit cards are also accepted, and many players find this the most convenient way to pay. You can also make a minimum deposit of $10.

There are other ways to pay or redeem your winnings, such as Skrill (similar to Neteller), ACH/eCheck transfers, prepaid debit cards, and the casino cage.


The Results are In!

The results are in, and they would make any player exceedingly happy: when it comes to online casinos that take low minimum deposits, there are lots to choose from, and they are even some of the biggest names in online casinos you can imagine, which is flattering, wouldn’t you agree? In truth, when it comes to players, we’ve noticed that to online casinos, it doesn’t really matter if you’re a high roller or someone who merely plays for leisure and to pass the time. What matters to them is that you enjoy it while you’re there – and if you do get lucky, then all the better for you. So it boils down to this: you have a lot of choices with regards to minimum deposit online casinos, and at the end of the day, it’s ultimately your decision which online casino to try. Our advice? Try them all on for size, and you’ll get to the one that fits perfectly in the end.


What are the advantages of playing in online real money casinos?

You can access online casinos almost anywhere from your computer, tablet, or mobile device at any time of day or night. This makes real-money gambling online extremely popular and entertaining. You don't need to change out of your pajamas or get out of bed to play hundreds of slots and other games at any given time. It makes the flight to Las Vegas unnecessary!

What is a payout percentage?

The payout percentage or payout rate is the expected average return to players for all online casinos that pay real cash. An independent auditing company determines it. For example, a payout rate of 95% indicates that you will receive 95 cents back for every dollar you wager on a bet. The remaining percent is referred to as the house edge. This is to ensure the house doesn't always lose. The higher the RTP, the lower the house edge. Hundreds of thousands of transactions are used to calculate the average payout percentage.

How can I deposit money in online casinos?

Online casinos offer various payment methods for depositing, from popular debit cards, credit cards, and wire transfers to e-wallet solutions like PayPal and Neteller.

Can you win at online casinos?

Of course, you can! The numerous ways players can win real money quickly are why playing at online casinos is so popular, from the regular jackpots to the bigger progressive jackpots that may reach up to millions. There are also various games like classical table games, lotteries, slots, and dice-like games. You are sure to find one that suits your taste. Fairness is highly regarded in online casinos as it is audited and tested to ensure every player has a chance of hitting it big!

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