The best online casinos accepting Paysafecard in US

The world is becoming more technologically advanced, and monetary payment has gone beyond physical cash. There are over 20 ways of making payments without cash. These payment methods have influenced the gambling market, including the virtual casino. Among these new payment methods is Paysafecard – an e-Wallet payment option used in multiple countries.

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📖 Published on: May 29th, 2023

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Pros and Cons of paying with Paysafecard

We know that many gambling establishments accept other popular payment methods. Why, then, should you disregard them in favor of a Paysafecard casino? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using Paysafecard as a payment processing mechanism


You get a chance to win a real jackpot which can be life-changing.

You get extra money when you claim a deposit bonus

You can earn rewards and coupons exclusive to players who bet real money. It is a way to win real money online casino for free.


You can lose real money playing at real money online casinos.

Withdrawals may take a few days, depending on which method was used.

Selecting a Paysafecard-integrated casino

When you want to pick out a virtual Paysafecard casino to place bets, there are certain requirements that the virtual gambling house must meet before you use the site.

This technological advancement has brought the emergence of Paysafecard casinos across the United States. Paysafecard is a voucher-code cash remittance system that allows users to make transactions anonymously.

The Paysafecard 16-digit key can be used in two different ways.


By directly applying the code to any gambling website of choice.


Or you log into your registered Paysafecard casino account, apply the key and then use the registered virtual account to pay for services online.

Paysafecard was first based in Austria before being sold to Skrill. The change of ownership broadened Paysafecard's horizon into the international economic market as it is recognized as a legal means of payment applicable in multiple states.

How to fund and receive payments in Paysafecard virtual casinos 101

Suppose you are new to using Paysafecard casinos or Paysafecard virtual gambling sites. In that case, this quick basics class will show you how to fund a casino through Paysafecard as a cash remittance.

In that case, let us take two quick gambling courses:


How to place funds 101

The following are the steps for funding a Paysafecard casino:


Choose a gambling site that implements Paysafecard as a payment processor.


Create an account on the chosen website.


Go ahead and get a recharging Paysafecard code from any Paysafecard voucher shop. The code is typically 16 digits long and ranges in price from $10 to $100.

Now that you understand how to make payments to your web-based Paysafecard casino profile. Let us proceed to the next step in withdrawing your payouts.


Receiving payouts 101

Here are the steps to receive any amount from Paysafecard casinos:


Submit the necessary identification documents to verify your gambling account.


Choose Paysafecard from the casino's "cashier" tab as your preferred payment method.


Enter the amount you wish to receive. Follow the instructions displayed and wait for the gaming operator to process transactions.

Paysafecard remittance processing speed, charges, and the single transaction limit

When using a payment method, it is important to consider the processing speed, the gateway's single transaction limit, and the payment gateway's transaction-related charges. In terms of Paysafecard casinos, you are not charged when using the payment processor.

Currently, casinos in the United States that endorse Paysafecard have a single transaction limit of $10 to $100.

In a virtual Paysafecard casino, there are two types of transactional charges:

Convenience fee

This fee is usually added upon the purchase of Paysafecard codes. It usually ranges from $1.49 to $3.49.

Inactivity fee

This charge is strictly for using cards that have not been used for more than two years. After that, a set amount is charged each month - usually $2.

Free bonus offers in Paysafecard gambling centres

In every gambling market, there is a need for every gambling house – either offline or virtual- to use baits as a mechanism to get more players aboard their casinos. The same applies to the Paysafecard casino markets. The promotional offers commonly used in the United States require no deposits. They include:


Welcome bonus

Welcome Bonuses are attractive baits for new gamblers who need free cash for betting without placing theirs on the line. It is usually given upon new signups by a Paysafecard casino.

paysafecard welcome bonus

Spins freebies

The spin freebie is another offer given by Paysafecard casinos to retain their players. Spins Freebies are given with adherence to the casino's terms and conditions by interested gamblers.

paysafecard free spins

Slot games in Paysafecard casinos

Slots are frequently played at many gaming centers – either offline or virtually. This is not an exception for a Paysafecard casino gamble, as they offer slot games on their web-based and mobile versions.

Slots are rolling reels that roll imprinted numbers or images to make various combinations. There is no specific size of the slot reel. Therefore, there are innumerable forms of slots in casinos with Paysafecard as a mode of remittance.

live slots image

Live slots

video slots image

Video slots

classic slots image

Classic slots

slots image

Quick Hit slots

jackpot slots image

Progressive jackpot slots

A slot game, which can be played at a casino with Paysafecard, usually has an average Return to Player (RTP) rate of 95%


Gambling games that integrates Paysafecard

A Paysafecard casino is unrestricted to gaming slot bets like every virtual gambling center. Despite slot games being the most sought-after casino game, wide varieties of gambling games increase gambling fun and experience.


Paysafecard casinos mobile gaming versions

Although Paysafecard casinos can be played on websites, they have also transitioned gradually into mobile versions. Many Paysafecard gambling houses have integrated their Paysafecard-enabled websites into Android and iOs versions. Paysafecard casino's Android and iOS versions operate the same way the web-based casino would. However, one of the perks of the mobile versions is its ease of use and additional promotional offers.

Is gambling in a Paysafecard casino legal?

One of the benefits of Paysafecard casinos is their trustworthiness. It not only allows for quick payments of funds, but it also protects personal data. Paysafecard gambling operators give you the option to either get a code virtually or physically without having to fill in any personal data.

A Paysafecard casino gives users a chance to remain anonymous while gambling. They also offer player support all through the day at any time. For this cause, they have gained prominence over other payment gateways.


Is Paysafecard available for gambling operations in the US?

Paysafecard remains among the highly recommended payment options accepted globally. Therefore, it is not strange to see it integrated into the US virtual gambling operations. It is used to place bets at a Paysafecard casino, and the Paysafe codes are purchased from several US stores.

Paysafecard processor top substitutes

Paysafecard casinos are not solely the available payment mechanisms throughout the United States. Other payment gateways have been incorporated into the US virtual and mobile gaming casinos. Here is a list of other payment mechanisms that can be used in place of Paysafecard.




VIP preferred (ACH e-checks)






Entro Pay


Bank Cards


Can US residents use the Paysafecard to place bets?

Of course! You can gamble in Paysafecard casinos as they offer Paysafecard services in the United States. However, due to the limited number of gambling centers that accept Paysafecard, it is not widely used. At the moment, only one casino has been integrated into its system.

How safe is the Paysafecard remittance processor?

Paysafecard is a very secure payment instrument in the United States because you do not need to fill out any information before making payments. All that is needed is to purchase a 16-digit key from a nearby vendor to load onto your Paysafecard casino gaming profile.

What is the top Paysafecard-accepting virtual gambling establishment?

There are currently only several Paysafecard casinos available. As a result, competition in the Paysafecard gambling market is limited. Therefore, no specific gambling casino claims to be the best.

Why should you use Paysafecard when placing digital gambling bets?

Paysafecard is unquestionably one of the most secure cash remittance methods in the United States. Of course, Paysafecard is secure, but a Paysafecard casino also keeps bank records strictly confidential, unlike other payment methods.

Katarina Oakshore
Editor | Casinos and Gambling