Speedy Clash: Which Club Will Win in the MLB Mexico City Series?

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📖 Published on: April 24th, 2024

✍️ Updated: April 26th, 2024

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The MLB brings the intense competition of baseball games down to the border in Mexico City to close out the month of April. We have all seen how the MLB has hyped the whole campaign in the 2023 season, and no one can deny the fact that the upcoming World Tour series will be a promising chance for you to bet on!


What to Expect in the MLB Mexico City Series


The MLB Mexico City series has been a staple in the league’s regular season campaign over the years. Initially set in 2020, there were two MLB games scheduled to be played at the Estadio Alfredo Harp Helu on April 18-19, 2020. However, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the MLB had to cancel this series that was set to be between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the San Diego Padres.


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It took two full years for the MLB to get back on full-force in their games, which meant that the Mexico City Series only had a chance to finally take flight in the 2023 season. The first regular season game to be played in Mexico City was played on April 29-30, 2023, which featured the San Francisco Giants and the Padres. San Diego went on to win both of the games with a score of 16-11 and 6-4. It was a promising series as the Padres were supported by the crowd, with the team being the closest squad to the Mexican border.


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The games were met with a lot of positive reviews, with the Estadio Alfredo Harp Helú being praised for its hitter-friendly dimensions and high altitude. There were a total of 11 home runs stretched from 10 different players, which tied an MLB record for most home runs by different players in a game. For this season’s edition, the Houston Astros and the Colorado Rockies will be taking on the big stage, and it is easy to say that the Astros are more likely to be supported by the crowd due to their proximity to the US-Mexico Border.


Now let’s talk about the upcoming series this April 27th and 28th that will be fun to look out for.


Chances of Winning for Houston Astros


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The Houston Astros are expected to be the favorites to win in the coming series, even with the team limping to a 6-14 start in a competitive American League West. While it is not much of a big improvement compared to their previous season, it does seem that the Astros can come up with a strong pace heading into this game. While they are missing some of their stars due to injury, it does seem that the Astros can keep building on their reserves to ensure that they will have a fighting chance against one of the lowly teams in the league, the Rockies. One can say that the Astros will be definitely claiming a set of victories in the series especially with their banged up squad trying to sync up at this early rate in the season.


Why the José Combo is Still Fun to Watch


José Altuve has been one of the best stars in the league, and he is having his best start ever. This is why one can expect to see him come up with more promising games down the stretch, showing that he can also put up a two-way performance of his own, especially when it matters most. Meanwhile, José Urquidy is slated to come up with different possibilities on his own. In his own right, Urquidy can be a massive threat in the game, and it is possible that he may return to the lineup by the time the Astros will play against the Rockies, which makes them an instant favorite to win in both games.

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Chances of Winning for the Colorado Rockies


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Compared to their other sports counterparts, the Colorado Rockies are definitely having some trouble getting a better chance at winning in their games. They aren’t losing games by a competitive scale – they are getting blown out at most, and they already have six games that they have lost while only being able to score just one point and never beyond that mark. This just shows how hard for the Rockies it has been so far this season to come up with a promising win in the campaign, and it can be remembered that they started out the campaign with just a 1-7 record, which just shows that they are really struggling to come up with impressive performances – not without Kris Bryant on the injury list and Nolan Jones struggling to play well.


Why Nolan Jones Should Make the Most of this Series


It has been clear that the Rockies’ struggles stem from the poor performances of Nolan Jones, and it cannot be denied that this was already seen in the Spring Training all the way to the early games of the season. Strikeouts have been a plague in the Rockies as a whole, with a huge chunk of it coming from Jones from time to time. His poor performances have been hurting their chances, with many fans even blaming Jones for not getting the favorable calls from umpires. This series is a chance for Jones to come up with a promising game that will lift his chances of improving as a player and lead the Rockies back to the top.

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Game Preview: Which Team Has a Chance to win?


For starters, the head-to-head stats favor the Astros, with the team holding a 5-1 advantage in their last five meetings. This just means that the Astros are going in this showdown as a favorite to win, and comparing the struggles of both teams, it does seem that the Rockies don’t really stand a chance to play against a playoff team like the Astros, let alone in an environment where the crowd is more likely to support Houston and the high-percentage batting of the Astros as a whole.


However, these stats are not final, and there are still two games to play before the teams meet up on back-to-back matches. Those will set the pace for the game before we can finally see which team truly has a solid pace heading into the showdown.


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