Mountain Climbs: The Top Promotion Stories in English Football

Mountain Climbs: The Top Promotion Stories in English Football image

📖 Published on: May 20th, 2024

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Football is such a storied sport that has fans hooked from the start of the season all the way to the finish. This just shows how well the sport has emerged from being a lowly game to being a blazing frontier that many fans love to see night in and night out. But with football promotion, there have been a lot of stories forged – ones that have become close to dear fans’ emotions.


What is a Football Promotion?


Sports leagues have implemented the notion of promotion and relegation, which allows teams to move up and down between different divisions with a system of a hierarchical structure. These are usually based on team performances over the course of the season, and most of the time, the top three are promoted, while the bottom three are relegated. While there are many alternate setups for various leagues, such as franchises, licensing, maintaining the same teams over the years while adding new ones through relocation or expansion.


Promotion and relegation is a common trend in English football image


In 1885, English football has been defined with the rise of the English Football League, with new competitions rising above the other. Various mergers were created in the league with the rise of the Football League Second Division, First Division, Southern League, Third Division, and many more. Since then, the English Football Pyramid was created, with eight levels as the Premier League sitting at the top. This is followed by the EFL Championship, with the League One and League Two following suit.


The English football pyramid is not as complicated as it seems image


The National League stands as the middle ground in the Football Pyramid. It hovers above the National League North and National League South. Level 7 and Level 8 leagues have different competitions stretched across the United Kingdom, ensuring a free-flowing football competition among different clubs in different clubs in the country. Promotion is for all, and this is what makes football so interesting and fun to watch at this point.


Different tiers of leagues offer various benefits and perks for teams that are promoted from time to time. This is why clubs strive to get promoted until they reach the top of the competition, which just proves the value of promotion and relegation in the sport.


Amazing Stories: Big Climbs Over the Years


Over the years, we have seen a lot of promotion stories unfold in the sport, and one can even say that English Football is starting to play at a competitive level than before, and the last two decades are proof of that as they have managed to find ways to get up the ladder and climb the pyramid towards a better future.


Here are some of the biggest promotion stories that have taken place in English Football:


Swansea City (2005-2011)


Swansea City image


Swansea City was the first ever club to win a spot in the Premier League among Welsh clubs. In 2004, the club was sitting in the fourth tier of English Football, basking in its glory days in the ‘70s and ‘80s. The team took a different approach under Kenny Jackett’s lead, winning a ton of clean sheets to win their promotion out of the League Two to spark their historic climb to the top. This continued in the next season but to no avail in League One, losing promotion chances in the next three years with tough loses and poor playoff executions slowly before winning in 2010-11 to make their push to the EFL Championship, making the best out of that rally in six years.


Wigan Athletic (1995-2005)


Wigan Athletic image


Wigan Athletic brought in Dave Whelan as its new owner in 1995 with the hopes of changing the club’s direction after a disastrous stretch of years. Whelan went on to bring three Spanish talents into the team, Jesus Seba, Roberto Martinez, and Isidro Diaz, dubbed “The Three Amigos” who would later lead them to a climb in the Premiership right from the bottom leagues. This decade of climb by Wigan saw them earn a breakaway rally in Division Two, and later Division One. In 2005, Wigan secured its promotion to the Premier League after winning the EFL Championship for good, making their presence known in the history of English Football.


Blackpool FC (2001-2010)


Blackpool FC image


Another club that came from the fourth tier of English Football, Blackpool FC made its rally in the 2000-01 season after hiring former Liverpool and England great Steve McMahon as the club’s manager, and immediately turned up the volume with a promotion to League One in his inaugural year. In the team’s 100th season in the Football League, Blackpool secured its promotion for the first time in 29 years at Wembley. Still, they didn’t continue that trend so far with a 19th place finish in the next season, barely making it out of relegation. Before finally overcoming Cardiff City in the next season’s playoff final at 3-2 to secure their spot in the Premier League.


Manchester City (1996-2002)


Manchester City image


Before Manchester City became one of the top football juggernauts that we know today, the team had to endure a massive climb after falling out of the top-flight in the 2000s. To start off, City hired a new chairman with David Bernstein to change the team’s financial focus, which just says a lot about how the team has managed to become more efficient in managing their money and bringing in the right talent. The Citizens returned to the second tier in their first climb, before finally earning a trip to the top-flight in the subsequent campaign. Since then, City had to be bought by the Abu Dhabi United Group before they actually began to wage their dominance in the EPL in the succeeding years.


Wrexham AFC (2022-Present)


Wrexham AFC image


Well, no other underdog story has been heard of more than the Dragons from Wales. Wrexham AFC is the oldest club in the region and has been one of the biggest clubs to look out for in the past few years. In 2020, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney emerged as the new owners of the club, immediately reviving the fan following for the team and equipping them with the best assets to improve the team’s chances. Their first season was a bummer after losing in the playoffs, but came back strong in the 2022-2023 run with an automatic promotion in the National League, taking the fight to League Two. After finishing second in the next run, Wrexham earned its second promotion in a row, now headed to play in League One.


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