63 Terms to Know When Playing Bingo

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When we think of the game Bingo, we tend to imagine two things: a dog named Bingo and the game most beloved by older people. While there may be some truth in both of these claims to fame, Bingo actually continues to evolve as a game all kinds of people enjoy. With mobile lotteries and games tapping into new demographics every day, Bingo has stood the test of time and continues to get people out of their seats with sheer excitement.


But what many people don’t know about the game is that it’s been around for decades and was popularized in the 1950s in the UK. It became a go-to game for many soldiers - particularly servicemen and servicewomen in the Second World War. Today, it’s a great community game ( played mostly by the elderly but becoming more popular with the younger generation, too) that anyone can try out. But to get into it, you gotta know the Bingo lingo! Here’s a list of the most common Bingo terms and Bingo calls to help you keep the ball rolling:



75 ball / 90 ball - This is a reference to the total number of numbers used in the game. Tickets for 75 ball games are a 5x5 grid, while tickets for 90 ball games contain three rows with nine numbers each.



Admission Packet - This is the base of the game and requires players to purchase a minimum number of cards so that they can join a Bingo game.


Auto-Daub - This is a term used to describe a feature in online bingo where numbers are automatically marked as numbers on your card are called.



Blackout - This is the term used to describe the pattern you need to cover in your Bingo card to score a win.


Bingo Board - Typically a visual display that’s electronic and lights up to show the number called.


Bingo Card - The card with a grid of numbers for Bingo players


Blower - This is a forced-air apparatus that dispenses and mixes the bingo balls for the caller, who then announces the number and shows it on a bingo board.


Bonanza Bingo - This is a type of Bingo game with a progressive coverall jackpot that is usually won during the thirteenth game of bingo.


Buy-in - This is the minimum amount of purchase needed per Bingo player.


Caller - The designated person who calls out numbers during a game.


Chat Game - These are silly and fun games played in the online Bingo chat room in between Bingo games where players can also win cash and other small prizes.


CH - Short for ‘Chat Host’ who is responsible for welcoming you into a bingo game online. The host is a mediator for a friendly and abiding online platform.


Cut - This is the direction where a sheet of Bingo is directed where it will be cut from the master sheet. The cut can come in the form of a square, a horizontal, or vertical form.


Cup of Tea - This is one of the Bingo lingo calls that’s derived from British Bingo; a nice British rhyme.


Coverall - Another word used for ‘Blackout.’



Dauber - The term used to describe a special marker to mark off numbers on a bingo ticket; these are customizable in online Bingo games.


Deal - This refers to each separate game or series of pull tabs that have the same serial number in a Bingo game.


Diamond - The pattern in Bingo where players must cover a diamond-shaped pattern on their Bingo card.



Early Bird Game - A Bingo game played before the main game starts.


Electronic Bingo - Bingo is played on an electronic device that helps track the players’ cards.



Flimsies - This is a term referring to thin, paper Bingo cards typically used for special Bingo games.


Four Corners - Another Bingo pattern where players have to cover all four corners of their Bingo card to win.


Full House - One of the Bingo terms, that’s slang for the action of marking all the numbers in your Bingo ticket.



Game Board - Another word for ‘Bingo board.’


GTI - Slang term in bingo referring to an electronic dauber system typically used in large Bingo halls.


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Hard Card - A type of card that’s reusable and bearing a Bingo face or faces.


Hardway Bingo - This is another Bingo pattern in a straight line without the use of the open space.



Instants - This refers to a pull tab that immediately dispenses prizes to winners; also called ‘Instant Bingo.’


Inlaid Card - This is a type of permanent Bingo card built right into the table.



Jackpot - This is a huge prize awarded to players who have daubed off tricky patterns, including a Blackout within a certain number of balls.


Jumper - A type of Bingo game where the jackpot increases in every round of the game until the prize money is won by a player.



Kite - This is another pattern in a Bingo card that looks like a kite.


King’s Corners - Another Bingo pattern where players cover all four corners, including the middle square in a Bingo card.



Legs Eleven - This is one of those Bingo terms, funny enough to make it to our list, which refers to the shape of the number 11 on the Bingo card.


Lights Out - Typically takes place in a Blackout game which is considered to be the final game of the Bingo session.

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Man Alive - One of the distinctively funny Bingo calls where a player exclaims joy when they hit a pattern.


Money Ball - This is a number that is drawn prior to the game that, should bingo be hit on it, doubles a player's earnings.


Moonlight Bingo - This is another term for ‘Late Night Bingo.’



Nine-Pack - This is another pattern that has a block of nine numbers.


No Deposit Bingo - An online game of Bingo where players can play all they want without making a deposit.



On - This is a modern Bingo call that pertains to players who are one move away from winning the game.


Overlay - This is a prize that’s considered more valuable compared to the Bingo game’s overall cost.



Pattern - This pertains to the shape needed to be covered in a Bingo card to get winning numbers.


Postage Stamp - This is when one of the corners of your Bingo ticket contains a winning set of four squares.


Progressive Jackpot - This is a type of prize that increases as more game tickets are purchased in a Bingo game.



Quickie - This is a Bingo game, frequently employed in blackout games, in which numbers are called out as fast as possible.



Seal Card - This is a board with seals concealing winning numbers or symbols, used with charity game tickets. It may include an instant-win pull tab and holders like red 00’s or 13’s. When all tickets are sold, the operator reveals the hidden number under the seal, awarding the prize to the holder of that number.


Series - This shows how many distinct faces there will be in a single set. A 9000 SERIES, for instance, has 9000 distinct faces.


Speed Bingo - Another variation of Bingo where numbers are called as quickly as possible; typically played before or after a regular Bingo session.


Split Pot - In a split pot bingo game, the bingo hall or house splits the pot, or game sales, with the winner.


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Texas Blackout - Another variation of Blackout Bingo where the first number called determines if all even or odd numbers are considered wild.


Turbo - This is an electronic dauber system used to play numerous packs simultaneously. A player can daub on their paper packet and play more cards electronically with this very user-friendly gadget.


U Ups - This term pertains to the number of sheets used to create a Bingo book.


Under - Pertains to the numbers under a specific letter in the Bingo card.


Upwards - A Bingo game where players win more money with each game they play.


Validation - This is an extra cost incurred to be eligible for a bigger jackpot.


Vertical Bingo - winning a game by filling the bingo card with all of the numbers in a vertical line.



Wildcard Number - A term used to describe a number that can be used to represent other numbers in a pattern.


Wrap-Up - The last game of Bingo in a session.


Work-Up Games - Games played before Blackout; before the blackout game begins, the caller specifies the kind of Workup game or games to be played.



X-Marks the Spot - This is another type of Bingo game where the winning pattern is in the shape of an X on the card.


Bingo All The Way


Bingo isn't just a nostalgic pastime but a vibrant game embracing new players on the go. Whether you're aiming for a Full House or heading towards a Moonlight Bingo win, understanding Bingo lingo enriches your overall gameplay in the long run. So grab your dauber, learn the terms, and join the fun—Bingo's more than just a catchy childhood song about a dog; it’s a game for one and all.


If you’re curious about other table game terminologies, check out our blogs at GambleSpot today.


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