Playing Poker with Cryptocurrency: What to Look Out For

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📖 Published on: April 24th, 2024

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Poker is a type of game anyone can easily find amusing enough to pick up and get better at. It’s become quite accessible for anybody almost anywhere in the world. But thanks to modern iGaming technology enabling virtual poker games right from your phone, anyone (over the legal gambling age, of course) can find poker to be an instant source of amusement anytime, anywhere.


What’s even more interesting is the level of flexibility modern financial technology has provided to avid gamers and poker players. Ever heard of crypto poker? While we can’t claim that it’s pretty self-explanatory and highly reliable, we’re only here to inform you on what to know about playing poker, crypto, currencies that are legally supported by federal law, and why poker players are often drawn to crypto poker sites that might not be one hundred percent legal in the US. Read on to get the lowdown on all things poker and crypto.


The Lowdown: What is Crypto Poker?


In essence, crypto poker is simply traditional poker played online, whether it’s through an online casino on your iPhone or your tablet, all while using cryptocurrency as the currency for bets and winnings. What most poker players and iGamers like about it is that it offers the perks of fast, secure transactions and the ability to play anonymously.


The bottleneck for many players that you yourself might have encountered is the usual banking delays, which crypto poker platforms are known to counter by making it easier (and often cheaper!) to hit the tables from the comfort of your home or on the go. The need for safer, more private, and more effective ways to gamble online is reflected in the rising popularity of playing poker using cryptocurrency.

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Is Crypto Poker Legal in the US?


Here we go again, the legalities of it all. As frustrating as it may seem, it’s always best to get a full picture of how cryptocurrencies work in the realm of iGaming - and this includes crypto poker. The straight answer is hard to find here because the legality in the US varies by state. That said, some states allow it under specific regulations, while others may restrict or ban online gambling outright, including poker played with cryptocurrency.


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It's crucial to check your state's specific laws before diving into a real poker game with real Bitcoin or Tether. As the legal landscape for both online gambling and cryptocurrency is constantly evolving, staying informed about the latest regulations is essential for players based in the US.


What Can You Get from Crypto Poker?


You might be wondering why many poker players take the risk and get into crypto poker or find the best crypto poker sites to play on in the first place. The simple answer is that it offers more leeway for avid poker enthusiasts and poker pros. Here are some advantages crypto poker brings to players:


Superb Privacy and Security

As players on a platform, data security and player safety are improved with crypto poker. Since no personal information is needed for transactions, there is less risk of identity theft. With the help of blockchain technology, every transaction is guaranteed to be encrypted and unchangeable, creating a safe environment for deposits and withdrawals.

Remarkable Financial Benefits

Utilizing cryptocurrencies for poker has major financial benefits. When compared to traditional banking methods, transaction fees are significantly lower, allowing players to keep a larger portion of their profits. Furthermore, because of the speed of transactions, deposits are available practically instantly, and withdrawals may be made in a fraction of the time needed compared to traditional methods.


What to Look Out for When Playing Poker Online


While we can’t recommend specific crypto poker sites, we’re here to give you the factors to consider when looking for credible poker platforms for your poker needs. Here are some of the factors to keep in mind:


  • Game Variety: This is a must-have for many poker players because having options or multiple tables to play on that support cryptocurrency is important. Some popular choices often include, but are not limited to, Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, and Crazy Pineapple.
  • Network Traffic: If you enjoy playing with other people, you should make sure that the online poker rooms and casinos you select offer a diverse player base and steady traffic. Having consistent traffic is crucial if you wish to take part in competitions.
  • Tournaments and Prize Pools: In relation to tournaments, your preferred casino needs to provide you with the opportunity to participate if you believe your skills are strong enough. They can draw players from all around the world since they are typically more high-octane and high-reward. To ensure that you are not wasting your time, you should also look at the size of the prize pools.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: Promotions and bonuses are great ways to gain entry to games and poker rooms that you might not otherwise be able to. Naturally, there are a ton of options available at online casinos, so always be sure to select something that suits your betting budget and poker needs. While some players consider a welcome bonus to be essential, others believe that regular promotions are more crucial, for instance.
  • Payment Flexibility: We can’t talk about playing blockchain poker without mentioning the diversity of payment options. Depending on which casino you choose, you have to make sure that their payment options work for you and that they accept the legitimate cryptocurrency you’re using.


For stability in the often volatile crypto market, consider using USDT (Tether) or USDC (USD Coin), as both are stablecoins tied to the US dollar, providing a more predictable value. These cryptocurrencies are widely accepted on various platforms, ensuring seamless transactions and reducing the financial uncertainty associated with other more fluctuating cryptos.


Bottom Line


In conclusion, diving into crypto poker blends the excitement of traditional poker with the cutting-edge benefits of cryptocurrency. While the legalities in the US remain in the gray area, our best bet is to find reliable online platforms that bring you a variety of payment options for your poker needs.


Remember that it's essential to choose reputable platforms that align with your needs, especially regarding payment options like USDT and USDC for added stability. As always, keep abreast of your local laws to enjoy safe and enjoyable poker sessions. Ready to shuffle up and deal?


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