How to Win in Online Slots: Understanding Paytable & Paylines

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📖 Published on: February 16th, 2024

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What many avid fans of the slots fail to tell you is that half the time they’re playing, they probably don’t understand how they’re winning. While slot gamers come to play and thank their luck for consistent wins, there is actually some science to winning at the slot machines. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at home playing online slots or at a Las Vegas casino with friends; winning the slots involves understanding paytables and paylines –read on to learn how.


When Random Pays Well


The most basic thing to know about the slots is that they are truly random. The Random Number Generator (RNG) is used in every slot machine to make countless calculations per second. The RNG stops on a random set of numbers that decide the associated symbols on the reels as soon as you press that button to start the spin. If you’re lucky enough to catch it, those symbols show up on your machine, prompting a win.

What to remember when placing a bet at a slot game are:


  • Credit value: pennies, nickels, and dollars
  • Paylines: Selecting the number of paylines your bet goes to
  • Credits per spin: The number of paylines x slot machine’s credit value
  • Cost per spin: The number of credits per spin x actual cost per credit


Assess Your Risk: High and Low Volatility


Let’s say you walk into the casino and pick an empty seat by the slot machine without realizing how well it pays. Well, the key is to know which ones take low and high bets. Most casinos line up high-volatility slots for enough people to crowd in.


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These types of slots are where you put in a few cents and have you win every other spin– with luck as a considerable factor, of course. The other type of slot machine is a low-volatility slot machine where you put in big bets but don’t win as frequently as with a low-volatility slot game.

When learning how to read slot machines, understanding their volatility can help you decipher the risk factor you’re going to take when betting. So, the next time you just randomly choose a slot machine, you’ll want to think twice before sliding those quarters in.


Get a Better Grasp on Payouts


If you’re simply playing a round of slot games on your phone, then online slot games will easily show you the pay table in their menu options. When it comes to figuring out how to find the payout percentage on a slot machine, this is where you will see the payout rate per slot game. This is a percentage of money entered into a slot that will gradually be paid out the longer you play the slot game.


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What you might want to keep in mind is the fluctuation of these payouts, which typically go from 85% to 98%. The avid slot gamers will tell you to go big or go home, and they might be right. Betting on slot games with high payout rates is a smart way to maximize your chances of winning. This implies that the slot machine should ultimately approach a figure that is close to that % mathematically over a lengthy period of time, say weeks or months, with millions of spins being made.


Follow the Paylines


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Another crucial factor to pay attention to is paylines. Not everybody catches this when playing online slots because the patterns come and go fast. But the thing about paylines is that you can choose how many lines to activate for a win. This will change based on the minimum bet every time you want to spin. Paylines also give attention to the shape they form on the reels when you spin, which most paytables will indicate per game.


Symbols to Keep an Eye Out For


Watch out for symbols to make you rich! This might sound a bit spiritual in a sense, but with slot machines, it kind of works the same way. There are certain symbols and signs you would need to watch out for to get a better understanding of how you can maximize your odds. Here are the symbols to check out when you play the slots:


  • Standard: ​​These are the symbols that spin on the reels. The winning combination is a certain number in a row.
  • Wild: They can be used to generate a winning combination by replacing any other symbol.
  • Scatter: Usually activates extra features or spins. When two or more of them show up anywhere on the reels, they frequently pay out.
  • Bonus: Set off unique bonus rounds where participants can earn additional rewards.


Choosing the Icons to Get A Bonus


Like any game, a bonus round is a little extra something to keep the momentum going for many players. The same goes for slot games where bonus symbols appear on the reels, and finding the right pattern on bonus symbols can incur a win.


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However, players should remember that bonus games are not pre-determined, so if you win or lose, the icon you select can make all the difference. Best to do your research before playing any low-volatile slots to maximize your winnings.


How to Read Slot Machines: Debunking Modern Slot Machines


If you’re an avid slot player on your phone, then online slot machines are popular on many iGaming platforms. As technology and AI continue to change the way we enjoy slots, modern slot games become a tad harder to enjoy. But here are a few ways to debunk the more modern slot games and help you spin your winnings to victory!


Double Check the Paylines Well


While older slot machines have just a single payline to garner a win, modern slots can vary from 10 to 100s. This makes it more exciting for avid players to select the number of paylines to bet on.


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Spot the Special Features


Modern slot machines, both online and offline, feature bonus rounds, as mentioned above. Free spins and progressive jackpots are frequently available on video slots, so be wary about missing out on these little gems of success! Make it a point to familiarize yourself with activating these features.


Solid Wins at the Slots


It makes a difference when you know how much the slot machine is wagering; we can say it’s man versus machine, but it’s as simple as doing the work and looking at the right places. From symbols and free spins to fruit machine payouts, there’s a lot you can do with playing at low-volatility or high-volatility slots – as long as you keep an eye on the prize!


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