Mastering the Art of Winning: How to Make the Most of $20 at the Casino!

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📖 Published on: December 1st, 2023

✍️ Updated: January 3rd, 2024

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Trips to casino usually evokes dreams of winning fortunes on a lucky pull or roll. Most patrons are content with leaving with more money than they arrived.


Rule of thumb for gambling in-person or online is to only wager what you can afford to lose. That keeps things fun and helps manage expectations. Losing money is rarely fun but it gets worse if players keep dumping money into machines or buying chips they shouldn't.


Going to traditional casinos often means more than just gambling. Many have excellent restaurants, exciting nightclubs, and host popular entertainment. Visitors like the diversity of offerings for a night out or a weekend (or longer) getaway.

How to win at the casino with $20


20 dollars doesn't afford much latitude for players at major casinos. High roller areas are out of consideration. However, some research before the visit can help limit time lost walking the floor to determine what to play. Knowing minimums for table games can avoid awkward rejections from dealers who want larger buy-ins for a seat. In bigger markets like Atlantic City or Las Vegas, some casinos offer better return-to-player (RTP rates) than others, which means that $20 can go farther or eventually hit a big win.


Doing some research on the offerings can also help create a strategy. Does your party want to kill time before a show or dinner seating? Want to possibly earn some comps for another visit? Did something on social media inspire trying new games? Going in with a plan can make things run smoother and avoid moments of exasperated despair.


Let's go over some options with strategies to maximize opportunities to win:


Roulette - the type of table makes a difference in this game. American roulette has the green 00 slot that isn't on the European version, which only has one 0. That changes the RTP rate from 94.74 percent to 97.3 percent.


The guys on Entourage used to start their casino trips with a $5 bet on red. A $5 bet on red is a good way to try the Martingale method, allowing at least four bets with the $20 budget. Winnings off the $20 can lead to higher-odds bets, which can lead to a big payoff.


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Craps - I have no idea how to play craps. There are a lot of bets with varying RTP rates. There is one major reason to consider playing craps with a short budget: The Heater.


Many casino games don't build momentum for players over multiple rounds of betting. Decks get shuffled, wheels break hearts, slots are just randomized by computer chips. The right roller can bring a table to ecstasy over time like Pavarotti or Idina Menzel with each successive, successful throw. Chips can stack up like snowfall. It's the game of thrilling movie scenes. Just know when to take chips, some or all, off the table, before they vanish like snow in the spring.


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Blackjack - of table games offered at most casinos, blackjack can be the best advantage to players. Knowing the rules and strategies can increase RTP. It may be hard to find a casino that offers 3-2 payout on blackjack, shuffles a single deck each hand, and has dealers stand on soft 17. However, knowing the house rules at a chosen venue can mitigate the house advantage.


Many who have played blackjack, online or in-person, have encountered a version of the “decision chart” that dictates how to play hands versus what the dealer shows. I've never tried to reference it at a table, on a card or a smartphone, so I cannot advise on trying this, but at least try to be discreet.

Poker - there are a variety of poker options at most casinos. Video poker is probably the most popular option, based on the traditionally best known version of the game (five card draw). It also has one of the highest RTP rates of casino offerings at 99.5 percent for 9/6 Jacks or Better, similar to blackjack.


Other table poker games offer different return rates to players. Options range from Caribbean Stud to Pai Gow, all with different rules and intricacies. Do some research with videos and explained websites before putting down real money.


While a few states regulate online poker, more have casinos with poker rooms. Instead of playing against the house, this is a pari-mutuel game against other players. The house takes a portion of each pot so RTP relies more on individual skill and how active hands are. Play a home game with friends? Use that to determine how far $20 can go at a room.

Unfortunately, the World Series of Poker doesn't currently offer a $20 buy-in bracelet event.

Slots - ah yes, the rows of flashing screens and spinning reels that take up more floor space than any gaming option. The one-armed bandits are now replaced by microchip-powered buttons, passive offerings to players. Slots have varying RTP, mostly lower than table games. However, there is another element that affects payouts: volatility. Games that offer big wins through bonuses or jackpots (especially progressive ones) usually mean less overall return.


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Penny slots should mean more opportunities to win at the casino with $20, right? Don't be so certain. Those cents can add up with multiple lines or extra wagers to unlock those bigger payout options. Some people like to spread out their money over a few titles to try different variances and maybe catch a hot machine.

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