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📖 Published on: January 2nd, 2024

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The holidays are a wonderful time to get together with friends and family, catch up in person, and share some good times. People still do that, right? This isn’t something that completely went away after the pandemic?


Winter months usually limit get-togethers to inside activities in colder climates. Want to get everyone together for a fun night? Maybe consider doing a casino or “Monte Carlo” night. It’s a great way to try something different, either in casual attire or convince guests to show up in gowns and suits like it’s a fancy affair. For those who live far from major casinos, it brings that excitement home, or lets people compare the offerings to previous trips to Las Vegas or Atlantic City (hopefully they’re nice about it).


Even with fancy appetizers and fancy drinks, the bulk of the activity at a casino party will focus around the gaming options. Slots aren’t really great for parties so here are some of the best casino games at home for a night with friends.

Shot Roulette


We’ll start this with the most accessible and (hopefully) least complicated option for a casino night. This isn’t so much about replicating one of the most common offerings at gambling establishments as it is about bringing a version home that works in a party setting. I would not recommend trying to acquire a replica roulette wheel and table, as they are heavy and difficult to store.


Shot roulette wheels can be found at most major retailers and are much smaller/lighter than their regulated counterparts. The premise is rather simple - players take turns and spin the wheel. Wherever the ball lands, consume what awaits in the cup. Try to keep the focus on the gaming element and maybe see if they’ll bet on numbers/spots to decide who drinks next. Wheels with more slots are better for casino game nights, as they provide more possibilities and opportunities for some chaos.


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Now, we acknowledge that everyone likes doing shots of hard liquor. Some people may not want to drink at all. Make sure to determine the comfort level of guests before starting the casino home games and cater to their desires. Mix in shots of beer, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks. Encourage your guests to bring soft drinks for mixing and chasers. Try to keep guests from seeing what’s poured into the shot glasses, especially if playing with a bigger game, to give it more of a home casino game feel.


Want to make things memorable? Get a box of different flavored jelly beans and put them in the shot glasses. Win a cup, drink the shot, eat the jelly bean. Depending upon the bravery level of (or how much you actually like) the guests, this can include some less pleasant flavors. Not only does this put extra emphasis on betting the right numbers, it can also make for some great photos and videos for social media, and stories to tell for years to come.




Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world, and also one of the easiest to recreate for casino game night. All it takes is one or two decks of cards, chips, and a table. Felt layout toppers or standalone tables give the game an authentic feel.


The rules of blackjack are simple enough, getting to 21 without going over. The tricky part comes with the house rules, like sitting on hard 17 or another number, blackjack payout, etc. Check with local practice or just find something suitable online.


Much of the fun happens with the hands. Keep the action going. Designate a continuous dealer (usually the host), have cards ready to deal, and focus on the hands. Play single deck, rotating decks with each hand for quick shuffles and deals. If possible, try to get decks formerly used at casinos. They're usually found in gift shops with holes drilled through the middle after being discarded from table play.


The key to the success of the night will be the speed of play and the fun players have. Hopefully players have experience at blackjack tables or can pick up the game quickly. Encourage smaller bets at first and then go bigger as the night progresses. Have prizes for the top winners at the end of the night, and try to keep the drinks going, like at the casino. Use discretion about letting players use those “cheat charts” that tell when to hit, split, etc, based on what’s on the table. Hopefully they can’t count cards.


Craps Night with an Ocean’s 11 Theme


Few movies capture the duality of Las Vegas like the Ocean’s 11 franchise. Whether it’s the original with the Rat Pack (must-watch for any Vegas enthusiast) or the modern films with George Clooney and his crew, they show the calculating business side behind the glitz and glamor of Sin City.


The movies are still modern, 20 years later, and would make a great theme for a night out. Get guests to wear their finest duds and enjoy a thrilling round of craps, one of the games featured in the movie. Craps is one of those games available at every casino that people know or they don’t. There’s strategy to each roll, knowing different bets, and being able to follow the game. If there are more novices coming to the party, maybe send a quick guide with the invite so they can be prepared for the action.


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The cool part about playing craps at a casino game night is everyone gets involved in the action by shooting the dice. Of course, this requires a regulation-style table and at least two people working as dealers. This is best executed by at least a couple, if not a group of housemates divvying up the responsibilities to monitor the game. Maybe tag out at times to help serve drinks or just keep things going.


To shoot, players have to make a bet. This usually means making a Pass or Don’t Pass bet before the first roll. Once the point is established on the Come Out roll, that number must come by again before a 7 (the most common roll mathematically) to get Pass to win. If not, Don’t Pass wins. Pass wins with 7 and 11 in the first roll, and loses on 2, 3, or 12, and vice versa with Don’t Pass. Similar rules apply to the Come or Don’t Come bets. The shooter continues unless the seven hits before the point, or the 2, 3, or 12 “craps” roll happens. Next player goes and bets are paid out, with everyone needing to wager to continue being eligible to shoot.


Craps is a great game because it keeps people engaged and requires bets to participate. More reliance on strategy and figuring out options will go a long way to keep them excited.


Poker Night


Poker is the most common of casino games at home, as anyone can start a game. For a casino party night, the question asked is usually which game? Do we go with a well-known game like Texas Hold’Em, or maybe an exotic one Caribbean Stud? Knowing guests should help with that decision. Ask them beforehand what they want to do.


Poker can occupy a lot of people at a single table (or a couple, based on size) and involve multiple games. Mix in Omaha and Seven-Card Stud for some variety, especially if some guests are card sharks. Games with more communal cards usually do better for players and dealers. Playing against each other, instead of the house, makes for more memorable moments and better stories. Casual or fancy dress works for this party. Just have lots of chips for the table and snacks for the players. Get upscale booze too for those partaking.


Baccarat for James Bond Night


The fanciest of nights usually involves the fanciest of games. Baccarat is a staple of high roller rooms, evoking imagery of James Bond in a tux with those stacked square chips. Bust out the finest champagne and black tie hors d'oeuvres for baccarat night and make it the finest dress code. Heck, rent gowns or tuxes for that elite feel.


The game is rather simple: try to get to nine with two or more cards. Face cards make it difficult, as going over 10 resets the count. Either player or house hits on five or less. Better hand wins, and players can bet either side.


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For all these nights, keep the focus on the fun. Make sure people are betting and drinking responsibly. If someone busts out of chips, offer another stack to keep play going.

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