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📖 Published on: December 1st, 2023

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If we all have “two wolves in us”, it's likely the two wolves in casino executives are James Bond in black tie at a baccarat table and the droves of older patrons in shorts that appears at the end of Casino. The two ends of the sartorial spectrum reflect the past and present of casino outfits.


Going to gambling venues has traditionally been an opportunity to dress up for visitors. Most had dress codes that mandated jackets for men and certain dresses for ladies. Of course people usually weren't just going to gamble - casinos featured fine dining and marquee entertainment. Comics and singers who'd play at the Copacabana in New York would also appear in Las Vegas, so usually the tuxes and pearl jewelry in Manhattan filled the rooms in the desert.


It may be a different era and sentiments towards dressing up may have changed, but there are still plenty of reasons to put some thought into what to wear to a casino. If it's just to sit at the slots, attire may not be a priority - but what will the picture look like if you win a big jackpot? Trips with friends, family, or romantic partners usually involve some planning, especially if it involves footage that may appear on social media. Going for a holiday? Maybe spruce it up for a dinner on Valentine's Day or lean more casual for July 4th.


What to wear to a casino also depends upon where the casino is and when the visit happens. We'll run down recommendations for casino outfits for the biggest global gaming destinations.

Las Vegas


The mecca of American gambling, like the original Mecca, sits in a desert. It gets really hot there, with temperatures consistently reaching triple digits in the summer months.


While much has changed in American culture, Las Vegas is still a destination to see and be seen. Celebrities usually swing by from around the world, wearing the hottest designers and timeless looks. The city is a destination for visitors seeking fortunes, wild times, sometimes just a break from the everyday.


Las Vegas casino outfit image


The city offers virtually everything to those attracted to the bright oasis, from top-flight dining, amazing entertainment, where people can hang out at pool parties all day and clubs all night. In Las Vegas, dress to impress. The right casino outfits could be the difference between a regular night or the night friends and family hear about for years.


A collared shirt for gentlemen can go a long way, paired with jeans or dress slacks. For ladies, almost everything is in play, from cocktail dresses to jeans and tops. Yes, the pictures will get a lot of attention on social media, so look the part.


Guys struggle with when to wear a blazer or sport coat. Going to a nice restaurant or playing in a high-roller area? Bring the jacket if there's no formal dress code. Leave it in the room if going to a club.


One caveat about the desert: the temperatures drop at night, especially in the winter months. Maybe bring an extra layer if taking a walk on the Strip if the sun goes down.


Atlantic City


I grew up around the East Coast resort town and I still love to drive down the White Horse Pike towards the casinos. I've covered the industry, from budget-forced shutdowns to the reopening of venues during the summer of 2020. I defend the city and the hard workers who are the lifeblood, although I will admit Vegas is a different level of experience.


Atlantic City is a jewel on the Jersey Shore and is usually crowded during the summer months. However, there are still wonderful times to be had during the colder months. Not only are hotel rooms cheaper and parking more plentiful, there is a serene majesty to the ocean lapping against the sand without droves of tourists. Casino outfits usually mean sweaters or longer dresses for this time of year.


Atlantic City casino outfit image


Summer is the exciting season for AC, with crowds coming for the boardwalk, pool parties, and beach days. Heading to soak in the sun? Bring a cover up if not staying at a hotel, as there aren't many options for changing clothes. If not enjoying a pool or ocean, follow the guidelines for Las Vegas. No matter what time of year, bring comfortable shoes, as strolling the boards is part of the fun of visiting AC.



I have never been to a casino on Europe so I have no firsthand experience. In doing research, I learned a few interesting facts. Notably, some casinos in Europe have entry fees. Going to the resort in Monte Carlo will cost 17 euros, or around $20.


Many casinos have dress codes, similar to going to an upscale restaurant or nightclub in an American city. Daytime visits allow for polos or button-downs, with jeans or slacks (without holes in them, even if they came that way). For ladies, go for a blouse with a skirt or pants, like it’s a nicer brunch. Most venues don't want patrons showing up in shorts, gym wear, or ball caps (which aren't as prevalent in Europe).


Europe casino outfit image


Sometimes what to wear to a casino means pulling out all the stops. Some places will call for semi-formal or even formal attire, especially for night visitors. Its worth some investigating to determining what's appropriate. Check the casino's website or social media accounts when deciding the best outfits. Also, try to figure what's locally preferred, as some countries put more emphasis on modest dress. Again, it could be the difference between an amazing night out or a short one if they bar admission. Seriously, who wants to tell THAT story?

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