The Big Green: How to Be a Winning AWPer in Counter-Strike 2

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📖 Published on: June 5th, 2024

✍️ Updated: June 6th, 2024

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It cannot be denied that a lot of players are always dreaming to be users of a legendary and fabled sniper rifle in the AWP. We all know how the gun can be a flashy sight and it automatically makes any user the star player of the team when you play on the big stage of the competitive scene. But how does one begin to be a promising AWP user in the game?


What Makes the AWPer Role Crucial in CS2?


We have seen how the biggest stars in CS2 get a lot of praise for their superb performances with the use of the AWP. Of course, it nails a one-shot, one-kill for players who are adept at using it, but the role itself is another thing to master as it takes a lot of practice and massive dedication to the role and the weapon itself to begin with. Considering that there are a lot of players who have what it takes to pull off the said role, the AWP is a weapon that players should have some respect in every single game, and treat it as if it is the difference between life and death.


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AWP is a weapon that is capable of giving players a big chance at winning for its massive damage, and it cannot be denied that it presents a chance for aspiring players to dominate the big stage, and take over the game when it matters most. It is a weapon available to both the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, which is why you should be able to learn more about it in any other way you play. Still, not all AWP users have been blessed with the skill and the determination to come up with a promising stride in their games. This is why learning the basics about the AWP itself is a great start that you can consider if you are going to be a better player with such a weapon.


Here are the basic stats that you should learn about in using the AWP:



Availability Both CT and T
Damage 115
Fire Rate 41 RPM
Reload Time 3.7 Seconds
Magazine Capacity 5 Rounds
Reserve Ammo 30 Rounds
Kill Award $100 per kill
Per Magazine Cost $125

As you can see, it is a valuable weapon that comes in handy depending on the user. This is why many star players in CS2 are set as designated AWP users instead of allowing everyone to wield the said weapon in a single game. This further details the way AWP players are required to be skillful and resourceful when it comes to using the weapon in late game and coming up with bigger strides when it matters most.


How to be a Winning AWP User?


Now that we have established the fact that the AWP is the default go-to sniper rifle in CS2, it is time that we discussed how players can work their way into being one of the experts that the game has to offer night in and night out. But it is not easy being an AWP user, and players should know that well. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can help create an upside for learning when it comes to playing CS2 as an AWPer.


Learn Competitive Positioning in Every Map

Positioning is key when it comes to using the AWP image


Any CS2 player needs to learn how to use their weapons well, especially when it comes to using the AWP, and that’s where positioning comes into play. There are certain spots on competitive maps where you can actually make more impact and less on some other spots. When it comes to considering your spot on the map, it is a must to consider the line of sight available to you, and how well-hidden you are or how hard it will be for your enemies to spot and take you out. An AWP is a default camper, and it is easy to say that you will need to be a great positioner in the game.


Improve Your Peeking Skills

Peeking is a skill that everyone should learn image


Peeking is also a skill that is a must-learn for many players in CS2. However, it is worth noting that AWPers mostly have to be efficient with peeking if they want to be efficient in scoring kills. No matter what skin you’re using on your AWP, it won’t matter well as you don’t get points for style to begin with. Peeking once just to see if you can sniff out an enemy with at least half of your scope is a great idea to consider, and that should be something that players should learn since repeeking is going to actually get you killed if an enemy has spotted you. Moving to another position after you peeked and spotted an enemy is likely to get you a kill at the end of the day.


Taking Risks with Aggressive Playstyle

It's uncommon to see AWP users lead the charge image


Remember what I said about AWPers being campers? It is easy to forget that once you’re in the game. There’s no rule about AWP users not being able to be aggressive in their games, and this is why you can actually try doing that once in a while. We have seen many talks about how AWPers even come to saving the game with being mobile, pushing the lanes with their high kill rate, and it does seem that players can come up with clutch plays – even in pro matches, and this can set up big moments in the game and turn the tide in the event of a 1v5 situation.


Budgeting Economy in Early Game

Economy management is crucial in using the AWP image


AWP is awfully expensive, and that is the main downside that many people have to consider in the biggest games. This means that players need to budget their resources well especially when the games begin. We all know that CS2 games starts with a limited amount of money, and you can’t actually go for a quick AWP purchase to begin the game. This is why there are a lot of considerations to consider – and an AWPer has to come up with impressive micromanagement on the money you have to begin with before building and saving up for the actual big weapon.


Watch the Best AWP Users in the Game


Well, nothing beats than seeing an actual player shine bright on the big stage with an AWP. if you have watched the likes of dev1ce, wOnderful, broky, sh1ro, and SunPayus, you can definitely see big things on how well they take on the task of being an AWPer while battling against the best players in the game.


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