July 8, 2024 – Matt Snook, who joined the NBC show “The Voice” reportedly entered the main event of the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Snook, 41 happens to be battling cancer and decides to cross competing in a poker competition off his bucket list.

Before Day 1 began, PokerNews had a conversation with the ardent poker fan. The native of the Kansas City, Missouri, region has never participated in a tournament with such a high buy-in, but he does have a considerable deal of tournament experience, having cashed in 12 Rungood Poker Series (RGPS) events since 2019.

"I had some friends get together, and they basically helped me out," Snook said of entering the world championship event. "It's the coolest tournament in the world, and I love it,” the Voice contestant adds.

Cancer Diagnosis

Snook admits that he prefers playing cash games over tournaments, but he does occasionally like switching things up. While each participant in the Main Event has a tale to share, the musician's is particularly distinctive.

"I got diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer January 3rd, and this is probably going to be one of my last hoorahs to play a tournament," Snook says.

Before the game began, he seemed upbeat despite his illness, stating that he was only given six to twelve months to live. Idealistic in his attitude, Snook remains optimistic.

"I've lived such a blessed life, I feel good today, had a tough night last night, and I'm planning on trying to work through what I've got to work through," he said. "Poker players know that poker is a grind and life is a grind. But I don't want anybody to feel sorry for me. I don't want any empathy. I've just lived a blessed life and I'm glad to be here." the 41-year-old shares.

Joining The Voice in 2015

Snook auditioned for "The Voice" Season 8 in 2015, joining Team Blake after singing "Red Dirt Road" but was eliminated in the battle rounds. At the time of publishing, Snook was slightly above 50,000 chips on Day 1d, improving from earlier.

Poker isn't a profession for Snook, but it's a passion. Formerly in a corporate job, his true talent is singing. He's performed in deserts and hospitals, including Iraq and Afghanistan.