The gambling outlook in South Dakota

In the heart of America, where South Dakota's sprawling prairies meet the legendary Mount Rushmore, you'll find more than just nature's beauty; you've stumbled upon a gambler's best-kept secret. Think of it as the Wild West meeting modern-day casino glitz. From the historic streets of Deadwood, echoing tales of gunslingers and gold miners, to the neon lights of contemporary casinos, South Dakota's gambling scene is as diverse as its landscapes.

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It's a place where legends like "Wild Bill" Hickok once played their final hands, and where today, both locals and tourists try their luck, hoping to strike it rich. While the state has been cautious, not jumping on every gambling bandwagon, it's crafted a unique blend of old-school charm and new-age gaming. Whether you're pulling a slot machine's lever or placing a sports bet, in South Dakota, you're not just gambling; you're becoming part of a rich legacy.

South Dakota gambling laws and regulations

Navigating South Dakota's gambling laws is a bit like trying to ride a bucking bronco at a rodeo – it's thrilling, unpredictable, and quintessentially American.In the land where the faces of presidents gaze from Mount Rushmore and Wild West legends still echo, South Dakota's always had its own way of playing the game. It's like a two-step: giving a nod to the past while cutting a rug with the new.

From the bustling casinos of Deadwood, reminiscent of gold rush saloons, to the modern-day tribal casinos that dot the landscape, the state's regulations ensure a fair game for all. But it's not just about the glitz and glamor; it's about preserving a legacy. South Dakota's laws strike a balance, ensuring that while the spirit of the Old West lives on, players have a safe and regulated environment to place their bets. It's a game of trust, and South Dakota plays it well.


What is considered as legal gambling

In the heart of America, South Dakota lays its cards on the table when it comes to legal gambling. It's not a free-for-all, mind you, but the state sure knows how to throw a good gambling shindig.

Picture this: the electrifying atmosphere of Deadwood casinos, where every spin and shuffle echoes tales of yesteryears. Then there's the exhilarating rush of pari-mutuel horse racing, where fortunes change as swiftly as the South Dakota wind.

And if you're looking for a modern twist, sweepstakes and social casinos have found a clever way to deal themselves into the mix, offering a taste of online slots without crossing any lines. In South Dakota, legal gambling isn't just about playing the odds; it's about celebrating a rich heritage.


What is considered as illegal gambling

Now, while South Dakota might have a wild streak reminiscent of its frontier days, there are some lines even the Mount Rushmore State won't cross.

Think of real money online casinos and online poker – they're like those outlaws from old Westerns, lurking but not exactly welcome. Any form of online gambling that hasn't been given the state's seal of approval? That's a tumbleweed you don't want to chase. It's a bit like ordering a whiskey in a saloon and getting served water – it just doesn't sit right.

South Dakota values its reputation and the safety of its gamblers. So, while the state offers plenty of ways to ante up, there are some bets it's just not willing to take. Play it safe, partner, and stick to the straight and narrow.


Legal age to gamble in South Dakota

Ah, age in South Dakota isn't just a mere number on your driver's license; it's the golden ticket to the grand casino show. Picture a young buck, eager to dive into the world of slots and cards, only to be told he's got to wait a bit longer.

In this neck of the woods, if you're aiming to rub shoulders with high rollers in Deadwood or tribal casinos, you've got to have 21 candles on your birthday cake. But here's the twist: if the thrill of horse racing or the allure of the regular lottery gets your heart racing, then 18 is your magic number. However, for those video lottery games, it's back to waiting till you're 21.

It's South Dakota's way of saying, "Hold your horses, partner. Good things come to those who wait." And in this state, the wait is always worth it.

Real money casinos in South Dakota

In the heartland of America, South Dakota's real money casinos are like those glittering gems hidden amidst the Black Hills – rare, captivating, and oh-so-inviting. Deadwood, with its rich history, isn't just a relic of the past; it's where the action's at, blending the allure of the gold rush era with the modern-day razzle-dazzle of slot machines and card tables. But it's not just about Deadwood.

The state's tribal casinos, each with its own unique flavor, are where tradition meets the thrill. It's a dance of drums, dice, and destiny. And while online casinos might still be finding their footing, the land-based ones are going all in, ensuring every gambler, whether a local or a wanderlust-filled traveler, gets a taste of that authentic South Dakota magic. So, saddle up and place your bets, because in South Dakota, the casino game is as real as it gets.

South dacota casinos


Online casinos

In the digital age, where everything's just a click away, South Dakota plays a bit hard to get when it comes to online casinos. It's like a classic Western standoff – the state on one side, the allure of digital slots and virtual card tables on the other. While you won't find state-sanctioned online casinos, the savvy gambler knows there's always a workaround.

Enter sweepstakes and social casino sites, the unsung heroes of the online world, offering a taste of the action without crossing into the forbidden territory. It's a bit like sipping on a non-alcoholic beer in a Deadwood saloon – you get the flavor without the kick. So, while South Dakota might be keeping its cards close to its chest on this one, there's still a way to get a slice of the online casino pie, all from the comfort of your ranch.


Land-based casinos

The land-based casinos of South Dakota, where the spirit of the Wild West meets the glitz of Las Vegas. Step into Deadwood, and you're not just entering a casino; you're stepping back in time. The creaky wooden floors, the murmur of gamblers, and the clink of coins paint a picture as vivid as a sunset over the Black Hills.

These establishments, from the grandeur of Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort to the historic charm of the Silverado Franklin, are where legends are made and fortunes found. It's a place where every spin tells a story, every card dealt is a nod to history. And let's not forget the tribal casinos, standing tall as beacons of tradition and thrill. In South Dakota, land-based casinos aren't just about gambling; they're about experiencing a slice of Americana, where every bet is a journey through time.


Tribal casinos

Tribal casinos in South Dakota are more than just places to roll the dice; they're sacred grounds where ancient traditions meet modern gaming. It's like stepping into a time machine, where the rhythmic beat of tribal drums sets the backdrop for the electrifying buzz of slot machines.

Operated by proud tribes like the Flandreau Santee Sioux and the Oglala Sioux, these casinos are a testament to resilience and adaptability. Places like the Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel aren't just about the games; they're about preserving a legacy, sharing stories, and celebrating a rich heritage. It's where the old world shakes hands with the new, and every card dealt, every spin of the wheel, is a dance of destiny. So, next time you're in South Dakota, pull up a chair at a tribal casino. You're not just playing a game; you're becoming part of a story.


Shipboard and floating casinos

Ahoy, gamblers! Now, when you think of South Dakota, vast prairies and the iconic Mount Rushmore might come to mind. But shipboard and floating casinos?

The state, with its landlocked charm, doesn't exactly scream 'nautical adventures.' However, the idea of floating casinos drifting along the Missouri River does have a certain allure, doesn't it? Imagine rolling the dice or drawing a card as the South Dakota landscape glides by. Even though South Dakota hasn't jumped on this boat just yet, the idea might just be the next big splash. It's like mixing a bit of that old-school South Dakota charm with some riverside razzle-dazzle.

So, while you won't find any floating casinos in South Dakota just yet, who knows? In the ever-evolving world of gambling, South Dakota might just decide to test the waters in the future. Until then, landlubbers, the state's got plenty of onshore action to keep you entertained!



Hold onto your hats, folks! When you think of South Dakota, you might picture the rugged Badlands or the majestic Mount Rushmore. But racinos? That's a twist in the tale. Now, for those scratching their heads, a racino is a spicy blend of a racetrack and a casino. It's where the thrill of the race meets the allure of the slots.

While South Dakota has its fair share of gambling tales, racinos haven't quite galloped onto the scene yet. But imagine it: the roar of the crowd, the thundering hooves, all followed by a roll of the dice or a spin of the wheel. It's a combo that could set the Mount Rushmore State alight with excitement. While we wait for South Dakota to play its hand, one thing's for sure: the state's gambling story is far from over, and racinos could be the next big thing!

South dakota horse betting


Off-track betting

Off-track betting in South Dakota is like the unsung ballad of the American West – it's got grit, it's got heart, and it sure knows how to keep things interesting. Imagine not being at the racetrack but still feeling the rush of the race, the thrill of placing that bet, and the anticipation of a photo finish. It's like being at a honky-tonk bar, miles away from the concert, but still tapping your boots to the live music.

These establishments, scattered across the state, bring the racetrack to you, offering a front-row seat to the action, minus the dust and the crowd. And with the added bonus of simulcast racing, you're not just betting on local races; you're diving into a world of horse racing, spanning coast to coast. So, pull up a chair, grab a form guide, and saddle up for a ride that's as exhilarating as a rodeo.

Nearest land based casinos

We've compiled a list of the most trusted land-based casinos if you're searching for "South Dakota casinos near me":

Hickok’s Hotel and Casino
Hickok's Hotel and Casino is situated on Main Street in the charming town of Deadwood, South Dakota. This hotel and casino boast four luxurious suites, each ranging from $139 to $189 per night. Inside, guests can enjoy a variety of slots, video poker, and a customer-favorite snack bar. Hickok's Hotel and Casino offers the perfect getaway for Deadwood locals and visitors alike.
685 Main Street, Deadwood, SD 57732
Phone Number:
(605) 578-2222
Deadwood Mountain Grand
Deadwood Mountain Grand is a popular casino located in Deadwood, South Dakota. With 90 rooms ranging from $129 to $179 and 8 suites ranging from $189 to $389, the hotel is a Holiday Inn and features a 2,500-seat entertainment center. Deadwood Mountain Grand also offers a 24-hour casino with 7,500 square feet of gaming, including slots, video poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, three card poker, Ultimate Texas Hold 'Em, and a sports book.
1906 Deadwood Mountain Dr, Deadwood, SD 57732
Phone Number:
(605) 559-0386
Lode Star Casino
Lode Star Casino, located in Fort Thompson, South Dakota, is a great destination for a gaming getaway. With 50 rooms ranging from $50 to $75, Lode Star offers a variety of lodging options. Whether you're looking to take a spin on the slots, try some video poker, or grab a drink at their restaurant, the party is sure to stand out! Overnight RV parking is also available, free of charge. So come on down to Lode Star Casino and get ready to have a great time!
1003 Sd Highway 47, Fort Thompson, SD 57339
Phone Number:
(605) 245-6000
Tin Lizzie Gaming
Tin Lizzie Gaming is a Deadwood, South Dakota favorite with 59 rooms and 5 suites in the heart of the legendary Black Hills. Prices for rooms are $69-$149 and suites start at $159-$249. Dining is available 24 hours a day at their in-house restaurant and casino games include Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Let It Ride, Three Card Poker and Keno. Relax in the Hampton Inn and enjoy 8,300 square feet of gaming adventure at Tin Lizzie Gaming.
555 Main Street, Deadwood, SD 57732
Phone Number:
(605) 578-1715
Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort
Cadillac Jack's Gaming Resort, located in Deadwood, South Dakota, offers more than 10,000 square feet of gaming excitement. Enjoy slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, three card poker, Mississippi stud, Ultimate Texas Hold'em, poker, keno, and sports betting. To rest the night, the resort features 92 rooms in a variety of budgets (starting at $89) and 11 suites (starting at $179). There's no need to worry about parking; there's free valet parking available with networked Doubletree Hotels and Springhill Suites. To satisfy cravings, the resort features four restaurants open 24 hours a day. Check out Cadillac Jack's Gaming Resort for Las Vegas-style gaming and a vacation stay your don't soon forget.
360 Main Street, Deadwood, SD 57732
Phone Number:
(605) 578-1500
Deadwood Station Bunkhouse and Gambling Hall
Deadwood Station Bunkhouse and Gambling Hall is a charming hotel nestled in the historic mine town of Deadwood, South Dakota. Boasting 28 comfortable and affordable rooms ranging from $89 to $105, this hotel is a great value for anyone looking for a place to stay. The Gambling Hall offers a wide variety of table games like Slots, Video Poker, and Bingo to keep guests entertained. The hotel also has a restaurant serving classic American fare. Whether you're a long-time local or a new visitor, Deadwood Station provides an unforgettable gaming and lodging experience.
68 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732
Phone Number:
(605) 578-3476
Prairie Wind Casino
Prairie Wind Casino is located in Pine Ridge, South Dakota and provides 24-hour gaming. Guests can indulge in 78 rooms ranging from $80 to $129 as well as 6 suites ranging from $116 to $156. Notable amenities include a restaurant, various slots and video poker options, as well as poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, three card poker, and bingo. Overnight RV parking is free, but there is no dump site.
112 Casino Drive, Pine Ridge, SD 57770
Phone Number:
(605) 867-6300
Lucky 8 Gaming Hall-Super 8 Motel
Lucky 8 Gaming Hall-Super 8 Motel is located in Deadwood, South Dakota and offers 47 standard rooms and 4 suites, with prices ranging from $79 to $135. Guests can enjoy the restaurant or the 24-hour snack bar, as well as play slots and video poker. There is also a video arcade, and hotel guests can enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast. This popular gaming hall is sure to give guests a unique Wild West experience!
196 Cliff Street, Deadwood, SD 57732
Phone Number:
(605) 578-2535
Deadwood Comfort Inn & Suites
Deadwood Comfort Inn and Suites is a great destination for some gaming fun in South Dakota. Located in Deadwood, the hotel features 66 rooms ranging from $129 to $190, and 5 suites between $199 to $209. There is a 24 hour restaurant, plus slots and video poker. For family entertainment the hotel also features a fantastic amusement center with rides and mini-golf. So, if you're looking for fun and gaming in the South Dakota area, Deadwood Comfort Inn has something for everyone.
225 Cliff Street, Deadwood, SD 57732
Phone Number:
(605) 578-7550
Grand River Casino and Resort
Grand River Casino and Resort, located in Mobridge, South Dakota, features 38 rooms ranging from $80 to $105, 2 suites ranging from $150 to $200, and 1 restaurant. They also offer liquor, slots, video poker, and blackjack with hours from 7am to 12am. For those traveling with an RV, they have a 10-space RV park ($20 per night). Room discounts are offered for players club members and seniors aged 55 and over enjoy 20% off dining on Mondays.
2 US 12, Mobridge, SD 57601
Phone Number:
(605) 845-7104
Deadwood Dick’s Saloon and Gaming Hall
Deadwood Dick's Saloon and Gaming Hall is located in the historic town of Deadwood, South Dakota. The saloon offers five distinct rooms in price ranges from $89 to $199, as well as six spacious suites ranging from $119 to $299. Hungry guests can enjoy a bite to eat at the onsite restaurant, plus slots and gaming. The unique feature of the saloon includes an antique mall with 25 dealers for those looking for something special. It's a great way to experience the charm of the Old West in the heart of South Dakota.
51 Sherman Street, Deadwood, SD 57732
Phone Number:
(605) 578-3224
Iron Horse Inn
The Iron Horse Inn in Deadwood, South Dakota is the perfect destination for anybody looking for 24/7 excitement. With 19 guest rooms ranging from $97-$159, and 4 suites ranging from $129-$269, every budget can have a great time. In the center of it all you'll find the Iron Horse Inn's expansive 1,000 square foot casino boasting slots, video poker, and electronic black jack. No matter your style, the Iron Horse Inn has something for everyone.
27 Deadwood Street, Deadwood, SD 57732
Phone Number:
(605) 717-7530
Royal River Casino & Hotel
Royal River Casino and Hotel in Flandreau, South Dakota offers guests a fun gaming experience with a variety of slots, video poker, blackjack, and roulette. For overnight stays, there are 108 rooms with a range in prices from $69 to $89, 12 suites, and a 21-space RV park. For dining, two restaurants offer guest a variety of options, while the casino also serves liquor. Every Sunday guests can take advantage of the all-you-can-eat buffet for just $15.95. With 17,000 square feet of gaming space, Royal River Casino and Hotel is the perfect location to take a break and have some fun.
607 S. Veterans Street, Flandreau, SD 57028
Phone Number:
(605) 997-3746
Gold Dust Casino & Hotel
Gold Dust Casino and Hotel is located in the historic city of Deadwood, South Dakota, as one of the eleven casinos comprising the largest gaming complex in town. It features 56 rooms at $119 to $209, and 22 suites at $129 to $219. And if you are feeling lucky, there is a 30,000-square-foot casino offering Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Three Card Poker, and Ultimate Texas Hold 'Em. Guests can also enjoy the on-site indoor pool, gym, whirlpool, and arcade. For the complete Deadwood experience, don't miss out on this casino, French Quarter, Legends, and Silver Dollar all rolled into one.
688 Main Street, Deadwood, SD 57732
Phone Number:
(605) 578-2100
Bullock Hotel
Bullock Hotel, in wild and historic Deadwood, South Dakota, has been providing its patrons with quality entertainment for over 100 years! Home to 26 cozy rooms, each ranging from $119-$229 and two signature suites ranging from $239-$259; it's the perfect destination for a weekend escape. Onsite dining is available for your convenience and guests can enjoy 24/7 slots and video poker. As the oldest hotel in Deadwood, Bullock Hotel offers a chance to experience history as well as thrilling gaming action.
633 Main Street, Deadwood, SD 57732
Phone Number:
(605) 578-1745
Lodge at Deadwood, The
The Lodge at Deadwood offers adventure in South Dakota. With 100 rooms ranging from $129-$199 and 40 suites pricing from $230-$380, the location has much to offer. Guests can enjoy 2 restaurants open 24 hours a day, as well as an 11,000-square-foot casino with video poker, blackjack, three card poker, poker, pai gow poker, and Mississippi stud. If that isn't enough, the hotel has an electronic version of roulette and an indoor water playland. Enjoy the fun at the Lodge at Deadwood.
100 Pine Crest Ln, Deadwood, SD 57732
Phone Number:
(605) 571-2132
East Wind Casino
East Wind Casino, located in Martin, South Dakota, offers a selection of over 200 slot machines. With their vibrant mix of classic and modern games, visitors will find a plethora of opportunities to test their luck and have a good time. The inviting atmosphere and friendly staff make East Wind Casino an enjoyable place to jet off your gaming experience. When you make a trip out to East Wind Casino in Martin, South Dakota, you’ll discover a variety of slots, along with the potential to win big and take home a prize.
110 Grandma B Drive, Martin, SD 57551
Phone Number:
(605) 685-1140
Old Style Saloon #10
Old Style Saloon #10 in Deadwood, South Dakota gives you a piece of the Wild West with its 4,000 square feet of casino fun, offering Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, Poker, and Three Card Poker. Follow the footsteps of Wild Bill Hickok with a unique reenactment from May to October at 1, 3, 5 and 7 p.m. The scene is set with salvaged artifacts from the times, including Bill's own chair, and the Italian restaurant creates an atmosphere like no other.
657 Main Street, Deadwood, SD 57732
Phone Number:
(605) 578-3346
Mustang Sally’s
Mustang Sally's in Deadwood, South Dakota is a casino that stands out from its competitors with its unique antique slot machine display. With a vibrant atmosphere and classic decor, you can enjoy a great evening at Mustang Sally's. Be sure to keep an eye out for exciting promotions and specials. Try your luck at slots, poker, or a variety of other fun games. Deadwood is the perfect place to discover the culture and thrill of a top-notch casino.
634 Main Street, Deadwood, SD 57732
Phone Number:
(605) 578-2025
Deadwood Gulch Gaming Resort
Deadwood Gulch Gaming Resort is a gaming destination for those in South Dakota. Featuring 95 guest rooms ranging from $99-$199 and 5 luxury suites costing between $225-$299, this Deadwood destination offers 7,500 square feet of space to enjoy 24 hour gaming. Deadwood Gulch has your favorite Slots and Video Poker games, as well as an on-site restaurant to ensure players have all they need.
304 Cliff Street, Deadwood, SD 57732
Phone Number:
(605) 578-1294
Buffalo-Bodega Gaming Complex
Buffalo-Bodega Gaming Complex, located in the old western town of Deadwood, South Dakota, is the oldest gaming establishment in the state. The sprawling casino offers an array of slots and video poker, plus a lively steakhouse restaurant. Guests can also enjoy live entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays at the on-site bar, the 'oldest in Deadwood'. An evening at Buffalo-Bodega is the perfect way to experience the west in all its glory.
658 Main Street, Deadwood, SD 57732
Phone Number:
(605) 578-1162
Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel
Dakota Sioux Casino and Hotel, located in Watertown, South Dakota, offers a wide variety of entertainment for all types of guests. Offering 88 rooms ranging from $65-$99, two suites ranging from $109-$199, and two restaurants, there is plenty of food and lodging available. Open 24 hours daily, the casino offers slots, video poker, blackjack and poker, plus an RV park for nine vehicles with a special discount on the rooms for slot club members, plus a free RV dump. There's something for everyone at Dakota Sioux Casino and Hotel.
16415 Sioux Conifer Road, Watertown, SD 57201
Phone Number:
(605) 882-2051
Silverado – Franklin Historic Hotel & Gaming Complex
Silverado – Franklin Historic Hotel and Gaming Complex, located in Deadwood, South Dakota, is a gaming paradise on Main Street. Reservation can be made via (800) 688-1876. With 80 hotel rooms and 15 suites, everyone from cowboy groups to families looking for a getaway can be accommodated. The restaurant offering is also excellent, with two buffets serving B/L for $14.95/$17.95 (Sunday) and D- for $20.95/$33.95 (Friday/Saturday). The 20,000 square feet casino is open 24 hours daily, offering games such as Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, Poker, Let It Ride, Three Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Four Card Poker, Mississippi Stud, and Casino War – all with the added benefit of South Dakota’s Wild West atmosphere.
709 Main Street, Deadwood, SD 57732
Phone Number:
(605) 578-3670
Fort Randall Casino Hotel
Fort Randall Casino Hotel offers South Dakotans a place to experience the thrill of gaming. With 57 standard rooms, priced between $65 and $81, the hotel is great for the budget-conscious vacationer. Those looking for something more luxurious can choose from two suites, both priced between $105 and $115. The casino features plenty of gaming options, including slots, video poker, Blackjack (Friday-Monday), Poker (Wednesday/Friday/Saturday), and Bingo (Thursday-Sunday). Those playing with the Fort Randall Players Club can receive exclusive discounts on hotel rooms. Fort Randall also offers a restaurant and a bar, open from 10am to 2am (Sunday - Thursday) and 4am (Friday - Saturday). A free RV park and RV dump are available for an overnight stay. Enjoy a great night out at Fort Randall Casino Hotel!
38538 Highway 46, Pickstown, SD 57367
Phone Number:
(605) 487-7871
Golden Buffalo Casino
Golden Buffalo Casino, located in Lower Brule, South Dakota, offers locals a unique casino experience. There are 9,000 square feet of gambling space, with slots, video poker and bingo. For a night of fun, Ultimate Texas Hold'em is available Thursday through Sunday. The casino also offers a restaurant and liquor, and is open from 10am to 12:30am (2am on Friday and Saturday). Plus, overnight RV parking and a free RV dump station are also available.
321 Sitting Bull Street, Lower Brule, SD 57548
Phone Number:
(605) 473-5577
First Gold Hotel & Gaming
First Gold Hotel and Gaming is an iconic casino located in Deadwood, South Dakota. With 101 rooms at prices ranging from $119 to $179, plus one suite available at $169 to $219, it’s ideal for anyone looking to enjoy the gaming world with a little extra comfort. The casino offers 11,000 square feet of games such as slots, video poker, blackjack, three card poker, and Mississippi Stud. Guests can also enjoy two restaurants, with a dinner buffet from $36.28 on Fridays and Saturdays. The hotel is part of the Travel Lodge by Wyndham and has an RV park located next door, in addition to the Blackjack and Horseshoe Casinos. Hours are 24 hours daily!
270 Main Street, Deadwood, SD 57732
Phone Number:
(605) 578-9777
Mineral Palace Hotel & Gaming
Mineral Palace Hotel and Gaming in Deadwood, South Dakota provides an escape for travelers and locals alike. This hotel and gaming establishment has a total of 71 rooms ranging from $79-$179 and 4 suites, costing from $139-$389. It has a 24 hour, 1 restaurant on-site to satisfy all cravings. Meanwhile, the casino floor offers classic games, such as Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack and Three Card Poker. With great prices, Mineral Palace Hotel and Gaming is a perfect spot to experience all Deadwood has to offer.
601 Main Street, Deadwood, SD 57732
Phone Number:
(605) 578-2036
Dakota Connection
Dakota Connection is a casino situated in Sisseton, South Dakota, known for its lively atmosphere. Open daily 8am-2am, and to the early hours of 4am on Thursdays and Saturdays, this casino invites players of all levels to experience a memorable gambling night. With a wide selection of slots and video poker, Dakota Connection is sure to have something to offer everyone. With no liquor served, players can enjoy a selection of beer and soft drinks while they play. And for those on an RV trip, they will be relieved to know that Dakota Connection offers overnight parking, just make sure to register at the players club. Whether you’re a resident or visitor, Dakota Connection is sure to provide an exciting night.
46102 County Highway 10, Sisseton, SD 57262
Phone Number:
(605) 698-4273
Deadwood Gulch Saloon
Deadwood Gulch Saloon is an exciting and classic saloon-style casino based in Deadwood, South Dakota. This gambling hall boasts a wide range of slot and video poker games, as well as a classic saloon atmosphere that makes it perfect for a night of fun. Enjoy the classic neon lights and spinning reels while interacting with other players in the bar and enjoying a drink or two. With a perfect mix of modern gambling action and historic charm, Deadwood Gulch Saloon is sure to provide a great time for all.
560 Main Street, Deadwood, SD 57732
Phone Number:
(605) 578-1207
Gold Country Inn Gambling Hall and Cafe
Gold Country Inn Gambling Hall and Cafe located in Deadwood, South Dakota is the spot to plan your getaway! This casino offers 53 rooms with prices ranging from $79-$129. Get your game on as they offer Slots and Video Poker perfect for all of the high-rollers out there! Looking for a bite? Gold Country Inn Gambling Hall and Cafe has 1 restaurant to satisfy your craving. Book your stay today and get in on all the action!
801 Main Street, Deadwood, SD 57732
Phone Number:
(605) 578-2393
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Sports betting

Ah, sports betting, the American pastime that's as much a part of our culture as apple pie and the Fourth of July. In the vast landscape of South Dakota, where the echoes of Wild West legends still linger, the winds of change are blowing for sports enthusiasts. While Mount Rushmore State has been a tad slow off the starting block, there's a buzz in the air.

The Supreme Court's game-changing decision to green-light sports betting has left the ball in the state's court. As of now, placing a wager on your favorite team is still on the bench in South Dakota. But, with Deadwood casinos already gearing up and laying the groundwork, it's only a matter of time before the state calls its play. So, sports fans, keep those jerseys ready; the betting windows might just be opening sooner than you think!

Social casinos

In the heart of the American Midwest, South Dakota, with its sprawling prairies and rich history, has found a new frontier in social casinos. It's like taking the age-old tradition of community gatherings around a game of cards and giving it a digital heartbeat. While the state might have its reservations about full-blown online gambling, social casinos have found a sweet spot.

These platforms, where real money isn't at stake but the thrill of the game is as real as it gets, are gaining traction. Think of it as a virtual Deadwood, where instead of gold rushes, there are jackpot rushes. It's a blend of the old and the new, where South Dakotans can relive the glory days of gambling legends while making some new tales of their own. In a state that values both tradition and innovation, social casinos are the perfect middle ground.

South Dakota social casinos

Daily fantasy sports

Daily fantasy sports in South Dakota is like a modern gold rush, where instead of pickaxes and pans, folks arm themselves with stats and strategies. In the vast expanse of the Mount Rushmore State, where tales of pioneers and prospectors still echo, DFS has carved its niche. It's not just about assembling a dream team; it's about capturing that Wild West spirit of adventure and competition.

While the state's stance on DFS might tread in a gray area, the passion of South Dakotans is crystal clear. From the bustling streets of Sioux Falls to the quiet corners of Pierre, residents are diving deep, analyzing player performances, and crafting lineups that could make them the talk of the town. It's a game, a challenge, and a dance with destiny, all rolled into one. In South Dakota, Daily fantasy sports isn't just a pastime; it's the new frontier.


In the vast stretches of South Dakota, where tales of the Wild West still linger and the spirit of the pioneers is palpable, there's a curious twist in the tale of bingo. Now, you'd think in a state with such a rich tapestry of stories, bingo would be as American as a Deadwood duel. But here's the kicker: it's not all above board. While the Mount Rushmore State has its fair share of gambling tales, bingo, surprisingly, doesn't quite fit the legal bill. It's like finding out Wyatt Earp played with a marked deck. Residents might reminisce about those community hall bingo nights, the anticipation, the camaraderie, but the legal landscape casts a long shadow. So, while the heart of South Dakota beats with tales of gold rushes and frontier adventures, online bingo remains a game waiting for its redemption story.


In the heart of South Dakota, where tales of gunslingers and gold miners still echo, there's another legend that's been dealt into the mix: poker. Deadwood, once a wild frontier town, saw the likes of 'Wild Bill' Hickok holding his fateful hand of aces and eights. Today, the spirit of those high-stakes games lives on. The state, with its blend of history and modernity, has embraced poker like a cowboy clasping his trusty steed.

From the hallowed halls of Deadwood casinos to the vibrant tribal gaming scenes, poker is more than just a game; it's a dance of strategy, skill, and a bit of that old South Dakota grit. And while the rules might be the same, playing poker here feels like being part of a grander narrative, where every hand dealt is a nod to a rich, storied past. So, ante up, folks; in South Dakota, poker's not just played, it's lived.

Gambling tips

Stepping into the world of South Dakota gambling is like saddling up for a rodeo in the heart of the Wild West. But, partner, before you go all in, let's chew the fat on some good ol' fashioned gambling wisdom. First off, remember the Mount Rushmore State's golden rule: always play within your means. It's not about the size of your stake, but the spirit of the game. Next, do your homework.

Whether you're hitting the slots in Deadwood or trying your hand at tribal poker, knowledge is as good as gold. And always, always keep an ear to the ground. The gambling landscape here is as ever-changing as the South Dakota prairies. Lastly, know when to fold 'em. Every cowboy knows when to ride into the sunset. So, whether you're on a winning streak or testing the waters, remember: in South Dakota, it's all about playing smart and savoring the ride.

The history

Ah, South Dakota, where the echoes of the Wild West still linger and tales of gold rushes and gunslingers are as rich as the land itself. Now, add gambling to the mix, and you've got a story that's as thrilling as a Deadwood duel. Picture the early days, saloons bustling with miners, cowboys, and drifters, all trying their luck at a game of poker or dice. It wasn't just about the money; it was the thrill, the camaraderie, the very essence of frontier life.

Fast forward, and the Mount Rushmore State became one of the first to legalize modern casino gambling, turning historic Deadwood into a gambler's haven once again. From those rough-and-tumble beginnings to today's glittering casinos, South Dakota's gambling history is a testament to its spirit: adventurous, resilient, and always ready for the next big game.


The future

Gazing into the future of gambling in South Dakota is like standing at the edge of the Badlands, looking out at a horizon full of promise and potential. The Mount Rushmore State, with its rich gambling roots in the dusty saloons of Deadwood, is poised for a new era. Rumblings suggest that the digital frontier might be the next gold rush, with whispers of online platforms and sports betting gaining traction.

It's a dance between tradition and innovation, where the spirit of the Wild West meets the allure of the new age. As the state grapples with the challenges and opportunities of this evolving landscape, one thing's for sure: South Dakota's gambling future will be as dynamic and thrilling as a rodeo ride. So, saddle up, folks! The next chapter in South Dakota's gambling saga promises to be a wild, exhilarating journey into the unknown.

Responsible gaming in South Dakota

In the heart of the American Midwest, South Dakota stands tall, not just for its iconic Mount Rushmore but for its commitment to responsible gaming. It's a state that understands that with the thrill of the roll of the dice or the spin of a slot machine comes a responsibility to ensure everyone plays safely.

Think of it as the cowboy code of the gambling world: play hard, but play right. South Dakota has put its money where its mouth is, investing in programs that educate players, offer support to those who might be struggling, and ensure that the fun never crosses into the danger zone. It's not just about the glitz and glamor of the casinos; it's about community, care, and keeping an eye out for one another. Because in South Dakota, gambling isn't just a pastime; it's a pact to play responsibly.


What is the legality of online gambling in South Dakota?

Well, if you're looking to hit the digital tables in South Dakota, you're out of luck. Online gambling, including those flashy online casinos, is a no-go in the Mount Rushmore State.

How does South Dakota regulate online gambling sites?

Here's the deal: South Dakota hasn't rolled out the red carpet for online gambling sites. Since it's off the table, the state hasn't set up specific rules for it. But rest assured, when it comes to other gambling avenues, they've got their ducks in a row to ensure everything is on the up-and-up.

Can I use a VPN to gamble online from South Dakota?

While a VPN might sound like a nifty trick to sidestep the rules, remember, in South Dakota, online gambling's still off-limits. Using a VPN to play might land you in hotter water than a July day in Rapid City.

Are there any legal online casinos in South Dakota?

Nope, online casinos haven't made the cut in South Dakota. But if you're itching to play, the state's got some iconic land-based spots, especially in good ol' Deadwood and on tribal lands.

Katarina Oakshore
Editor | Casinos and Gambling