The gambling outlook in Delaware

Delaware represents one of the most progressive gambling states in America. The Diamond state, as it is also called, has surprisingly been one of the major beacons of gambling development among US states. We can only see more progress coming.
Now that that's out of the way, this piece talks about the nature of gambling in Delaware. We'll be looking at online gambling, sports betting, and all the other types of punting allowed in the state. So, keep reading, and let's go.

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📖 Published on: June 15th, 2023

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Gambling in Delaware image
Delaware coat of arms image

The different types of gambling you can find in the state of Delaware are:

  • Casino Gambling
  • Sports Betting
  • Lottery
  • Horse Racing
  • Off-Track betting
  • Charity Gambling
  • Amusement Games
  • Social Gambling

All these gambling types will be discussed so that you can understand the nature of each game whenever you want to stake some money.

Legal status of gambling in Delaware

Before Delaware was Delaware, gambling was allowed. The state had its first gambling experience in 1760 via the horse race tracks, and has endured till now. The state issued its first official gambling license in 1935, which served as a blueprint for the state to follow.

Come 2009 was when Delaware officially legalized poker, casino games, and gambling, despite allowing charity gambling five years before. This way, land-based casinos were able to open their doors and were now available for dealing in the state. Presently, there are about three land-based casinos in the state, and each offers all sorts of casino games ranging from slots to table games to wheel games.

In 2012, Delaware blazed the trail by becoming the first US state to legalize online gambling. This act set the pace for other states and showed what the future could hold for any other state that may follow suit. Although it is legal, online gambling Delaware is only available to the state's residents.


Delaware gambling laws

Since Delaware is one of the forefront states of legal gambling, there are rules guiding gambling activities. These laws legitimize or criminalize online gambling in Delaware, so let's look at them!

First, Delaware State is against any form of gambling that is not regulated or controlled by the state. This means that the state must back any gambling activity in the territory, or it is considered a crime.

Also, to gamble in Delaware, you must be at least 21 or above. Any form of gambling by someone not up to 21 years old will be considered an offense against the state. The only time this is different is when the players play pari-mutuel games. In this case, the age limit is 18 years.

The iGaming bill, passed in June 2012, serves as the fountain for online gambling in the state. From any of the accredited casino houses, you are now allowed to play your favorite casino games legally. This bill made Delaware the first State outside Nevada to legalize online gambling in America.


Gambling regulations of Delaware

Considering the already liberal nature of gambling in Delaware, talking about legal changes regarding punting in the state may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, we must note that there are still rooms for improvement for the state to mature in the gambling realm.

For instance, more licenses must be given to new casinos to operate in the state. The gambling act, which gave legitimacy to the three casinos in Delaware, could be expanded to accommodate more casinos, and thus will be great for Delaware residents.

With this said, there is no indication that it will happen shortly. And, since the state pools players with New Jersey and Nevada casinos, it may relax in any expansion endeavor.

Also, there is a need to legalize online sportsbooks in the state. If this is done, the state's residents will have more ease staking on sports teams and events, not to talk of even more revenue for the state from taxes. Unfortunately, however, nothing is being done to make online sportsbooks legal. We hope the state will push for this welcome development in the coming times.

Real money casinos in Delaware

Online gambling in Delaware is legal and allowed. You do not need to feel any way because of that. The state, in 2009, made casino gambling legitimate. However, any casino not regulated or controlled by the state is considered illegal, as stated by Delaware.

You can also get your choice of casino games from the comfort of your home. The state parades three land-based casinos that are also licensed to provide online games for residents of the state. You can play games such as Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack, Slots, and other games that may catch your fancy in a casino.

Delaware casinos

Casino gambling

This is the most popular form of gambling in the US. It involves staking your money on the reel, wheel, spin, or card games and getting paid if you win. The most popular casino games are Roulette, Slots, Baccarat, BlackJack, and Craps, and it's easy to find land-based casinos that offer these games in the state.

There are several online casinos in Delaware. The three traditional casinos around the state are licensed to provide online options for their games, and you can bank on this to enjoy your casino games.

Casino games are played either to make some extra bucks or just for fun. Whichever one it is, you can be sure that you have more than enough provisions to achieve your betting goals in Delaware.



This game is based solely on luck; unlike sports betting, it cannot be analyzed. To play it, you must first buy a lottery ticket. When you've done this, you'll be able to choose random numbers.

When all the winning numbers are announced, you'll be handed your payout, depending on if you are lucky enough to score the combination of winning numbers. This type of gambling is legal in Delaware and can be played by anyone 21 years or above.


Charity gambling

These types of betting are not controlled by private betting houses but by charity organizations. It is a betting method concerned with altruism. That's why all the proceeds from this type of betting are pre-donated to a charitable cause or outright meant to be used to help. Charity gambling could include games such as lotteries, raffles, and bingos.


Amusement games

This type of game aims to have fun and not to win large payouts like other gambling games. A good example is the game machines or tables you can find at your favorite mall. In most amusement games, you are required to pay a token and are given a set time to enjoy your money's worth before you can play.


Off-Track betting

This is like reverse horserace betting, even though it's still based on a horse race. Here, you can only bet during live encounters, and payouts are available after the results have been acknowledged.

Delaware is highly regarded due to the state's prominence in the business sector. Delaware is the true expression of "Do not judge a book by its cover." The most exciting gambling events do occur in Delaware. Three popular animal racing gaming dens are in the small-sized Delawarean State.

Racino Delaware

These Delawarean horse racing houses – sometimes called Racinos- are namely:

  • Delaware Park
  • Dover Downs, and
  • Harrington Raceway

These racinos gaming dens are, however, strictly land-based casinos and date back to the 20th century before the universal transition to a digital age. Delaware is not limited to racing, as it introduced lotteries to its punting system in 2012. Presently as of 2023, there are over three virtual gambling websites.


Horse racing

This is a type of gambling where the stake is made on horses. Since it's done on a racetrack, you can choose a horse you think will win and bet on that horse. Depending on your stake, you can either win or lose this bet.

There are three popular modes of betting on horseracing. The first is called the "win." This type of bet means that a horse must take the first position in that particular race for you to win your payout. Any other position contrary to first place means the bet is lost, and you will not be paid any money.

In the "place" type of bet, the horse can either come first or second, and you'll still win your stake. This bet offers you a better chance of winning but less payout than the "win" betting option.

The last popular type of betting option in horseracing is the "show" option. This is the most flexible of the three types but the one with the least payout. Your chosen horse can take a first, second, or third position here. If this happens, then you will be credited your winnings. However, you will lose the bet if your horse takes the fourth position or anything but the first three.

Horserace betting is allowed in Delaware, like the poker, casino, and sports betting type.

Nearest land based casinos

We've compiled a list of the most trusted land-based casinos if you're searching for "Delaware casinos near me":

Bally’s Dover
Bally’s Dover is a 91,000 square feet casino located in Dover, Delaware with 206 rooms, 26 suites and 8 restaurants. It offers all the classic casino games such as slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, Spanish 21, three card poker, Pai Gow poker, baccarat, Mississippi stud, and let it ride. Bally's Dover also boasts a daily simulcasting of horse racing and a motorsports speedway with NASCAR races. What's more, if you're travelling by RV, you'll be glad to know that overnight parking is free and a RV dump is also free (apart from during NASCAR events). What's more, the casino is non-smoking. So, if you're looking for some fun and excitement in Dover, Delaware – Bally’s Dover has you covered.
1131 N. DuPont Highway, Dover, DE 19901
Phone Number:
(302) 674-4600
Harrington Raceway & Casino
Harrington Raceway and Casino is located in Harrington, Delaware, and offers an array of attractions ranging from 6 restaurants to games like slots, blackjack, roulette, and craps. Live harness racing takes place from April to June and August to October, while daily simulcast horse racing is available throughout the year. Table games are open from 10 am to 3 am/6 am (Friday/Saturday). Guests can also enjoy sports betting, poker, Pai-Gow, Spanish 21, and more. Harrington Raceway and Casino also offers free overnight RV parking and is a personable Delaware destination for all gamers of any skill level.
15 W Rider Road, Harrington, DE 19952
Phone Number:
(302) 398-4920
Delaware Park Racetrack & Slots
Delaware Park Racetrack and Slots is located in Wilmington, Delaware, and offers a unique experience for its patrons. With 8 restaurants, a variety of games and special features, it's a must-visit hotspot. Games offered include Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Poker, Keno, Three Card Poker, Four Card Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Mississippi Stud and Spanish 21, with a Sports Book and Race Book available for added excitement. Live thoroughbred racing is available seasonally, and daily simulcasting of horse racing is also on the menu for thrill-seekers. Those looking for an overnight stay can do so for free with RV parking, but no RV dump is available.
777 Delaware Park Boulevard, Wilmington, DE 19804
Phone Number:
(302) 994-2521
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Sports betting

In 2018, Delaware was the first state to legalize sports betting in the US. After a successful appeal in 2018, the Supreme Court nullified the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. The state of Delaware government took point on proceedings to legalize staking on sports in the state. Given that the state was one of four to be granted a restricted right to allow sports betting before 2018, it's fair to say that Delaware was not in uncharted waters.

Unfortunately, online sports betting is still not permitted in the state. The three accredited betting facilities in the state can provide sports betting. But, for this to happen, you must stake in person. There are no options to stake on sports teams and events online.

Delaware betting

You can bet on a variety of sports of your choosing. These sports include NBA, Soccer, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, etc. Depending on your stake and the odds you choose, you will be credited a payout if all of your predictions come to fruition.

Sports betting is one of the world's most popular types of gambling. This is because it's very easy to participate in and doesn't require sophisticated learning to understand it. Honestly, it is an easy gambling method, which explains why it is so popular in most parts of the world.

Sports betting is a system of staking based on odds and your stake amount. Whatever the size of your bet is, it is multiplied by the odds you've picked, and a possible payout is calculated. If your predictions are correct, you'll win the bet.

There are many types of sports you can bet on, like the NBA, MLB, Soccer, NHL, NFL, etc. Typically, there are a variety of markets, which allows you to be flexible in your betting.

Just in case you are not familiar with the betting markets that there are, here are a few of the most popular ones:


Straight bets

Usually involves a single bet on a sporting event's outcome.



This is a betting market where punters wager on the future outcome of an event that has yet to start. For example, it is placing a bet on the winners of the UEFA when the season has not even started.



Usually has higher odds than every other market. This is because of its inherent risk. Here, you place a single bet linked with several other bets. You lose the entire bet if one of the wagers is lost.



You can combine your bets on different games and adjust the spread of points. It's usually available for basketball and soccer.



Commonly referred to as "props," they are more concerned with the chance of a particular event. For example, "how many goals will Manchester United score?"

Social casinos

As the name goes, the reason for this type of gambling is socialization. Unlike commercial gambling, where you play with people you don't know, you gamble with familiar faces. They could be family members, friends, and whatnot. But, what's sure is that the game's main aim is to have some fun.

Payouts are not certain in these games since you're playing with people you know. Also, social gambling is conducted privately rather than in a casino house.

Daily fantasy sports

Governor John Carney, in July 2017, signed the Interactive Fantasy Contest Act. Since then, Daily Fantasy Sports have become legal in the state. This type of gambling is an effort for whoever indulges in it. You may have to constantly follow up on sports teams, coaches, injuries, and activities that may affect the fantasy aspect of the game.

The game is played by predicting the consequences of real-life proceedings and developments in sports. This means that you must be ready to follow real sports to stand a chance to win in Daily Fantasy Sports.

At least three sites offer you Daily Fantasy Sports in Delaware. You can check for these sites online and play your fill of DFS.


Unfortunately, playing bingo for money in Delaware is impossible except as a charity gambling game. This is because all the accredited local casino houses in the state don't offer the option to play the game. So, to play bingo, you will have to leave Delaware or settle for charity games.


The scene in Delaware lotteries is quite ironic. Even though the state is one of the pacesetters regarding online gambling, its lottery department grants no allowance for an online-based lottery. Until now, the only way to purchase lottery tickets in the state is to get them from land-based retailers. The state's lottery website only serves as a carrier of Delaware-related lottery information. So, to play the lottery in the first state, you must do the traditional physical method.


It would interest you that every Delaware gambling house offers you an option to play poker games. The nature of poker in the state is something of an elite network, as it joins hands with two of the front-running states in online gambling.

Due to the traffic which marred the game at its launch, the gambling game was subject to a poor cash game experience. Due to this development, the state created a network of poker players in Nevada. This developed the game in a good way, and in 2018, Delaware also added New Jersey to its network of pool players.

This cemented Delaware as an authority in poker games, both online and in land-based casinos. You sure will want to try it soon.

History of gambling in Delaware

The state of Delaware is one of the most expressive when it comes to gambling. Unlike most US states, Delaware has portrayed an open and slow progress with gambling, never expressly blocking the activity in its territory. This is one of the reasons it was the first state outside Nevada to legalize gambling and online gambling.

In 1760 before the state was named Delaware, the first horse race track was built in Newark. This represented the first gambling activity that was carried out by the territory. Fast forward to 1933, the Delaware Racing Commission was established, cementing the legality of horse racing in the state.

The mid-70s and early 80s saw some measurable progress in gambling in the state. The Delaware state lottery was created in 1974, while in 1981, the Delaware Gaming Control Board was created to oversee all things gambling in the state.

In 2009, casinos in the state were legalized. This set the path for the state to legalize online gambling in 2012, and the three land-based casinos in the state are allowed to conduct online gaming.

Responsible gaming in Delaware

In a state that takes such a liberal stance on gambling in both online and land-based gambling houses, checking and ensuring that gambling is not abused should be stationary. But, again, Delaware doesn't disappoint in this realm.

The Delaware Council on Gambling Problem was created to solve this issue and foster responsible gambling in the state. It is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to educating gamblers and advocating for a safe and responsible method of gambling. You can reach its helpline at 888-850-8888, and its support is available 24/7.

Another way the state lottery deals with gambling addiction is by giving Delaware gamblers access to the Self Exclusion Program for iGaming. This provides help for anybody who may want to quit compulsive betting.

Seeing these efforts made by the state of Delaware, we can assume that betting responsibility is important to the territory. This is a great motivation for gamblers in the state.


Delaware is one of the most progressive states in the USA as regards gambling. From its rich gambling history to be the first state to legalize online gambling, we can all agree that Delaware was made for the punters. Unfortunately, as we all would have hoped, it has yet to reach the promised land.

The state has only three licensed land-based casinos and, by extension, three online casino gambling providers. Although Delaware is not the biggest of stages, establishing more casinos should be on the agenda of the state gambling-wise.


What types of casino games can I play online?

In Delaware casinos, there are a variety of gambling games that you can play for your pleasure and satisfaction. Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Slot games, Craps, and Poker, are some of the games you can get in Delaware. Also, these games can be played online from your home's comfort. So you don't have to step out for anything.

Who controls DE online gambling sites?

In Delaware, online gambling sites are monitored and controlled by the state's constitution and laws.

Can anybody play at DE legal online gambling sites?

Anybody can play gambling games on DE online gambling sites. As long as you are a resident of Delaware and you're 21 years and above, the wide options of gambling games are open to you to bet on.

What online casinos can I play in DE?

There are about three Delaware online gambling casinos that are available. You can stake your favorite casino games in any of them and get paid. Moreover, there are sportsbooks where you can bet on your choice of sports teams and sports events.

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