It's clear that the Pennsylvania online casino industry continues to thrive, as evidenced by the latest revenue figures released by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board for May. Surprisingly, it has surpassed the $200 million mark for the fourth consecutive month, and PA’s iGaming revenue reached an impressive $216.5 million, recovering from a minor dip in April.

In comparison to May of the previous year, online casinos in Pennsylvania saw a remarkable 23.50% increase in total revenue in the same month this year. This substantial growth is primarily attributed to the performance of online slots, which experienced a significant 26.15% uptick from slightly over $100 million in the month May, 2023 to nearly $127 million in May of 2024. The rise in online slot revenue underscores the increasing popularity and player engagement within this gaming category.

Table games are up, but poker revenue sees a slight decline

Table games also contributed to the robust growth in the iGaming sector. Revenue from online table games, for instance, surged to nearly $45 million this May 2024, reflecting an 18.58% increase from the previous year's figure of just below $38 million. This upward trend highlights the expanding interest and participation in online table games among new and veteran Pennsylvania gamblers.

While the overall iGaming market showed significant growth in the Keystone State, online poker revenue experienced a slight decline. Revenue from online poker in May 2024 amounted to approximately $2.27 million, marking a 9.08% decrease from the $2.50 million it generated in May 2023. But despite this slim decrease, the robust performance of slots and table games more than compensated for the decrease in poker revenue.

Breakdown of the May 2024 revenue by game category

The detailed revenue figures for May 2024, compared to May 2023, are as follows:

Type of Gaming May 2023 Revenue May 2024 Revenue % of Change
Slots $100,590,742 $126,899,919 26.15%
Poker $2,502,131 $2,274,971 -9.08%
Table Games $37,878,178 $44,914,620 18.58%
Gaming Total Revenue $140,971,051 $174,089,510 23.5%

It can be said that the thriving iGaming industry in Pennsylvania also generates significant tax revenue for the state. In May, for instance, the total tax revenue from online gambling reached $76,063,660. This revenue stream is crucial for state funding and public services, further emphasizing the economic importance of the online gaming sector.

Sustained momentum in Pennsylvania's iGaming market

The continued strong performance of Pennsylvania's online casinos reflects a well-established and consistently growing market. With revenue continuously exceeding $200 million for several months, the state's iGaming sector demonstrates resilience and an ability to attract - and retain - a substantial and significant player base. The positive trends in slot and table game revenues indicate that players are increasingly engaging with these offerings, contributing to the overall growth of the market.

As Pennsylvania's online casinos continue their upward trajectory, stakeholders along with industry observers will be closely monitoring the market for future developments. The sustained growth in revenue highlights the potential for further expansion and innovation within the state's iGaming sector. Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board's ongoing oversight and regulation ensure a fair and secure gaming environment, supporting the industry's long-term success.

All in all, May 2024 proved to be another milestone month for Pennsylvania's online casinos, with significant year-on-year revenue growth and strong performance across key gaming categories. The continued success of the iGaming sector bodes well for the future, promising sustained economic benefits and a continuous and engaging gaming experience for numerous players in the state.