In a new statement released to the press a few days ago, Ocean Casino Resorts has announced that it will make use of 'cardless' technology (along with a unique and exclusive QR code) only available through its mobile app. With this, Ocean Resorts online players will be able to choose either slots or table games, with table games available through the above-mentioned QR code. But this is just the beginning, as Oceans Resort also hinted at cashless technology coming soon.

The casino sector in Atlantic City, New Jersey, continues to innovate, striving to integrate advanced technology into the gaming experience. This is readily apparent with Ocean Casino Resort, a prominent NJ online casino, which has taken a significant step forward with the introduction of a new feature on their mobile app: cardless gaming.

Ocean Casino Resort: a casino experience ahead of its time

Ocean Casino Resort's latest enhancement promises to make gaming more accessible and convenient for its patrons. The casino's press release describes the new feature as an all-new and fully integrated mobile experience which is only available via the Ocean Casino Resort Mobile App.

John Forelli, Ocean Casino Resort's Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, emphasized the importance of this new innovation, stating, "The Ocean Casino Resort Mobile App takes our gaming experience to a new convenient level for avid gamers and fun-goers by providing a cardless option directly to the palm of their hands." Forelli adds that by utilizing advancing technology and continuously adapting to the needs and preferences of players, Ocean Resorts solidifies its reputation as a premier gaming experience provider on the East Coast.

To take advantage of this feature, players need to log on to the Ocean Casino Resort Mobile app. And from there, the rest is easy: they can click on "Account," scroll down to "Cardless Gaming," and select either the table games or slots option. If they choose table games, a QR Code will be displayed by the app, allowing players to connect seamlessly. While physical cards are still accepted at Ocean Resorts, a Cashless option will also be introduced soon. The mobile application is available for download on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Making a mark in the New Jersey market

Since opening its doors in June of 2018, Ocean Casino Resort has made significant strides in the competitive Atlantic City sector. For instance, it is third in revenue among the nine casino operators in the state, and Ocean Casino has generated approximately $1.75 billion, trailing only Borgata and Hard Rock at first and second place.

Ocean Casino Resort's rise is particularly impressive considering its origins. The casino emerged from the defunct Revels, which actually closed before it could officially open. Despite this rocky start, Ocean Casino has managed to thrive and is now nearing the $2 billion revenue mark.

The introduction of cardless gaming is unparalleled - and it is expected to further enhance Ocean Casino's standing in the dynamic Atlantic City and New Jersey ecosystem. This innovative feature not only caters to the evolving preferences of modern players but also reinforces the Ocean Resorts's commitment to leveraging technology and improving the gaming experience by leaps and bounds.

What next? Hopeful for the future of the industry

As Ocean Casino Resort continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming industry, the impact of cardless gaming will be closely watched. This move sets a new standard for convenience and accessibility in the casino world, positioning Ocean Casino Resort as a leader in technological advancements in gaming.

The future of gaming at Ocean Casino Resort looks bright, with the promise of more innovative features and enhancements on the horizon. For now, though, players can enjoy a more streamlined and modernized gaming experience, thanks to the new cardless gaming feature.