Slots have long been popular, whether on land-based casinos or online casinos, and they are indeed a dime a dozen. But this latest and newest slot, which is now available at Caesars Palace Online Casino, features the classic favorites featuring a whole new twist. Caesars Digital, in partnership with Everi Digital, presents Caesars Emperors Gold - and it's all we've ever wanted in a slot, and more.

Everi Digital, a brand name known for its game content and game system development, and Caesars Digital, a veritable household name in the iGaming world, have once again collaborated to bring a new, customized, and fully-branded slot game to Caesars Palace Online Casino, which is now available in Pennsylvania, Michigan West Virginia, New Jersey, and Ontario in Canada.

Introducing "Caesars Emperors Gold" - a strategic move for Everi Digital and Caesars

The new slot game, titled "Caesars Emperors Gold," features a classic video theme with five reels, along with the added excitement of mystery jackpots. This launch marks a significant milestone in the ongoing partnership between Caesars Digital and Everi Digital, enhancing the gaming experience for online casino players across multiple areas and locations.

As mentioned, Everi Digital is a renowned developer of gaming machines, game content, and entire gaming systems for various iGaming platforms, land-based casinos, and bingo operators in the US and other territories, and it views this launch as a strategic advancement. Jordan Brent, Everi’s Vice President of Digital Commercialization, expressed his enthusiasm. He stated that this rewarding custom game launch has served to deepen their strategy with a top-tier operator like Caesars and allows Caesars online players in North America to take advantage of a whole new slot title with massive and exciting progressive jackpot opportunities.

This collaboration with Caesars Digital, which has actually been ongoing for over four years, has allowed Everi to provide a diverse range of content to the gaming titan. Everi Digital, meanwhile, boasts a game catalog of over 70 titles, showcasing their commitment to delivering high-quality gaming experiences to clients the world over.

Enhancing player engagement, and then some

Caesars Digital's Vice President of Online Gaming, Ricardo Cornejo Rivas, highlighted the significance of this new addition to their game lineup: "Expanding our custom game catalog with Everi offers us another chance to captivate our online casino players with exclusive one-of-a-kind content and progressive jackpot opportunities that we know are in high demand with players." Rivas further adds that Everi's games have already proven to be heavy crowd favorites at Caesars' various land-based casino destinations and across their online casino platforms.

The new slot game, "Caesars Emperors Gold," features distinctive Roman-inspired statues as well as incorporates high-paying symbols synonymous with the Caesars brand. This thematic choice not only aligns with Caesars' iconic imagery but also enhances the overall gaming experience with visually appealing and recognizable elements.

A continuous - and robust - partnership

The collaboration between Everi Digital and Caesars Digital continues to flourish, reflecting a successful synergy that benefits both parties. Everi's unrivalled expertise in game development and Caesars' extensive reach in the online gaming market create a powerful combination that promises to deliver exceptional gaming experiences to an even broader audience.

It's true that the launch of "Caesars Emperors Gold" represents a significant step forward in the partnership between Everi Digital and Caesars Digital. By introducing this custom-branded slot game, both companies are enhancing player engagement and satisfaction across multiple states and regions. The game's unique theme, coupled with the heavy draw of mystery jackpots, is expected to captivate players and solidify the collaboration's success. As both Everi Digital and Caesars Digital continue to innovate and expand their offerings, the future looks promising for online casino enthusiasts seeking fresh and exciting gaming experiences.