It isn't only online casinos that are seeing a well-deserved revamp: land-based casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey, are seeing a whole new line of slot games, too, starting with The Godfather slots, launched in 2023, to the newly-released Ace Ventura slots just a few weeks ago; and now, the Whitney Houston-themed slot from esteemed game developer IGT.

Hard Rock Atlantic City has unveiled an exciting new addition to its gaming floor: a slot machine dedicated to the legendary artist and singer Whitney Houston. Developed by International Game Technology (more popularly known as IGT), this impressive new game was launched in June and offers a unique gaming experience for fans of the award-winning artist, who garnered an impressive six Grammys during her lifetime.

Take a spin at slots with popular Whitney Houston songs complete with concert footage and photos

The Whitney Houston slot machine is a towering presence at Hard Rock Atlantic City, standing 11 feet in height and featuring two curved LCD monitors measuring 55 inches. These high-definition screens provide stunning graphics and immersive sound effects, creating a captivating environment for players. The machine is also adorned with a prominent "Whitney Houston" text on its front, making it easy to spot on the casino floor.

Of course, players can enjoy some of Whitney Houston's most iconic songs while playing the game, including hits like "So Emotional," "I Wanna Dance with Somebody," and "How Will I Know." The slot machine also incorporates various bonus game content and symbols that showcase Whitney Houston’s lasting legacy, including photos and concert footage. What's more, one of its standout features is a collection of platinum records, and these records are meant to trigger a re-spin bonus when they appear on the reels.

IGT's Chief Operating Officer for Gaming, Nick Khin, expressed the company's excitement about the new game in an official statement. He says that IGT is more than thrilled to bring the star-studded Whitney Houston Slots game to casino floors all across the US, and Khin also added, "Whitney Houston slots exemplifies IGT's winning formula for licensed game themes: a world-class entertainment experience combined with a precise alignment of the licensed theme fan base and the slot player demographic."

The creation of this game was made possible through a collaboration with Primary Wave Music and The Estate of Whitney E. Houston, ensuring that the slot machine honors the late singer's memory. As you may already know, Whitney Houston passed away more than twelve years ago, in February 2012, but her legacy continues to inspire and entertain fans around the world.

Needless to say, the Whitney Houston slot machine offers players a chance to win big, with a maximum jackpot amounting to $500,000. Hard Rock Atlantic City has shared a video of the slot machine on their Instagram account, giving fans a glimpse of the game’s impressive design and features.

Slot creativity at its finest with more movies and celebrity themes

New Jersey's land-based casinos have been increasingly innovative with their game offerings, incorporating popular culture themes in order to attract players. The recent additions to the lineup include Cheers, the classic television series, and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective at BetMGM, and The Godfather slot machine was also introduced in 2023. These new themed games are apparently part of a broader trend aimed at enhancing the casino experience and boosting engagement among visitors.

As these exciting new games hit the casino floors, industry observers will be keen to see how they impact monthly revenue figures in the coming months. The introduction of the Whitney Houston slot machine at Hard Rock Atlantic City is expected to draw significant interest from both fans of the singer and slot machine enthusiasts, contributing to the vibrant and dynamic gaming scene in New Jersey.