It's been a little over two years since MGM Resorts International acquired the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, but the iconic venue's Identity Membership & Rewards program is only set to transition to MGM Rewards on July 30.

MGM Resorts secured the rights to the Cosmopolitan in a deal with Blackstone for $1.6 billion in September of 2021. Originally, the transition of the Identity program associated with the Cosmopolitan to MGM Rewards was slated for February of this year, but it was delayed, with some attributing the postponement to a significant cybersecurity breach that impacted the domestic operations of MGM the previous September. But MGM Resorts has since announced incentives for existing Identity members as the transition approaches.

"All of your Identity Tier Points earned between July 30, 2023 (and) July 29, 2024 at The Cosmopolitan will be doubled and (will be) converted into MGM Rewards Tier Credits as of July 29, 2024," MGM stated. MGM also maintained that table game points amassed from the 30th of July, 2023, to the 29th of July, 2024 will be added to the players' MGM Rewards account as additional Tier Credits. All these combined credits will be used to assess the members' tier status, which will be valid until the 31st of January, 2026. MGM Rewards features five levels of tiers: Sapphire, in the first tier, followed by Pearl, then Gold, succeeded by Platinum, and finally, the invitation-only NOIR tier.

Understanding the transition from Identity to MGM Rewards

Casino programs related to rewards can vary significantly in how they calculate tier credits and points, with every operator using unique terminology and lingo to distinguish each. This is certainly true for the transition from Identity to MGM Rewards. Cosmopolitan patrons, for instance, should note that "tier points" under the Identity program will be referred to as "tier credits" in the MGM Rewards system.

Another important change involves the timing of tier status evaluations. Case in point: The MGM Rewards' Tier Status Earning Year begins on January 1 and ends on December 31. During this period, members can earn Tier Credits to determine their status for the existing and following Tier Status Benefit Year, which alternatively runs from the 1st of February to the 31st of January, as explained by MGM. MGM adds, "Tier Credits reset to zero annually on January 1."

Furthermore, Identity Points players earn through video poker, slots, and other gaming platforms at the Cosmopolitan will be known as Slot Dollars once they transition to MGM Rewards.

Plenty of chances and opportunities to earn with MGM Rewards

While the modifications to casino loyalty rewards programs often face a lot of scrutiny, the integration of Identity into MGM Rewards presents clear advantages. Frequent guests of the Cosmopolitan, for example, will gain additional avenues to earn tier credits and points.

Furthermore, MGM Rewards members can accumulate points and credits at over 20 casinos on the Las Vegas Strip and across regional locations in the US, as well as through the BetMGM app. Moreover, members can earn points that they can easily redeem on various non-gaming activities, including dining, hotel stays, spa services, entertainment, and retail purchases.

To advance through the MGM Rewards tiers, members need to accrue 25,000 tier credits to reach Pearl status. From there, 75,000 credits are required for Gold, and Platinum status demands 200,000 tier credits.

As the integration date approaches, Cosmopolitan guests and Identity members can look forward to the enhanced benefits and expanded opportunities that come with being part of the larger MGM Rewards ecosystem.