In a significant move aimed at bolstering responsible gambling initiatives, the Michigan Gaming Control Board (otherwise referred to as the MGCB) has announced a $3 million increase in funding for its resources, bringing the total budget to $6 million. This development includes $1.9 million allocated from the 2024 state budget to multiply the MGCB team by adding 14 full-time staff members.

The infusion of funds enhances the MGCB's standing as a premier iGaming regulator in the United States and strengthens its oversight of Michigan's online casinos. Henry Williams, the executive director of the MGCB, expressed his profound gratitude to Governor Gretchen Whitmer, along with the Michigan Legislature, for their commitment to improving the agency's regulatory efforts and their operations. Williams further acknowledged the governor and the legislature's dedication to enhancing the MGCB’s capabilities in an official press release.

This additional funding will be available at the start of the state's Fiscal Year 2025 budget on the first of October, 2024, pending Governor Whitmer's signature on the budget's bipartisan agreement.

New positions to support Michigan's rapid growth in iGaming

The acquisition of 14 full-time staff is crucial, as it supports the Michigan Gaming Control Board's regulatory duties related to sports betting and internet gaming. It can be said that Michigan's iGaming market is among the fastest-growing in North America, with 15 licensed providers and operators, including prominent names like FanDuel, DraftKings, Caesars Palace Online Casino, and BetMGM. These operators collectively offer more than 10,000 slot games and noteworthy no-deposit bonus deals. The expansion of the Control Board's workforce is further meant to enhance protections against illegal activities and ensure a more secure gambling environment in the Great Lakes state.

The extra $3 million allotted for the budget will be directed for the Compulsive Gambling Prevention Fund and its related programs. These funds will also bolster the 24/7 Gambling Disorder Helpline and offer additional educational resources to inform younger generations about the risks of online gambling. In addition, the financial boost will support existing treatment methods for individuals struggling with gambling addiction and associated issues.

Henry Williams emphasized that doubling up the Compulsive Gambling Prevention Fund demonstrates the commitment of the agency to responsible gaming. He stated that the MGCB is collaborating with various institutions in the state to uphold the integrity of the iGaming industry and protect MI residents.

Expansion of the 'Don't Regret the Bet' campaign

Along with all of this, in a comprehensive responsible gaming approach, the MGCB will allocate $3 million to its acclaimed "Don't Regret the Bet" campaign. Launched in March 2023 in collaboration with King Media, a marketing firm based in Michigan, the campaign features engaging advertisements aimed at players prone to gambling addiction. The ads are broadcast via social media, billboards, television, and radio channels all across Michigan, with podcasts playing a crucial role in raising awareness as well.

The "Don't Regret the Bet" campaign has received multiple prestigious awards, including the Platinum dotCOMM Award, the Platinum Viddy Award, and the Platinum MarCom Award in 2023. Its success is not hampered in 2024, having recently been honored with the equally-prestigious PRNEWS Digital Award.

By investing in these initiatives, the Control Board aims to provide comprehensive support for responsible gambling, ensuring that Michigan's gaming industry grows in a safe and regulated manner. The agency's proactive measures reflect a deep commitment to safeguarding the well-being of Michigan residents while maintaining the integrity of the MI iGaming sector.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board's announcement of increased funding for responsible gambling and the expansion of its workforce marks a significant milestone in enhancing the state's regulatory framework. With its new resources and an expanded team, the MGCB is well-positioned to address the challenges of a rapidly growing online gambling market. The additional funds will not only support regulatory efforts but also provide essential resources for education, prevention, and treatment related to gambling addiction. This comprehensive approach underscores Michigan's commitment to responsible gaming - and sets a precedent for other jurisdictions to follow.