After missing out in the 2022 and 2023 seasons due to an ACL and MCL injuries, La’El Collins returns to the big stage in the NFL with the hopes of getting a chance to earn more minutes in the game and dominate as a key player for the championship contenders. It has been a long time since Collins has enjoyed a promising run in the game, and now this is his chance to get back on track.

At the age of 30, it is hard to actually get a team to sign you, especially if you have had a lot of injuries in the past. For Collins – who has enjoyed a total of 86 career starts before a string of injuries in his ACL and MCL derailed his career, this chance offered by the Bills is a blessing that the star hopes to make the most of.

The Cincinnati Bengals had him as a promising star, and lingering back injuries proved to be pivotal in the team’s decision to finally let him go last September, in which the Dallas Cowboys signed him into their practice squad in January 2024. Now that he is close to a bigger run in his game, fans can expect more from Collins to share the stage with big names and an opportunity to play at the highest level once more.

A New Hope with the Bills

NFL comebacks are not that rare, but they do come in short supply. Such is this story for Collins, which is long overdue after a year of both mental and physical recovery. He is excited for his prospects with the Bills at this point, and with the team needing a boost on touchdowns and rushing, it does seem that Collins brings in a lot of promising potential to help out with the team at this point in time.

For context, the Bills have finished seventh in the league in rushing last season and fifth in rushing touchdowns. Collins, coincidentally, excels in that side before his injury, where he e averaged an 89.5 PFF run-blocking grade across his final two seasons played with the Cowboys. His two-way prowess certainly helps him make a good case for minutes, and Collins is expected to be placed at the right tackle spot behind Spencer Brown – while also swinging on the other side if needed.

A Redemption Arc for Collins

Training camp is slated to begin in a few weeks’ time for the Bills, and it does seem that this is the right time for Collins to begin proving his worth now more than ever, and it cannot be denied that he will have to do his best if going to come up with a run to the top of the roster and dominate once more.

"They brought me here to play football and I came here to dominate and I'm going to let everything else take care of itself," Collins said. "I'm going to show up every day and go to work. Help the young guys, and do whatever they ask me. To deal with an injury that's as traumatic as tearing your knee, it's something you can't really explain. I felt like last year, I maybe could've put myself in a position to play some football, but I knew mentally that the tank was empty."

Collins comes in with a promising boost to his team. The Bills finished last season with a close defeat to the then-champions Kansas City Chiefs in a 27-24 showdown in the Divisional Playoffs, which just means that Sean McDermott’s squad has certainly got an upgrade with Collins added into the mix.