Chris Paul has signed a deal with the San Antonio Spurs after being waived by the Warriors, which brings him to Texas, and is now slated to form a fearsome team-up with reigning Rookie of the Year Victor Wembanyama with the hopes of ending the Spurs’ playoff drought ever since the end of the Kawhi Leonard era in the team.

Prior to the signing, the Warriors reportedly was offered to bring in Zach Lavine in exchange for Chris Paul. However, the management didn’t feel that it was enough to actually be a sound deal structure, which led them to release Paul. This cleared the way for Paul to sign with the Spurs as an unrestricted free agent.

At the age of 39, it does seem that Paul is clearly a talent to acquire in the market. However, the events that unfolded happened too fast, and the Spurs were clearly waiting on a guard to go in the market before quickly offering a deal for Paul that would see him agree to in just a snap. Alas, the Spurs may well be done with the free agency at this point in time.

A Thriving Force with Wembanyama

Paul enters the San Antonio Spurs roster as a seasoned veteran who has seen a lot of playoff experience in the game. Paul is actually one of the best point guards to ever play in the game, and it cannot be denied that pairing him with Victor Wembanyama is going to be fun to watch considering that a true point guard is what the Spurs have needed to pair with their big man, and Paul is an exceptional win that the team can take at this point in time.

To be fair, there were rumors that the Spurs were keen to engage in trade talks that would see them bring in the likes of Trae Young – who is now slated to be the main centerpiece for the Hawks, and Donovan Mitchell, who remains to be coveted but is still yet to be decided if he will request a trade or not.

With Paul, the Spurs get a promising point guard who has been one of the best icons in the league – known for his finesse in passing the ball. This will surely bring Wembanyama a promising look in his games, especially with the Spurs having no real point guard, save for the recently drafted Stephon Castle and Tre Jones, who was at the spot in the previous season.

A Star in Decline

Chris Paul isn’t getting any younger at this point, and at the age of 39, it is easy to expect that the former Warriors guard will actually have to shake some rust off at this point. Averaging 9.2 points, 6.8 assists and 3.9 rebounds in his previous run with Golden State, it is notable that he didn’t have much shining plays. However, it is worth noting that Paul has played alongside a ball-dominant guard in Stephen Curry, and shared most of his playmaking duties with Draymond Green, who runs a point-forward role with the Warriors.

This time, Paul will have the ball all in his hands. This further helps Wembanyama run the floor with ease – roaming and going off ball, and a capable point guard like Paul can easily create crafty dishes for him without much hassle. While this doesn’t mean that Paul can turn back the clock, he will definitely have bigger averages than what he had with the Warriors.