Types of Roulette Rules to Get You Started with  French Roulette

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If you think a wheel can determine your luck in the game of roulette, think again. There’s a lot of speculation regarding the odds that American or French roulette offers. But the rules can sometimes sound ambiguous or even completely frustrating when you’re new to the game, so we’re here to explain them in layman’s terms.


But one thing’s for sure: newbies at American roulette are bound to pick up some strategies that hold the same principles when playing other table games at the casino. Read on to get an overview of the rules, how to possibly calculate your odds, and understand how the house edge could make or break your own game.


Newbies Know How: French Roulette Rules for Beginners


We all know that the French have an original claim over the origins of roulette as a table game. Also known as the European variant, any player who aims to master the main goal of this game is supposed to make bets on a specific number. The dealer will then be responsible for turning the roulette wheel in one direction and then spinning the ball in the opposite direction.


Action points: Spin, Rebet, and Clear Bets

Compared to American roulette, the French or European wheel is relatively easier and less of a pain in the arse to grapple with. The only important thing you have to remember (much like muscle memory) is that you must press “spin” once you’ve placed your wagers or chips on the area you wish to get a stake from.


So, your first round of betting is done. The option to rebet then comes forward, where you will need to choose either to place another wager by selecting the “rebet” option or opt to leave the game by choosing the “clear bets” option.


8 can Play at that Game

Participants in a game of French roulette can range from 1 to 8 players. Now, it might seem incredibly daunting as a first-time player when you approach the roulette table ‘cause usually, four casino staffers attend one table. Their role is to simply ensure the game flow is smooth and without discrepancy.


  • 2 Dealers (croupiers)
  • 1 Table-end (bout de table)
  • 1 Game Supervisor (chef de partie)


Roulette Structure: Round and round it goes


Keep in mind that the game only officially begins when the dealer takes out the ball and places it for a spin onto the roulette wheel. Two turns before the final turn, the dealer declares “no more bets” - and you would then have the signal to stop placing any more wagers for the existing round.


The results will be revealed by the dealer once the ball falls into the 37 numbered pockets. Any wagers lost will automatically be claimed by the house. If you’re one of the lucky ones who secured a win or two, you have a bunch of winnings to claim at the end of the night.

Roulette Structure image


Types of Roulette Bets to Master


You might be the spontaneous type who enjoys randomly going with the flow and choosing numbers wherever your eyes land. This might be an amateur’s tactic - so to polish your game, it’s crucial to know the type of bets to get better.


Outside Bets

These are one of the most sequestered bets players make which are usually found in the middle of the roulette table. This is the kind of bet where if you’re not sure, it is safer to bet on individual numbers to avoid making riskier bets in groups. You can also place wagers on a combination of numbers in this section.


Type Action Payout
Red or Black This is considered the safest bet for first-timers in roulette. If you bet on numbers on the red part of the table or the black part of the table, and the ball lands on these winning numbers, you win the round and will be able to keep your bet at the same time. 1:1
Odd or Even Bets on odd numbers and even numbers on the table are usually 18 of each. If you place bets on this part of the roulette table and you win a round, you get paid even money. Neat, huh? 1:1
High or Low You can select numbers 1 through 18, which are low bets, and 19 through 36, which are high bets, whether it comes to high or low bets. If you prefer winning even money, this is another safe bet to call. 1:1
Column Split into three separate columns, this is the type of bet you make when you just want a whole column of numbers to be considered for a win. The payouts for column bets are typically 2:1. You have the option to select one, two, or three columns per round. 2:1
Dozens If you’re one to be in evens, the numbers 1 to 12, 13 to 24, and 25 to 36 fall under separate dozen bets. These are typically found between the even and inside bets on a roulette table. A dozen bets are also high-stakes with a 2:1 payout. 2:1

Inside Bets

Also found in the center of a roulette table, inside bets can also be placed individually or in combinations, just like an outside bet. You might want to tread lightly when making inside bets since it’s riskier in terms of winning. But, if all your ducks are in a row and you win, the payout is larger than most.


Type Action Payout
Split Covering two adjacent numbers on the roulette table and making split bets are riskier since the dealer leaves your chips on the line between two numbers. Don’t be fooled by the sequence on the table since the numbers aren’t always next to each other on the roulette wheel. 17:1
Straight Up Another chance to bet on a single number but on the outside is called straight up. You can select any number from 1 to 36 and 0 (00 in American roulette) but don’t expect much winnings with this type of bet since the odds of winning are quite low, with a whopping payout of 35:1. 35:1
Corner Also known as square bets, these are bets placed on four numbers on the roulette table. The payout for this type of bet is 8:1 and is commonly identified as a tactic to increase your table coverage with remunerative odds. 8:1
Street Also known as row bets, you can bet on three numbers in a row. Payouts are at a staggering 11:1 since the wager is hinging on three numbers. 11:1
Basket Known as a five-number bet, a basket bet is a term used in American roulette. Five digits are available for betting: 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. Your odds for a basket bet is at 6:1, which is considered a low payout.



Six Line Also known as a quint bet, placing a wager on a six-line covers consecutive numbers on two adjacent rows. A 5: 1 odds is what you’ll get when you go for a six-line bet.



Placing Wagers on an Online Roulette Game


In most online table games, you would need a verified account and proper buy-ins right from your playing wallet. Also, it’s usually live and takes place in a real casino with dealers conducting a game through a camera. Additionally, you’ll spot table-end personnel and game supervisors who man the roulette tables like a real game with players.


Placing Wagers on an Online Roulette Game image


A round of live online roulette is nothing without the players, so every time you opt into a game even through your phone, be sure you’re present and ready to play in real time with enough money in your online wallet. Here’s how to get you started, regardless of what online casino you opt to play in:


  1. Open your preferred online casino and access the secure sign-up links.
  2. If you’re a new player, register for an account and use any promo codes for first-time players to unlock any bonuses that could help kickstart your iGaming journey.
  3. Prepare your username and password and log into the casino account. Head to the cashier page or payment page.
  4. Ensure you have your card details and select a secure payment method. Make a deposit and check for the online casino’s minimum requirement before doing so.
  5. You will then be directed to the casino table game lobby and given a selection of table games you’re eligible to enter.
  6. Choose a roulette table to join with stakes that align with your betting budget. Select a chip denomination accordingly.
  7. Drop the chips on the spots on the roulette layout where you think the ball will land.
  8. Wait for the dealer to secure all bets and close the round for betting.
  9. Wait for the results and for the dealer’s official call to see if your wager went through or if it went to the house.
  10. Spin, rebet, or split bets as you please.


Quick Tips and Tricks


While roulette is a game that depends largely on your luck, there are still some techniques you could apply to bet smart and win a little here and there at the French table. Here are a few:


Beware of Table Bonuses

Yes, just like slots, you can access bonus features depending on certain ongoing promotions for casinos in real life or even online. But make sure you read the terms and conditions first before claiming them so you can maximize these credits and unlock the chance to win some real moolah! Some online roulette tables even offer betting discounts on certain bets like even-money wagers at half off when the ball lands on a certain number


Walk the Line between Risk and Reward

Any beginner at roulette should be wise enough to know where to at least place their wagers. Avoid being a little too spontaneous and do some research on the types of bets you could gain the most from in terms of payout. It’s not always safe to place wagers with inside bets consecutively, nor is it ideal to place outside bets on every other round.


Keep in mind that risk will always be there when betting on a casino game, so exercise control when making several bets rather than just sticking to single-number bets. Remember to align your bets with your betting budget to consistently make responsible gameplay and bankroll management work for you.


The Bottom Line


It’s no secret that a game of roulette comes with high risks- but it also comes with some sort of reward if you play it smart. You don’t have to be a beginner to understand this, but it’s best to keep the basics in mind, whether you’re trying to remember the payout for a basket bet or you’re finding alternatives to safe single-number bets. Experiment with caution and learn from your moves as well as other roulette players’ moves; ‘cause at the end of the day, it’s all bound to come full circle, just like the roulette wheel!


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