86 Roulette Terms First-Time Roulette Players Should Know

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Let’s admit it, walking into a casino and pretending to be a big shot is easy when you know how the table games work. It’s not anywhere close to the movie montage you have in your head if you’re new to the game. Learning all the terms of roulette may seem impossible, but familiarizing yourself with the basics while playing is a good habit to cultivate.


As you read on, you’ll get a better idea of which roulette terminology dealers typically use when conducting a round of roulette. This should help you gauge which prompts, action points, and winning streaks work best when playing a table game of roulette online or in a physical casino.


Wagering a Win with Roulette Games


There you have it, a comprehensive selection of roulette terms or even a customized roulette glossary that first-time players or avid gamers can refer to. Whether you’re looking to polish your American or French roulette skills before placing bets online or getting pumped for a trip to a popular Las Vegas or Monte Carlo casino, knowing the straight-up bet meaning or understanding how a croupier marks bets is a stepping stone to playing it smart and learning your footing in a scintillating game of roulette.


What Does Roulette Mean in French?


The word roulette translates to "small wheel", which was derived from the Italian game Biribi. Roulette is a table game largely based on chance, where players place a wager on which number on the wheel the ball will land on. The winner of the game is the player who placed the highest wager.


Roulette Glossary of Terms




Action - In any given session, this is dubbed as the total amount bet.


American Wheel - Typically played in North, Central, and South America, American Roulette is when there are 38 pockets on the wheel, numbered 1-36, along with a zero and a double-zero.


All-in - This is typically used in most table games where a player places their whale pot in one wager.




Backtrack/Ball-Track - Another one of the roulette words to know is the outer rim wheel where the ball is spun.


Bankroll - This is the entire amount of money a player has allocated to themselves for the duration of a game. For instance, you might give yourself a $500 gambling budget, no more, no less. This is your entire gaming bankroll.


Basket Bet - This is a type of bet in American Roulette where three numbers, 0-1-2, 0-00-2, or 00-2-3, are placed by high-risk players.


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Bet on the Layout - This is the motion where a wager is placed on any of the numbers on the roulette table.


Biased Wheel - This occurs when a wheel flaw causes some numbers to be hit more frequently than would be expected given normal probability. Some wheels have chips or dents from age and wear, which can change where a ball lands. Many have looked for biased wheels to take advantage of and win large sums of money. If you notice that the ball consistently lands on some numbers (such as 22), you may have a biased wheel.


Black Bet - This is a bet placed on one of the 18 black numbers. The player could double their money if a black bet is made successfully. This type of bet typically pays 1 to 1.


Block Bet - A block bet is one of the roulette call bets where a player places their wager on one of the sections rather than just one number on the wheel.


Bottom Track - This is a term to describe the inside of a roulette wheel, how many numbers, sections, and where the ball lands before it makes it to a number slot.




Carre - One of the French roulette terms, Carre, is directly translated to a corner bet.


Call Bets - Also known as French Bets, call bets in roulette are where certain wagers cover particular sections of the roulette wheel. This is typical in European roulette and casinos which are often seen in high roller games. When one refers to a "call bet", every number in each wheel segment is covered; ultimately, a player placing a French wager really places multiple bets at the same time.


Choppy Game - This is when the player and casino rally between winning without consideration of streaks.


Column Bet - One of the roulette bet names, a column bet, is an outside wager on the first, second, or third of the three 12-numbered columns. You will win if any one of those twelve numbers comes up. The typical payout for this type of bet is 2 to 1.


Combination Bet - A combination bet is when a wager of two or more numbers is made on the layout. Although this pays out less than single-number bets, it’s a type of bet that enhances a player's chance of winning.


Corner Bet  - Typically a roulette slang, a corner bet is a wager made on four numbers in a segment. The payout is 8 to 1 and is also known as a "Square Bet" or "Quarter Bet". In French, it’s known as "Carre".


Crossroader - This is slang used in American roulette, which is considered a cheat.


Croupier - Another French roulette term, "Crouper", is the formal term for roulette dealer. The person responsible for spinning the wheel, collecting bets, and distributing winnings in a roulette table game is referred to as the croupier. It’s considered proper tipping etiquette to leave at least $5 per hour of every session, especially if you’re a high roller.




Dealer Bias - Also known as Dealer Signature, which is a theory that dealers in a roulette game will spin the wheel the same way multiple times. This type of spin on the dealer’s end should help you determine the ball's final location more precisely if you keep track of where it begins and ends.


Dozen Bet - In French roulette terms, it’s called "Douzaine". A dozen bets are placed on one of the three sequences of 12 numbers, including 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36. This bet’s payout is typically 2 to 1.


Double Zero - Typically used in the American roulette wheel, where "00" is found.


Double-Up Betting - This is a popular betting strategy in roulette where you double your last wager after a loss.




En Plain - One more French roulette term for you directly translates to a straight-up bet.


En Prison Rule - This term is literally translated from French as "in prison," a regulation that only applies to even-money bets. Certain online casinos let players keep their wagers (in jail) or withdraw half of their winnings in the event that the result is zero. In the other cases, the entire bet is lost if the result is zero once more in the subsequent spin.


Eagle Slot - Used in early American wheels, this is a wide slot that is placed alongside the two Zero squares. Eagle slot tables are now considered valuable collectors’ items.


European Roulette - Typically found in European and Asian casinos, European roulette is known for lowering the house edge since only one zero is used in this version.


Even Bet - This is a type of wager made with a hunch that the next number will be even.

The payout is typically 1 to 1.


Even Money - This is a type of wager that applies to Black/Red, Even/Odd and High/Low bets. This is any bet with a 1 to 1 odds.




Forcing a Bias - This is considered a method of cheating that involves manipulating the roulette wheel. Forcing a bias prompts predictable outcomes that often become exploitable means to make a profit.


French Bets - Also known as "Call Bets", this type of wager is typically specific to French wheels. This generally includes covering lots of numbers with a single bet.


French Wheel/Table - This is the type of roulette wheel used in European or French roulette. This is where a sequence of roulette wheel single zero, not roulette wheel double zero, comes into play. Additional wagers such as Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, and Orphelins. Typically, a racetrack is provided to facilitate the playing of these wagers.


Fibonacci Betting System - Also a roulette synonym for "Double-Up". This is a strategy when placing a wager where a player can increase their bet even after a loss.


Five-number Bet - This is a type of bet used in American roulette where you can wager on 0-00-1-2-3. This is another roulette synonym for "Top-Line Bet". A negative roulette saying is attached to this term– otherwise known as the worst bet on the American Wheel.


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Golden Numbers - These are a selection of numbers that keep incurring wins within a short timeframe.


Greens - These are physical or virtual chips with a denomination of $25.




High Bet - Used in American roulette wheel sections, a high bet is a wager placed on the outside of the wheel on numbers ranging from 19 to 36. These American roulette wheel sections garner even payouts.


House Edge - This is the term used to claim the casino’s advantage over the player. This is typically quantified on a percentage basis.




Impair - A term used in French which means "Odd". On a French table, betting on odd numbers means you’re positioning your chips on "Impair".


Inside Bets - Any bet on numbers in the table layout covering only individual numbers or small groups where payouts are typically high.




Layout - The table design. Playing in different casinos and the type of roulette you’re playing will mean different layouts.


La Partage - This is a rule similar to "En Prison" where the player does not have the choice to leave their bet "En Prison" for a later spin in this circumstance, and they lose half of their stake.


Lead Bottom - This is the most popular bouncing strategy used in roulette tables, where the ball will bounce from pocket to pocket. The springy wood that lines the pockets is considered the cause of this bouncing. However, some people claim that devices can be used to influence or slow down the bouncing.


Line Bet - Also known as the "Six Number Bet" or "Sixian". This is a type of bet placed on the inside six-number wager on any two rows of three. You can place this wager at the bottom of the line that joins any two rows.


Low Bet - This is an outside bet placed on low numbers ranging from 1-18, where the bet pays even money.




Manque - The French term used in European or French roulette is called "Low Bet".


Marker/Dolly - A device utilized by the croupier to mark winning numbers after every spin. Players must wait for the croupier to remove the marker before placing bets for the next round.


Martingale Betting System - is a roulette strategy similar to Double-Up and Fibonacci Bettering Systems. This is where players typically increase bets even after a loss.


Mini Roulette - A type of roulette game that is not always available in all online casinos. It’s the kind of roulette where a smaller wheel features 13 numbers, ranging from 0-12, with payout adjustments depending on the game. Moreover, when the result after a spin appears to be zero, players have a higher chance of returning half of all their losses.




Neighbors of Zero - The English meaning of the French term "Voisins du Zero".


Negative Progression - This is a strategy where players increase bets even after a loss.


Noir - The French meaning of "Blacks", which are basically chips with denominations of $100.




Odd Bet - The term used for a wager on odd numbers that will likely win. It’s the English term for "Impair" in French Roulette.


Odds - This is the term used when describing the likelihood of an outcome.


Orphans - This is commonly a term used in European casinos where bets on three specific numbers: 6, 34, and 17 are made. Typically, these numbers are positioned next to each other on the European wheel.


Orphelins - Another one of the more intriguing roulette terminologies, also used in European casinos, which refers to a wager placed on certain groups of numbers on neighboring sections on the wheel, though commonly apart on the layout.


Outside Bet - These are bets placed on the outer part of the roulette layout. The payout for this bet is on the lower odds.




Pair - This is the French translation for an "Even Bet".


Passe - This is the French word for "High Bet".


Payout - The winning amount a player receives from a round or multiple rounds in a casino.


Pockets - These are sections on the roulette wheel where the ball may or may not land. The zeros are colored green, and half of the numbered pockets are colored black.


Positive Progression - The strategy used to increase bets after a win.




Quarter Bet - Another reference to wagers placed on four inside numbers at once. This is also known as "Corner" or "Square" Bets.




Racetrack - This is the portion of a roulette wheel that is shaped like an oval situated beside the main surface. These, like Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, and Orphelins, are made to make making "French Bets" or "Call Bets" simple.


Red Bet - This is considered even money on an "outside bet" that the next number will be red. The payout for a red bet is 1 to 1.


Reds - Also known as "Rouges" and "Nickels" where chips come in denominations of $5.


Revolutions - This term is used non-literally but instead refers to the number of times a wheel spins before the ball begins to fall towards the pockets.


Rouge - The French translation for "Red Bet".




Section Slicing - Depending on which section of the wheel keeps incurring wins, this is a betting strategy most players practice.


Six Line Bet - This is also known as a "Line Bet" where players place wagers on two adjacent rows of three numbers simultaneously.


Split Bet - This is considered an inside bet on two adjacent numbers at the same time where the payout goes as high as 17 to 1.


Straight Up Bet - This is an inside bet placed on one number where the payout is a whopping 35 to 1; one of the best roulette wheel sections made in most roulette tables.

Street Bet - A type of wager on a row of three numbers on the layout. The payout is typically 11 to 1 and is a roulette synonym for "Trio Bet", "Triple Bet", and "Transversale".




Table Layout - The type of tables used in American or French Roulette. Observe the table's numbers section for "Inside Bets" and the "outside" of the roulette table layout for 2 to 1 or "Even Money Bets".


Thirds of the Wheel - The English translation for "Tiers du Cylindre".


Tiers du Cylindre - This translates to "Thirds of the Wheel" in English. It’s applied on the French wheel where numbers range from 33 through 27 or ⅓ of the roulette table. Most players who place this bet are betting on the numbers in said sequence.


Tracking Board - This is where you can see the latest outcome from games won or lost.


Transversale - A French slang for Street Bet.


Trio Bet/Triple Bet - Also a roulette slang for Street Bet.


Twelve Number Bet - Also known as "Column Bet".




Visual Ballistics - This is game theory where you can determine the number a ball is likely to land on by noticing where it begins and ends. Some wheels are more reliable than others. You want to start where the ball starts to fall into the pockets for your starting position. After that, you most likely have a short window of time within which to put bets.


Voisins du Zero - Commonly used in European Casinos, it’s a bet placed on a set of numbers on a section of a roulette wheel near zero.




Wager - This is a synonym for "Bet".


Wheel - This is the wheel in roulette games.


Wheel Checks - These are special unmarked chips used particularly on roulette tables.




Zero - The zero section in roulette where 0 is marked on the pocket is green on the wheel.


Wagering a Win with Roulette Games


There you have it, a comprehensive selection of roulette terms or even a customized roulette glossary that first-time players or avid gamers can refer to. Whether you’re looking to polish your American or French roulette skills before placing bets online or getting pumped for a trip to a popular Las Vegas or Monte Carlo casino, knowing the straight-up bet meaning or understanding how a croupier marks bets is a stepping stone to playing it smart and learning your footing in a scintillating game of roulette.


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