Making it Count: The Dos and Don'ts of Casino Going

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📖 Published on: February 23rd, 2024

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What first-timers in casinos don’t realize is that casinos are designed to keep everyone alert and moving. It’s no different when you’re playing online - when websites and apps are designed to show players not only how to play online casino games but also how to stay longer and play harder.


It’s important to know that although hotels and casinos are designed for you to have a good time, a certain level of etiquette is still something to keep in mind. Don’t forget, regardless of whether you’re there for business or pleasure, there are always eyes on you, and it’s best to practice some diligence and manners. The same goes for online casino enthusiasts who are held accountable for their betting habits and gaming behaviors!


Read on to get a better grasp of how casino goers can maximize their time at a Vegas casino while learning to enjoy the games and, more importantly, how to play online casinos with ease and confidence.


Dos to Keep in Mind


Whether you’re playing online or riding it out in a casino, it’s crucial to know some of the must-dos, safety precautions, and highly regarded tells when playing in a casino online and offline.


Do: Choose a renowned and legal casino


When it comes to betting your money, make sure it’s a trusted institution with proper legal licensing. You also want to check on security features for online casinos as well as reviews online regarding their payment services and customer support.


Do: Ensure you mind buying in and cashing out


It’s easy to get excited and even carried away when playing at the casino. But it won’t hurt to make it a point to check the minimum buy-in prior to sitting across the dealer and getting trapped in a high-stakes game you can’t back out of. Watch the dealer’s motions as well to ensure the hand is completed before passing on your money to the dealer!


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Do: Compare bonuses


This might be a given, but doing your research before going on a huge Vegas splurge on and off the casino floor is wise. No one wants to play in a casino that doesn’t offer bonuses, promos, and cashback. Some casinos also offer special seasonal bonuses on sporting events or holidays. So be vigilant when you want to play it big; there’s always a smart way to earn your money back. Besides, you don’t want to just bet it all in one go at the first casino on your radar.


Do: Set and stick to a budget (or at least try)


This tip may sound ironic in a place that encourages you to splurge your dollars, but setting a betting budget is still good practice. Money management is tough when you’re easily swayed to try a new game on-site or even through online pop-ups here and there. Remember that it’s okay to have fun, but do so in moderation and try your best to maintain healthy spending habits - ‘try’ being the operative word.


Do: Utilize the free-play option


Of course, a part of making the most out of your casino experience is to use the free spins at the slot machines or in a real cash online casino. Keep in mind that some online casinos love to hand out free spins to players when looking at specific types of slot games. Whether it’s progressive, classic, or video slots, there’s bound to be an exciting little treat to find here and there.


Do: Bet strategically– in all games


Every pro gambler knows that betting on slots, poker, or baccarat, among other casino and table games, isn’t completely random and by luck. There’s a certain play to be accustomed to, and observing players execute this online and offline can teach you a lot in terms of how to play in online casinos with tact and technique in mind.


A good strategy that works for most is when you place yourself in a position to win. Think about this every time your hand lands on that ‘spin’ button at the slots. If you’re a long-time online casino player and wish to exercise your strategy in person, be mindful of body language, among other high-stakes factors, when betting in a physical casino.


Do: Explore online casino odds for maximum satisfaction


While leaving your winnings to chance is easy, looking for the best online casino odds can make a difference in your gameplay. Ensure you make the most of the dollars you put in each slot game by exploring its RTP.

If you’re serious about long-term commitments in slot gaming, then play around a few online casinos with a low deposit to see how much bonuses and promotions also come with the variety of options each operator offers. It wouldn’t hurt to dip your toes a little bit, you know?


Do: Tip the casino staff


This tip might make more sense to American casinos since tipping is a huge deal in places like Mandalay Bay or the Bellagio, but ensure that if you’re a high roller or frequent visitor leave a generous tip to the staff. Tipping culture is highly controversial in many parts of the world, but it’s best to exercise this with hospitality and staff in mind. Besides, tips go a long way!


Don'ts in Casino Gaming You Should Keep in Mind


Like any other venture in life, some limitations must be set to ensure you’re not doing anything harmful. Avoiding certain behaviors and betting habits in the casino or online casinos can help with responsible gameplay. Here are some to keep in mind once things start to get dicey.


Don't: Be fooled by scams


This one's a classic, and many new and pro players still sometimes get scammed when mastering how to play casino games online or in a real-life casino. Some intricate scams make it through operator security and breach safety in terms of players’ personal banking information, making this one of the most popular scams in casino gaming. Keep a tight leash on who or where you dole out financial details to keep scammers from stealing your hard-earned winnings.


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Don't: Bet money you can’t afford to lose


We get it, life can be hard, and it even finds a way to kick you when you’re already down, but if you’re desperate for money, the casino might seem like the place to go. But in reality, it’s the last place you should be in. A big part of responsible gameplay is to play if you have enough purchasing power for leisure gambling. But, playing with money you don’t have (and, in fact, need for bills and other financial commitments) is a big no-no. Simply put, you can’t gamble with this kind of money for 'fun.'


Don't: Play when inebriated


You would think anyone who has been in a casino would find this to be preposterous advice, but playing when you’ve had a little too many could dampen your chances of winning any reasonable money in the casino. Don’t let the booze make a dent in your gaming reputation ‘cause, believe it or not, you have a lot more to lose than the chips.

Don't: Play in an unregulated casino


It might be easy to spot legal casinos and get yourself registered on a secure platform, but in some cases, hackers and scammers make it so easy to duplicate online casinos. Fake ads and phishing mail are also culprits when it comes to advertising unregulated casinos. Ensure you do your research and check for domain security before committing to anything. Explore user reviews in apps, forums, and even social media to be sure.


Don't: Tell other players how to win


Aside from it being against the rules, something other casino goers and players don’t like is players who tell them how to play and win. It’s quite annoying to give unsolicited playing advice, especially if you’re an amateur ‘pro,’ so it's best to ensure you’re keeping your hand (and thoughts) to yourself.


Don't: Put things on any tables on the casino floor


This is a dealer’s nightmare– avoid leaving any valuables intentionally or by mistake on top of any casino table. Purses, wallets, bags, phone chargers, and whatever other stuff you keep in a bag that you just so happen to accidentally place on a table are considered rude and disruptive to ongoing games. Always be mindful of your things and how you use them on casino floors.


High Roller or Not: Do Remember These Tips!


No one likes to be told what to do or how to do them, but remembering these dos and don’ts can make a big difference in how your casino experience goes. Whether you’re learning how to play casino online or strolling around the slot machines at Caesar’s Palace, the need to be a responsible player and casino goer applies to all avenues. Be meticulous with your research, cautious with financial information, and most importantly, be intentional with everything you do!


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