Comps Galore: How to Get the Best Comps in Las Vegas Casinos

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📖 Published on: February 20th, 2024

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A night in Vegas is a night to try everything at least once– at least according to first-time tourists - but it's also a haven for casino enthusiasts seeking a thrilling game night. One of the benefits that adds even more excitement to a Las Vegas casino visit is the profusion of freebies, or "comps." Read on as we dive into the world of comps and look at ways to get the most out of these benefits when you visit the casino.


Defining Comps: The Loot that Keeps on Giving


Short for the word “complimentary,” comps are basically free stuff that ranges from buffet passes and show tickets to room upgrades and even waived resort fees, among many other variants. You may be thinking, “What’s the catch, though?” As most casinos like to earn money, the only way to really get good comps is to spend money.


Defining Comps: The Loot that Keeps on Giving image


Frequenters of casinos, especially high rollers, are likely to receive offers or gifts before they even get a booking confirmation, which goes to show that being a loyal casino visitor can sometimes work in your favor. When it comes to big celebrations like anniversaries, birthdays, or even a nice long weekend away in Vegas, giving patronage to the casino or hotel can make a really big difference in your overall experience.


What Can Affect My Ability to Receive Comps?


Some people, especially first-time visitors in Sin City, often forget the etiquette required when staying in crowd-favorite Las Vegas hotels and casinos. You might need more than to dress up nice and shiny to get noticed and receive perks, and a few factors do come to mind if you want to be able to get those comps coming. Here are a few to remember:


  • Betting Activity: If you’re a frequent face at the table games in the Bellagio and happen to have some dope luck when hitting those dice, then your betting activity plays a big role in scoring amazing comps in these luxury resorts.
  • Frequency of Visits: Whether you’re making a pit stop for a quick meeting at the hotel restaurant, booking a room every other month at Caesar’s, and maybe even making friends with lovely receptionists, then your visits have an impact on the perks you could receive.
  • Money Spent in Casinos: As it is in Las Vegas, casino activity is crucial in securing comps your way. Big bettors and high rollers are not shy when it comes to spending money to get more moolahs and treats. Keep this in mind when you’re traveling to Las Vegas (even if it’s your nth time there.)


How to Get Vegas Comps– The Smart Way


If you’re the kind of person who has the purchasing power and responsible eye for gambling, then there’s no reason why you can’t strategically enjoy your stay and play with the best hotel and casino comps. Below are some ways you could try to maximize your Las Vegas visit fully.


1. Never Forget the Club Card


When it comes to spending in a casino, don’t forget to do research on what and where you can get the best food, shopping, and casino games. But, of course, this means using your player’s club card. Many casinos, whether small or big, have certain rewards or loyalty programs you can sign up for to make the most out of your visit.


Medium and low rollers with a trusty club card can get away with simply asking for comps, so yes, sometimes charm works. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so bringing your player’s club card is essential. Bigger casinos like MGM’s M Life or Caesars’ Total Rewards generously give out rewards when you spend cash on restaurants and other fine-dining institutions. So, keep that club card handy!


2. Track Your Play


While casinos typically have a better gauge of how their players and visitors play, it would also benefit you if you paid attention to the little things and tracked your own playing behavior. Say you’re planning to spend a few hours at the slot machine; take note of how you insert your club card since some slot machines are barely cleaned or maintained, causing faulty card readers.


While dealers and pit bosses monitor table games at casinos, the casino can be an overly stimulating place, and tracking every move one player makes and wins isn’t always consistent. So, try to stay on top of your own game and pay attention to how much time and money you spend on certain table games. You can even go the extra mile and try asking the pit boss after a session about your play to see if it was properly rated. A table game that can often lead to improper tracking is Craps; Craps players should keep hold of their gameplay after every game to be safe.


3. Do Your Research About Your Player’s Club


A random trip to Vegas doesn’t always have to be reckless and chaotic. Enjoying your stay while maximizing it is completely possible if you know where you’re playing and staying. For example, casino giants like MGM Grand, Wynn, and Mandalay Bay offer a ton of games and offer points that come at varying rates. Some casinos also partner with sports betting or casino apps; if you’re already an online casino player, why not check out how you can earn comps while betting? Win-win, don’t you think?


4. Buddy Up with the Casino Host


They say charming your way to the top is a sly way to get things to go your way. That may be so, but when you're in Las Vegas and are there to blow off some steam and enjoy yourself in the process, it wouldn't hurt to make friends with your casino host. Like most casinos and hotels, the hospitality industry can be taxing and demand a lot from staff, but practicing politeness, kindness, and respectfulness is always highly regarded in high places.


Remember to exercise that with a smile, and maybe your casino host will keep an eye out for you every time you visit. It’s the simple gestures that make a difference and can even give you a memorable experience if you reach out with interest.


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Make contact with your host, tell them who you are, and say you would like to check out the different features the casino has to offer. A personal relationship can result in comp packages that are specifically suited to your interests, guaranteeing a fulfilling and unforgettable experience.


5. Don’t Discount your Losses


While slot games are the go-to games to get an easy win, it’s not always the case if you want to collect points to earn comps. Pay attention to the type of slot machine you’re playing; most video slots offer higher value for your dollar.


Most, if not all, video slot machines offer one point for every $10. So, depending on your loss, you could actually get more points even if your balance dictates otherwise. The best way to go about this is to ask your casino host to make up for it and bargain for buffet comps, show tickets, or even a discounted rate for your room. There’s no harm in trying, right?


6. Watch Out for Bonus Points on Certain Days


Depending on where you’re staying, hotels and casinos like to keep their guests engaged by frequently offering bonus points. Take note that this is not an everyday kind of thing; it only happens on certain days or even holidays. Typically, these bonus days happen midweek since it’s harder to get visitors to play.


So, remember to check out their social media pages on their website and even ask the hotel staff. Most casinos offer two times the points, while others go as high as 10 times the points earned for every stay or gameplay.


How Claiming Comps Work


Now you’re ready to enjoy your wins with some pampering, how do you actually go about claiming these comps? Keep in mind that there are three ways to request or claim your comps from.


  • Floor Personnel: If you’re a low-stakes table game player, then the floor person is your go-to guy or gal to confide in. These people are there to support newcomers and first-time players. They’re your point person if you want to know how often you have to pay to get a certain comp equivalent.
  • Hosts: These are the people who can hook you up with all the perks. They’re also responsible for showing you what you can get after every win. Furthermore, they have the call to pull some strings and hook you up with certain comps you’re entitled to. The only catch? You have to be an active gambler to get access to a casino host.
  • Player's Club Desk: These are club staff who help slot game players and generally hand out rewards exclusively to slots and video poker players. Once you're done playing, head to the club desk to ask how much you’ve earned and claim your winnings. They typically don't have as much pull in the ranks compared to casino hosts, so be vigilant with who you speak to.


Play to Enjoy


Coming to Las Vegas and enjoying casino plays and hotel stays are typical, and making the most out of it with comps can make all the difference. To get the best comps, do your research and check out the mobile gaming and sportsbook apps to see which hotels have special rewards equivalent to comps. Remember to keep track of your gameplay and betting, and familiarize yourself with the casino hosts and hotel staff to get an edge; this brings you closer to claiming the best comps. Most of all, play to have fun, not just for the comps. Prepare to roll the dice, play your cards well, and take advantage of all the freebies that Las Vegas has to offer– with moderation of course.


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