Why Bonuses Make All the Difference in Online Slot Games

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📖 Published on: February 23rd, 2024

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Admittedly, we're all culprits of wanting more once we've started something. This includes anything that has to do with entertainment, hobbies, productivity– such is life. But like any other source of entertainment, a little gambling here and there can leave you wanting more.


Let's say your favorite way to kill some time is by logging on to an online casino app and spending a few bucks on a couple of spins, but to your dismay, no returns are in your favor right at that very minute. Well, this is exactly what the house knows will keep you coming back, which is probably why the best bonus slots exist for iGamers to rediscover the thrill of random winnings.


Have we arrested your curiosity yet? Read on as we pinpoint what, why, and how bonuses make slot games a crowd favorite and a go-to casino game for both online players and physical casino goers.


Bonus Features: A Top-Notch Way to Optimize Online Slot Machines with Bonuses


Do you know that exhilarating feeling of seeing “BONUS” in all caps show up in the middle of your spins? All the high-sensory sound effects and visuals that go along with it keep players like you pumped and excited to see how much gold goes into your balance.

Online and physical casinos alike make it a point to dole out bonuses, promos, and free spins, among other extra treats, to keep you coming back for more. Bonuses and cashbacks are also crucial for new casinos who are starting out in the industry and wish to garner more players. So, suppose you're an avid casino player looking for slot games with bonuses or social casinos that grant a few extra bonuses. In that case, slot games can be beneficial depending on your type of gameplay.


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Welcome Bonuses


For beginners, this is probably something you've seen in an ad when you were browsing through your preferred online casino's social media page. It's a rule of thumb for anyone interested in iGaming that online casinos will always welcome your first time on their platform with a welcome bonus (also referred to as a first deposit bonus).


The standard usually starts at a $10 deposit which players can get right after signing up. Typically, welcome bonuses appear instantly in your account balance, but in some cases, it may take up to a day or two to receive it, depending on your location as well.


In any case, if you do feel like your bonus isn't showing up after a few days, it's always best to contact your iGaming platform's customer support. These welcome bonuses are usually considered match bonuses by the house, where they will match a certain amount of your first deposit. Keep an eye out because this is where your initial deposit could double or even triple in just a few game sessions!


Free Spins


Of course, we can't forget this essential feature of the slot machine. Usually, free spins are part of the welcome bonus. Still, they also appear in social casinos where free spins enable players to try out specific slot games without having to pay any initial amount. However, keep in mind that your ability to win money from bonus spins may depend on how much you bet.


No-Wagering Bonuses


A no-wagering bonus is not exactly the most advertised in most slot games, but it's straightforward and does exactly what it says. It's a type of bonus that allows players to cash out the money they made from the welcome bonus they've used to play the game.


What slots enthusiasts look for in the best slot bonus is the ability to protect their winnings. Avoiding the risk of cashing out their immediate wins is common, but it's important to know that players must use these no-wagering bonuses to play other casino games at least once.


Bonus Reloads


Existing slots players may be familiar with bonus reloads that encourage players to keep playing. These types of bonuses work the same way as welcome bonuses but are customizable by players who have already placed an initial deposit on their account balance.


These bonuses can appear as bonus spins in some slot games or as a match deposit. Every time you add more money into your player account, the reloads pop up to help you kickstart another round of iGaming– isn't that neat?


Rewards Points


While this type of bonus is typical in physical casinos, some online casinos that partner with industry giants like BetMGM allow players to redeem bonuses in some actual casinos. Other casinos also provide cashback instead of bonus cash.


Still, before any claim happens, it is best to check with your online casino's customer support and read more about the terms and conditions of rewards. After all, in the betting world, it is better to be safe than sorry!


Loyalty Bonuses


Loyalty bonuses are another type of bonus you can't miss out on if you're one to enjoy comps at a land-based casino. Again, depending on the casino's partner platforms, players who prefer wagering real money in casinos to collect points for comps may face some limitations.


You can be an avid player of the triple sevens on mobile, but the best loyalty bonus you can get from this is converting these bonuses to free credits that can be spent on casino games. Once again, the safe way to know how far your loyalty goes is to talk to customer support.


Best Slots with Bonus Games


We know there are hundreds of slot games available online, but the best slot machine bonuses are generous bonuses with high RTP rates. Here are some of the top online slot games with great bonuses:



  • 96% RTP
  • 5 Wilds
  • Great for small and big bankrolls


Reels and Wheels XL

  • 96% RTP
  • 5 reels and 20 lines
  • 12 free spins
  • Random multipliers of up to 10 times


Wheel of Fortune

  • 96.1% RTP
  • Tripler Big Spin feature
  • Wild Bonus and the Mini Wheel
  • Multipliers that could land 5 Million coins


Fruit Party

  • 96.47% RTP
  • Unlimited free spins
  • A jackpot at 5,000 times your wager


Diamonds of Egypt

  • 96.49% RTP
  • Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand Jackpots
  • 4 Jackpots



  • 94.1% RTP
  • Demo mode available
  • Win up to 5,000 times your wager


Guns N' Roses

  • 96.98% RTP
  • Demo mode available
  • Cash prizes and free spins
  • Bonus Wheel


Best Slots with Bonus Games image


Dos and Don'ts When Claiming the Best Slot Bonuses


The best slot machine bonus can definitely make a mark on your playing chops. They're there for a reason, and using them the right way is important in the long run. So, here are a few dos and don'ts to remember when it comes to using slot game bonuses:


  • Do read the terms and conditions first.
  • Don't claim the bonus without reading the terms carefully.
  • Do complete wagering requirements to maximize your play.
  • Don't claim a bonus that asks for deposits that also apply to the bonus plus the deposit fee. 
  • Do talk to customer support about minimum and maximum deposits/withdrawals in different online casinos. (Not all are the same)
  • Don't take bonuses with low max cashout restrictions. These tend to block players from withdrawing the exact amount they want to withdraw from their bonus winnings.
  • Do double-check the expiration date of any bonuses incurred. This also helps you clear the bonus if it's close to the expiry date and helps you avoid wasting bonuses.
  • Don't waste bonuses. Use them while they're valid, and as much as you can with the types of games you play on your preferred iGaming platform.


Bottom Line


There you go folks, when it comes to bonuses at the slots, it's always a good idea to be thorough about claiming them. Do the math, read the terms before using them, and ensure these super slots and free spins don't get wasted. Bonuses, free spins, and cashbacks are perfect for those who want to keep exploring different types of slots, free slots or see how they differ from social casinos.


Make the most out of your iGaming experience and see how else you can hit the sportsbooks or play your favorite games at GambleSpot.


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