Mateusz Bogusz has been quite an impressive star in his own right and has played at a high level for the Los Angeles FC this season. In June, LAFC has enjoyed a promising level of play with the midfielder making the most of his playmaking and leading them to an undefeated rally with a 4-0-1 record. At the age of 22, there’s no denying that he is enjoying a fantastic season with the LAFC.

LAFC sits at the top the Western Conference standings in the 2024 season, which just says a lot about their promising campaign, and the impressive month of June from Bogusz has certainly helped in coming up with a big stretch that proved to be pivotal in their campaign. This has been the best season for the LAFC since winning the league title in the 2022 season, where Bogusz wasn’t even playing for the team yet.

As of the time of writing, LAFC stands with a 12-4-4 record with 40 points, and no one can deny the fact that Bogusz has played a huge role in capitalizing their victories night in and night out, which has definitely raised the level of play from the midfielder.

A Breakout Performance in a Month

Bogusz has been quite the spectacular player for a youngster in his MLS run. At the age of 22, the Polish midfielder is enjoying a breakout season in his second runw with the team. As of the time of writing, Bogusz has a total of 12 goals and five assists, which includes a total of 4 match winners in the season. LAFC has even enjoyed an unbeaten run of nine games, with Bogusz scoring nine goals and four assists in that stretch alone.

In three straight matches last June, Bogusz has notched three goal contributions as LAFC delivered big wins against San Jose and Colorado. This award marks Bogusz as the fourth LAFC player to win the Player of the Month, joining an elite company that includes Denis Bouanga, Adama Diomande and Carlos Vela (three times). On top of all that, he and Piotr Nowak (May 1998) are the only Polish players MLS history to win the award.

Bogusz capped off the month with a superhuman performance in his first-ever MLS hat trick as he led LAFC to secure a promising win over the Colorado Rapids last June 29 with a 3-0 performance. That’s just how he has improved in his game in just a year.

Continuing the Massive Pace

Should Bogusz continue his impressive campaign, it does seem that the midfielder has a chance to make a strong case for the MVP award in the season. We have seen the success of Denis Bouanga as a key candidate for LAFC, and it is no secret that the two stars have been working well with each other to help the club reach bigger heights in the game.

Being a 22-year-old is not an issue with winning the MVP, and it is an understatement to say that Bogusz is a deserving MVP candidate. After all, his massive contributions in the game has definitely shaken up LAFC’s chances of winning, and it cannot be denied that his game is on the verge of reaching bigger heights, and at this point, winning the Player of the Month is just barely scratching the surface of his impressive performances that have lifted LAFC to a bigger level