Worst-Case Scenario: How Will the Phoenix Suns Survive Until 2030?

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📖 Published on: June 3rd, 2024

✍️ Updated: June 5th, 2024

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The Phoenix Suns have seen some of the worst exits for a team that has a big three present in its roster. That infamous sweep at the hands of the Minnesota Timberwolves is certainly bringing big expectations for the team next season, and it does seem that the team will have to come up with improvements in the coming campaign with the hopes of salvaging their chances now more than ever.


What to Expect from the Phoenix Suns in the Coming Season?


With Phoenix back to the drawing board once more, it does seem that they will have to continue making a big stride in the coming campaign with the chance to improve – with better team chemistry and better mentality in their games. It would be absurd to blow the roster up and even start a rebuild with nothing considering that this was just the first year that the Big 3 played together, and they would definitely benefit in having a full offseason together – a time to develop with one another and realize their big goals for the season.


The first round exit was disappointing for Phoenix image


We all know that the Suns are desperate for an NBA title. They have been making strides ever since the 2020-21 season, where they fell short of the championship against the Milwaukee Bucks. Since then, it has been all tough finishes for the team, getting blown out in their elimination games at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks and then the Denver Nuggets. Now after that loss to the Wolves in the first round, it seems that there are a lot of expectations that fans would want to see for the coming season.


Still, surviving up to 2030 is also going to be a problem for the team, considering that they have given a lot of assets just to bring in their new revamped squad. Now they are faced with a tough scenario that will have them as one of the desperate teams to look out for in the Western Conference.


What are the Biggest Problems for the Suns in the Coming Seasons?


We have seen how the Suns have struggled to meet expectations in their first season with the Big 3 in play. They have finished well below the top five and didn’t even earn the first seed in the early games of the season. Imagine having one of the best scoring trios in Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, and Bradley Beal – star scorers who are well-known for their high-volume offense in the game, only to end up with a poor finish in their first campaign.


They are stuck with this trio, like it or not, and those aren’t the only problems that they need to deal with.


Bradley Beal’s No-Trade Clause

Bradley Beal was too expensive for a contract to take on for the Phoenix Suns to begin with. It was a massive $161 million that features perhaps one of the toxic conditions in a contract – a no trade clause until the end of the deal. Beal is slated to stay with the Suns for three years, and that massive salary is going to haunt them from actually shipping him off to another team. It is already noted that Beal isn’t open to waiving that clause, and this causes a massive financial strain for the Suns in the coming years.


Bradley Beal has a no-trade clause in his contract image


Fans should note that Bradley Beal – despite having that expensive contract, was underperforming in his regular season run with the Suns, only averaging 18.2 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 5.0 assists – even regressing in the Playoffs with lower numbers on that end. This just says a lot about the massive disadvantage that the Suns have with Beal’s lucrative deal that makes it hard for them to make some moves in the free agency market.


Zero Draft Picks Up to 2030

Perhaps what is even more alarming is that the future is not that bright for the Phoenix Suns. It is safe to say that the Suns have engineered its roster to come up with a win-now moment. Phoenix has zero draft picks in the coming year all the way to 2030, which just says a lot about the future of the team considering that they could not make any changes to their roster with the fact that their salary is tight as a zipper. Now it would be smart to make some trades with the use of one of their stars, but then that would deter the big three a failure instead.


Phoenix has zero draft picks up to 2030 image


They can deal some of their role players, who have been promising so far, for some assets, young players, and a roster rounder so far. Having zero draft picks up to 2030 is living in limbo, and they are going to need to play it smart if they want to come up with a promising acquisition in the offseason. However, no one can really find much of a workaround for the team’s chances considering that they are really limited when it comes to cap space and in their draft assets.


A Closing Window for the Big Three

Perhaps this will be the biggest problem that will make Phoenix fans worry a lot about their future. The team is clearly in a championship window that is definitely closing hard. Again, the team is in a win-now scenario, and the Western Conference instead has a lot of rising contenders to look out for – with the 2023-24 season having at least seven teams coming close to tallying a total of 50 wins.


The window is closing for the Suns image


Aside from the main contenders in the West, the Houston Rockets, Utah Jazz, Memphis Grizzlies, and even the San Antonio Spurs are all expected to make big strides in the next season, the Suns will have to battle hard in keeping their spot in a war-torn Western Conference. Sure, you do have talented stars, but the teams on the rise are younger, hungrier, and are looking to leave their mark on the big stage. This says a lot about the closing window that the Suns’ big three has to deal with if they are going to come away with a championship in the next five years.


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