Will Los Angeles FC Win its Second MLS Title?

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📖 Published on: July 11th, 2024

✍️ Updated: July 11th, 2024

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This season has been a defining campaign for the Los Angeles FC than most people have expected. The team has made massive leaps in the season after finishing third in the Western Conference in the 2023 season. But will this season be their defining campaign after a promising championship run in 2022?

Why LAFC is a Top Pick to Win the MLS This Season?

Los Angeles FC has been one of the highly-praised teams in the league for its consistency over the years, being a top-four contender for three years straight, which just shows how well they have restructured their roster to become a top team to watch in the Western Conference. Now that they are continuously thriving night in and night out, it is easy to expect that the club is really gunning for the top of the league and the title by the end of the season.

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Sure, LAFC may not be a top pick considering that there’s Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami FC that is leading he league right now with their impressive strides, and then there’s LA Galaxy, which is the staple team in Los Angeles that has been considered the most popular one to look out for, one can say that LAFC can be an underdog at times. However, it cannot be denied that the team’s level of play and success in their games is separating them from the rest of the pack – creating a promising identity that most people are looking forward to from the squad en route to the playoffs.

Can LAFC Finish with the League Title?

LAFC finished with the league title last 2022 season, showing the world that they also have what it takes to win on their own. We all know how LAFC has been built and designed to contend at the highest level, and so far, they are meeting expectations without much hassle. Winning is contagious for the team, and it is easy to say that they are enjoying success one game after another.

LAFC is on the track to another championship image

But can LAFC finish with the league title this season? Certainly. There are a lot of possible endings in the 2024 edition of the MLS, but the odds do favor them somehow. As of the time of writing, LAFC sits at the top of the Western Conference standings with a 12-4-4 record for 40 points, and they have a 9-0-2 record at home and 3-4-2 on away games. So far, this has been the team to watch, and they are definitely contenders at this point, which is why you can count on them to make a dash for the title.

The Bouanga-Bogusz Combo is Clicking Well for LAFC

Bouanga and Bogusz are a star duo at this point image

It cannot be denied that LA Galaxy has become one of the hottest teams in the game, and while they do not have the high-profile stars, it is safe to say that the combo of Denis Bouanga and Mateusz Bogusz is clicking well for the team, with a total of 25 goals combined as of the time of writing. This dynamic duo has generated a total of 70 shots on target in just 20 games, which says a lot about the promising offense that the squad is having on the duo’s lead. Their scoring has been on point for the season, which is a major reason why they are at the top of the wild Western Conference.

A Chance to End LA Galaxy’s Dominance as the “Better LA Team”

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Everyone’s talked about how LAFC is just a knock-off version of LA Galaxy, much like how the Los Angeles Lakers are considered royalty over the Los Angeles Clippers. Still, LAFC is bringing its presence as a contending team since 2014, which was also coincidentally the last time that Galaxy won a title. This season is a chance for LAFC to add to its title collection and continue proving that they are indeed the better LA team. But that’s a challenge, considering that the Galaxy are right on LAFC’s heels in the league standings with an 11-3-7 record as of the time of writing.

Sustaining a Solid Presence Over the Years

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Since being an expansion team in 2018, LAFC has only had two losing seasons, while all other seasons saw them finish at 1st (twice) and 3rd (twice), respectively. This just says a lot about how the MLS team has become a prominent power in the game so far, and it cannot be denied that they are indeed born to dominate in the game. This season is not different so far, the team ranks in the top four, and they are definitely poised to come up with a championship rally once more. A continued presence at the top of the league just says a lot about how LAFC has become relevant in just a short period of time, showing how dominant they can be when it matters most – and this year is a race to the top once more.

What to Expect from LAFC in the 2024 MLS Season?

At this point, LAFC is definitely a hot pick to win. According to various sportsbooks as of June 24th, LAFC is second with odds of +430, just behind Inter Miami’s +185. This just means that the team is clearly favored to finish at the top, and with a lot of games left to play in the season and the Supporter’s Shield coming in hot, it does seem that LAFC is geared for a promising rally now more than ever.

But the season still indeed has a lot of games to play, and this means a lot of possible scenarios can happen. Either they can capitalize on a promising run in the coming games, or this might end up a laugh for critics should LAFC fail to win big at this point.

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