Will Lionel Messi Finally Win a Title with Inter Miami FC?

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📖 Published on: July 1st, 2024

✍️ Updated: July 1st, 2024

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Lionel Messi is definitely one of the best players in soccer, and it cannot be denied that his legacy has extended from one league to another. But is this the year that Messi finally comes up with a title in his campaign with the Inter Miami FC and be ready to finally call it a career when he feels like he can finally end his run in the game?

Why Winning a Title is Important for Lionel Messi?

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As much as his games has been really promising over the years, it cannot be denied that Lionel Messi is chasing titles in his career now more than ever. After that World Cup triumph, we all know that Messi is certainly keen on bringing his game to the next level with the hopes of cementing his place as one of the greatest players of all time. This is why it is important for Messi, one of the best goalscorers of all-time, to actually deliver a promising run with Inter Miami and be a player to actually win titles in two continents. Messi has already started out on his path to greatness in the MLS with his extraordinary performance in the 2023 Leagues Cup, where the Argentine star was hailed as the Best Player of the Leagues Cup and was also the top scorer with 10 goals in the tournament alone.

That has set the tone for Inter Miami’s hopes of springing a new dominant side in the MLS, and one can say that Messi’s prominence in the squad will help them come up with that kind of success in the league. As of the time of writing, Messi has already scored 23 goals in 27 games with Inter Miami. Career-wise, Messi has played 912 matches in the sport and has scored 738 goals in total, which says a lot about how he is still really in his bag when it comes to scoring. That proves that the Argentine star still has what it takes to guide a squad to victory, and with Miami being stacked as it is, it is easy to expect that they are definitely gearing up for a shot at the top of the league now more than ever.

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Can Messi Win a Title This Season?

As of the time of writing, Inter Miami has made excellent strides to begin the season after finishing 14th in the 2023 season. Messi’s integration and arrival in the team has definitely flipped the switch and has clearly defined their chances moving forward. The team is currently sitting at the top of the Eastern Conference with 41 points off a 12-3-5 record, with Cincinnati following suit with 33 points on the table. But why does Messi has what it takes to steer this club to a promising win in the MLS this season?

He’s Already an Established Star in the Sport

As mentioned above, Lionel Messi is already a star in his own right, and him joining the team clearly changed a lot about the team. From the management all the way to the players, it cannot be denied that Inter Miami has stepped up well in creating the perfect roster for Messi to work with. We have seen the squad bring in talents such as Luis Suarez, Sergio Busquets, and Matias Rojas, all familiar names in football elites that says a lot about their intentions of winning the league now more than ever. Messi is a star power that is added on top as a bonus, and that certainly says a lot about how his stardom is also giving him the need to win the league.

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Messi has the reputation of being successful wherever he goes, and his latest win in the World Cup proves how well of a star he has been since putting up the biggest performance of his career. He is a big-time star who is known well for his electric presence in the game, and that is something that Inter Miami has to build up on if they are going to have big chances in sealing the league title come the playoffs.

Messi Will Set a Promising Feat in Winning Titles in Three Leagues

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Perhaps another big deal as to why Messi needs to win in the MLS is the fact that he has won for every single team he has played for in his career. Messi has won 10 league titles for Barcelona alone, and he had back-to-back title finishes in the campaign with Paris Saint-Germain to begin with. This doesn’t even take the different competitions where Messi has already won championships in, which is a topic for another day at the very least. Of course, there’s the World Cup title win, which definitely says a lot about his success in the sport as a whole.

Being able to win in the MLS will set a promising tone for Messi’s career. Being the 14th player to win in three different football leagues is going to be a promising feat for the Argentine star, and that is what makes him really keen to come up with a title run in the MLS at this point. We all know how excited Messi was when he first joined Inter Miami, and he showed off well when he came up with a promising run in the Leagues Cup to begin with. It is time for Messi to join yet another list that only includes elite players.

Messi Has Already Shattered MLS Records

Messi is a top-notch scorer, that we all know. But did you know that he is also a record-breaker? This season has been proof of that as he pulled off yet another promising feat to remember his new run in the MLS. In a May showdown against the New York Red Bulls, Luis Suarez pulled off a massive hat-trick, but it was not the star performance of the night as Lionel Messi defied massive odds as he broke two big records in the game. And that already says a lot about his performance that is still not waning in time. The 2022 World Cup winner has become the first player in the MLS to dish out five assists in the game, and his six-goal contribution has been the most in a single game in the league’s history.

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If you’re not convinced, Messi has also broken a record before that said game, scoring and assisting in six league games in a row at that time, and no other player in the game has logged more assists this season than Messi’s 12 back then. If this is the time for Messi to start breaking records, then this is definitely the time for him to win a championship too.

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The MLS still has a long season to go, and fans are definitely in for a treat as Lionel Messi and Inter Miami are definitely making a run to the top with the hopes of sealing a championship for the first time. Who knows, this may be the big moment that Messi has been looking for in his career at this point.

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