Why the Pressure on Bronny James' Rookie Career is Unforgivable

Why the Pressure on Bronny James' Rookie Career is Unforgivable image

📖 Published on: July 8th, 2024

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At this point, fans are just waiting for a chance to ask Bronny if he’s just in the NBA Draft simply because of his father, LeBron James. All the talk on the future of Bronny relies heavily on the connection of LeBron James on the matter, and there is no denying that his draft stock is definitely affected by the complications regarding his father. But is it truly unfair to base all that Bronny can do just because of his ties with LeBron James?

Why is there Pressure on Bronny James?

Bronny is coming into the NBA Draft as a second-rounder. There are a lot of talents in the coming draft class, with Alexandre Sarr, Zaccharie Risacher, Dalton Knecht, Matas Buzelis, Nikola Topic, and many other talents set to join the fray. As of the time of writing, many experts and critics are seeing him being picked up along the lines of the 55th pick. Given the way the Bronny talks have gone over the years, this is already a good look compared to the early reports that the son of the best player in the game might end up being undrafted.

Bronny ended up as the 55th overall pick by the Lakers image

Of course, not all drafted players turn out to be great, and many undrafted players who get signed and given a chance actually deliver a promising run in their careers with a huge boost. That’s a fine line that Bronny can look up to, except that his draft stock is on the rise with some impressive pace, and it seems that the coming draft will actually see him come up with a bigger chance to prove his worth.

“My dream has always just been to put my name out, make a name for myself, and of course, you know, get to the NBA,” Bronny said. “… I never thought about just playing with my dad, but of course he’s, he’s brought it up a couple times. But yeah, I don’t think about it.”

Bronny's career is intertwined with LeBron image

In case you didn’t know, LeBron James is the best player in the world, and after coming up with a first-round exit in the 2024 NBA Playoffs, some frustrations are in order, with James now mulling some options in the offseason – whether or not the Lakers actually decide to bring him back with an extension. Let’s not forget the fact that James has been open to the idea that he would like to play with his son before the end of his career.

That’s the pressure that Bronny has to deal with ahead of his career.

Is Bronny James an Underrated Rookie?

Bronny didn’t actually earn a massive hype in his career. I mean, who in their right mind would put their name in the NBA Draft after coming up with just 4.8 points per game in his run with the USC Trojans? That’s quite absurd considering the fact that college is supposed to be the benchmark for a player’s potential in the game when they enter the NBA stage.

But is Bronny underrated compared to what critics say?

Signing Bronny Means Getting a Free Star in LeBron

Time and time again, projections have claimed that Bronny will likely end up as an undrafted player or a low pick in the second round of the Draft. But one can actually let the evaluations for now and consider the talks that Bronny actually comes with a promising package for a team that seeks a chance to be a contender in the coming season. Whether Bronny likes it or not, his draft stock is strongly linked to LeBron’s free agency in the coming months. There are a lot of NBA executives who are discussing to bring him in in the first round simply so that they have a bargaining chip to bring in his father.

A Father-Son duo in the NBA is a promising look image

Of course, Bronny will have to make his own name in the game should he ever get drafted. But it goes without saying that a chance to bring in LeBron simply because you have his son is a great chance that one should not pass up, let alone a team that is struggling – like the ones who have the top pick such as the Atlanta Hawks, Washington Wizards, Detroit Pistons, and many other teams. At this point, it is hard not to expect teams with multiple teams to try and have a go at Bronny with a chance to lure LeBron.

No Rookie Deserves this Pressure

Again, Bronny has to be the most pressured rookie in the history of the game as he is expected to meet massive criteria when it comes to his game. Sure, being the son of the best player in the game has its perks, but it cannot be denied that the downside is that many people are expecting to see a shade if not the whole deal of LeBron when it comes to his game. That is too much to ask for a 19-year-old college player who just wants to make his dreams come true in the NBA.

Bronny has long been pressured since he played basketball in high school image

So when Bronny was said to have suffered a cardiac arrest in his USC game last July 2023, many fans were definitely concerned with the way he played. After all, his heart stopped, and he lost consciousness to the point where he needed a defibrillator to get his heart back into movement. But what happened after that was promising – James came back faster than any other player. He was said to be joking and laughing with his teammates just 15 minutes after that incident, so that says a lot about the pressure that he is facing as a prospect at this point.

Bronny Proved Critics Wrong in the Draft Combine

Almost a month ago, Bronny joined in on the Draft Combine. The reports weren’t that promising as James came up short when it came to his height – who was set at 6-foot-1.5 without shoes -- despite being listed at a stocky 6-4 at USC. That was initially a bad beat if you’re Bronny. But like a true James as his father have been, Bronny stepped up his lack of height for his impressive performances – drilling massive threes in the drills and finishing 19/25 in his attempts, which ranks him second in the overall list.

Bronny was a standout in the Draft Combine image

Even so, Bronny ranked sixth in overall verticals among players who had a 40” or more max vertical in the Draft Combine. Looking at the names above him, Devin Carter, Trentyn Flowers, Keshad Johnson, Reed Sheppard, and Trevon Brazile, it is easy to say that Bronny has some ways to lift his case in the game. It’s okay if you’re not impressed, but you have to agree that going athletic in the game says a lot about how James can be a promising rookie if given the chance.

What to Expect in the NBA Draft?

Looking at how the Draft has shaped up ahead of the NBA Finals, it is easy to expect that Bronny still has a lot of work to do if he is going to prove his worth and make a strong case for his stock in the coming weeks. Who knows, maybe Bronny can actually end up as a productive player for the team. One way or another, Bronny has found his way into the NBA, and now his fate in the league is in his hands.

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