What To Do When Your Online Casino Account Has Been Suspended

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📖 Published on: May 28th, 2024

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It can be really frustrating when things you’ve planned don’t go the way you think they would. It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and you just want to check out some slot games on your go-to online casino app or site. One pickle though: you’re locked out of your account once you try to sign in.


This can be really stressful and irritating for multiple reasons, especially if you have plans to relax and enjoy some gaming. Not knowing the reason for the suspension can add to the frustration, leaving you worried about your funds and account status. Read on as we help you uncover the steps on how to manage a suspended online casino account.


Signs Your Online Casino Account Has Been Compromised


There could be many reasons why your online casino account suddenly becomes inaccessible. Here are some signs to look out for before contacting customer support.


Multiple unsuccessful attempts to log in.

This one’s the most obvious for some users who often forget their password or those subject to account hacking. Online casinos will block an account to protect your player fund. Online casinos have a security feature to detect repeated attempts to log in to an account, which is frequently a sign that hackers are trying to guess the password.


Thankfully, in these circumstances, gamers can get in touch with assistance to have their accounts back. When an account is locked after a breach attempt, you should activate two-factor authentication (2FA) to strengthen account protection against hackers.


You’re underage and gambled illegally.

You’re underage and gambled illegally. While most casinos always send out prompts and highlight the importance of being of legal age when signing up for iGaming or eSports accounts, many users still override the rules and illegally gamble.


In the US, there’s no single entity that makes gambling laws. It’s a combination of federal regulations and individual state legislation. Each state has the power to regulate or prohibit gambling within its borders, so the legal age can vary depending on where you are.


Casinos are required to make certain that no one under the legal gambling age uses their services. An operator that allows minors to bet stands the possibility of having their license revoked and facing severe fines from any regulatory agency that finds them.


Bonuses have been exploited using your account.

Welcome bonuses and sign up promos are what new users are typically entitled to in online casinos. This is designed to lure new players in and keep them interested with free spins or deposit bonuses. Those who take advantage of these advantages by opening numerous accounts, however, run the danger of being permanently banned.


It's crucial to remember that casinos encourage customers to recommend friends and relatives, even if they use the same IP address. Having numerous accounts on the same IP address is allowed as long as there is only one player among other casino clients in the same household claiming the bonus.

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Unusual and irregular financial activities

This is a telltale sign of account suspension since it goes against gaming regulatory bodies who are keen on cracking down on money launderers through casino activities. Most people don’t know that many money laundering activities take place in casinos where illicit funds become suspicious.


Casinos are required by law to report accounts that appear to be used for money laundering, depending on the jurisdiction. Anti-money laundering regulations in the US mandate that operators of online gaming disclose all transactions that are over $5,000.


Large winnings are often tied to your account.

While large amounts of winnings can be great, sometimes it’s a sign that online and physical casinos take to manage their earnings and payouts. This helps casinos align with their monthly revenue, making it a must for your betting habits to be looked into. Sometimes, casinos could dive into your gambling activities when you get lucky in a short period and incur unusually high winnings.


It's a must to realize that casinos will not penalize you if you estimate all 10 keno numbers correctly or win a progressive jackpot; on the contrary, they will praise your achievement. But players who regularly win at medium- or high-risk bets—like card counting in live blackjack—are the target audience for online casinos. These players might take advantage of weaknesses to attain atypically lucky streaks.


Data and security violation

A major sign that your account was suspended is because of a breach in your personal data which hackers are often very skilled at possessing. This is where online casinos make it a point to automatically lock your account as a precaution.


This protocol helps operators prevent criminals from taking your funds or manipulating your personal data. Modern security measures are used by large enterprises to prevent unwanted entry. If there is a data breach, quick action is taken to fix the issue.

Your account is linked with other accounts.

If it’s not obvious yet, every person who signs up for an online casino account is entitled to just one account. Thus, the ‘one account per person’ rule is a given in many casino regulations. If your account happens to have other accounts under the same personal information like emails or mobile numbers, then duplicate accounts are tracked by IP addresses by online casinos.


Even if accidental duplicate account scenarios happen regularly, a user's bankroll could be suspended if multiple accounts connect to the same casino from the same IP address. This could happen even if the accounts have different usernames or account information.


How to Deal with Account Suspensions


Banning accounts is common and legal in the US; however, keep in mind that it’s not always because users perform illicit activities tied to the account. Sometimes, it can be an honest mistake on the casino’s part. Here are two concrete, tried, and tested ways to proactively resolve account suspensions.


  1. Contact Customer Service: This is quite obvious and is probably the quickest way to resolve account suspension issues. The customer service team can provide you with specific details about why your account was suspended and guide you through the necessary steps to resolve the issue. Be sure to have your account information and any relevant details ready to expedite the process.
  2. Thoroughly review terms and conditions: Knowing the guidelines established by the casino will help you understand why your account was locked. It's possible that you unintentionally broke the rules by, say, selecting the wrong payment option. Knowing the terms and circumstances will help you determine whether the problem is under your control.


Useful Tips to Avoid Account Suspension


While following all the rules can help, sometimes, it’s better to cover all the bases to avoid getting your account suspended. Here are some tips to help you avoid this possible stressor:


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  • Try betting on whole numbers more: Wagering on whole numbers is a form of bet management, as casinos typically dislike strange bets like $14.81, which can appear as arbitrage betting. So, it's best to choose whole or half numbers, such as $1, $10, or $2.50, to avoid any issues.
  • Place smaller wagers, if possible: Casinos often reward loyal big spenders with VIP perks, but new players making large bets can get their accounts suspended as they might be flagged as professional gamblers. It's better to start with small wagers to ease into betting, manage your bankroll, and have a safer, more enjoyable experience.
  • Bet on other games aside from your one favorite: If you limit your gambling to a few games, casinos may suspend your account on the grounds that you are an arbitrage or professional player. Spread your bets among a variety of games, such as online slots, roulette, blackjack, and poker, to avoid this.
  • Be smart when using bonuses: Although bonuses are a significant component of playing at online casinos, misusing them might result in account suspension. Bet on regular non-bonus games as well, and utilize bonuses sensibly—don't abuse them—to prevent this.


Take Precautions and Bet Responsibly


We want to believe the obvious is just as clear-cut to most online casino players, but frankly, that’s not the case. Learning how to properly manage your account, betting habits, and gambling responsibly can contribute to the way operators and casinos manage user accounts. The rule of thumb with online casino accounts is to always read the fine print of the terms and conditions and contact legit customer support representatives from your online casino to get things cleared and sorted.


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