Can the Vegas Golden Knights Repeat As Stanley Cup Winners?

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📖 Published on: February 29th, 2024

✍️ Updated: March 4th, 2024

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Ice hockey is a grueling sport that takes a toll on many teams in a single season. The NHL’s biggest teams are all putting up on that challenge, but only the best teams remain on the big stage as they come up with impressive performances that will allow them to contend for a chance to win the Stanley Cup.


What is the Stanley Cup?


Arguably the most recognizable trophy in the sports world, the Stanley Cup is the championship trophy awarded to the NHL Playoffs winner by the end of the season. As the oldest trophy in any North American sport, it is one of the most hyped awards that any team can receive by the end of the season, and there is no doubt that every team in the NHL tries to make their way through the campaign with the hopes of securing the trophy in the end.


Over the years, the Stanley Cup has yet to see a consistent team winner, with most of the campaigns ending up having a new champion named. Only a few teams have managed to repeat as Stanley Cup winners, with the most recent being the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2020 and 2021. The Pittsburgh Penguins were then the second-latest to pull off that feat in 2016 and 2017 – which is the last for the 2000s era of the NHL.


What Are the Chances for the Vegas Golden Knights to Repeat as Stanley Cup Winners?


First of all, you have to give respect to the champions. Despite not sitting at the top of the Western Conference, there are still many reasons to expect them to battle for the Stanley Cup once more, especially if they’ll have the same groove they are going in with right now. This is why it is safe to say that the Golden Knights still have a fair chance to come up with a deeper run as they did last season – let alone finish the year with another Stanley Cup on their hands.


It is worth noting that not all top seeds in the NHL have gone to contend for the Stanley Cup Final in the end. This is why the odds for the Golden Knights remain heavy favorites to finish as the NHL champions for the 2024 season – especially when they get to the playoff stage where they get to face the top teams in the league once and for all.


So what are the factors that will affect the Golden Knights’ chances of repeating for a title win in the Stanley Cup?


Jonathan Marchessault’s Surge in the 2024 Season


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Conn Smythe trophy winner Jonathan Marchessault is the tenth undrafted player to win the said award last season, and the first to do so since Wayne Gretzky pulled off the same feat in 1988. It has been a long time since he has seen a bigger stride in his career. His big upside with the team has been quite promising, and there is no denying that he is showing a bigger upside this year after those lowly years. He has already eclipsed the 50-point total for two seasons in a row, and he is already close to surpassing his score of 66 last year. This year shouldn't be any different as he seeks to deliver a promising campaign and a shot at a title once more.


Marchessault is one of the defining pieces for Vegas’ championship run last season, and it cannot be denied that the team has allowed him to prosper even more with his impressive strides night in and night out. His continued surge this season is not just helping Vegas make a push for the higher spots in the West, but also firing up his confidence en route to the playoffs – where the games matter more.


Cassidy’s Dynasty Aspirations


Before the season began, Golden Knights head coach Bruce Cassidy already knew that he was going to be put under pressure to deliver more wins for the team. The coach has made it clear that they are keen to come up with some of the best performances in the offseason with the hopes of being the third team to win back-to-back Stanley Cups in the 2000s. Of course, that task is never going to be easy, but the coach knows that there is a lot of work to be done if they are going to manage to beat the odds now more than ever.


However, Cassidy’s aspirations are higher than anyone would expect. He looked back on his years as a coach and believed that it was now the time for the Golden Knights to establish their dominance in the league, much like how the Chicago Blackhawks, Pittsburgh Penguins, Los Angeles Kings, and Tampa Bay Lightning – who were all remembered for winning multiple titles over the last 15 years. Vegas has made it into the Stanley Cup twice, with the first being in their inaugural season in 2018. Cassidy is willing this team to perform more, albeit at a higher level, and this is why many fans in the league are hoping to see more of the Golden Knights as the season winds down to its final games heading into March and April.

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Jack Eichel’s Thirst for More Trophies


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After a rough campaign in the Buffalo Sabres, Jack Eichel’s second chance was a much more promising look as he finally got himself to lift the 35-pound trophy last season. It cannot be denied that Eichel played a huge role in the playoff campaign for the Golden Knights, and he even had the best case to win the Conn Smythe trophy before the rest of the squad stepped up big time while the former Sabres star let his teammates help him out.

Still, that didn’t matter for Eichel. Individual feats were just a mere win for him, and he’s realized that over his stay with the Sabres. After getting a taste of what it is like to win a Stanley Cup, the star now admits that he is keen to win more championships in his career for years to come.


This somehow alludes to Cassidy’s aspirations of building a dynasty. This season is the best chance for Eichel to continue his climb in the historic records of the NHL and continue building a promising career in the league now more than ever. At the age of 27, he definitely has a lot of time to do just that.


Can the Vegas Golden Knights Repeat As Stanley Cup Winners?


While they are not the leading team in the NHL right now, it is still quite a no-brainer that the team has a huge chance to repeat as title winners in the Stanley Cup Final. The team is starting to build around a competitive pace with high-scoring games, blazing defense, and injured players starting to get back into the mix without much hassle. This just all points towards an incredible mentality heading into the playoffs. After all, when the season ends and the postseason begins, everyone is back to zero.


So yes, the Golden Knights have a strong chance of repeating as the Stanley Cup Final winner, especially with the way they are playing right now. This is why you should expect to see bigger strides from the team as they make their way towards the end of the season. Stay tuned for more NHL updates with GambleSpot today!


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