Top Five Clubs to Bet on in the MLB's 2024 Season

Top Five Clubs to Bet on in the MLB's 2024 Season image

📖 Published on: March 18th, 2024

✍️ Updated: April 4th, 2024

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The MLB is over the horizon, and it cannot be denied that there are a lot of impressive teams that you should look out for as they all aim to come up with a shot at the World Series and show that they have what it takes to bring a championship. For bettors who are keen to see their big chance at scoring handsome wins when they place their wagers, this is a must-read to increase your odds!


Why Should You Bet in the 2024 MLB Season?


World Series trophy is up for grabs again image

While there’s always an MLB season one year after another, it does seem that this season is slated to present a lot of massive storylines, hyped rivalry games, and marquee matchups that you would not want to miss. This is why the MLB season will be a treat to a lot of fans who are keen to make the most of their chances, especially with contender teams starting to go on the rise, and notable players making key swings to help their respective clubs make a leap in the MLB. The World Series is contested once more, and this will make the season even more fun to watch. On top of that, we are expecting to see massive clubs to continue working on the progress that they have seen over the past few months.


It can be remembered that the MLB Playoffs took a wild turn with plenty of twists and upsets that shocked the MLB world. Now with another season coming in hot, it is the best time to come up with the biggest and most daring speculations of which clubs will come out on top in the coming campaign.


Who are the Top Teams to Bet on in the 2024 MLB Season?


A lot of MLB clubs have made some unforgettable splashes in the offseason. From trades, key signings, waiving players, and even fielding new players in the Spring Training, each club has made a progress towards their success. However, not all teams have the best chance of winning big in the season and the World Series after that, so we have to break down which teams will be the best option for you to bet on when the season finally begins.


Here are the top five MLB clubs that you should consider betting on en route to the 2024 season:


Los Angeles Dodgers


With the way they handled their offseason and the subsequent Spring Training, it is a no-brainer that the Los Angeles Dodgers are now picked as the favorites to win the 2024 World Series and even eclipse a total of 100 wins in the season. The Dodgers splashed the offseason by spending more than $1 billion in the free agency market just to boost their roster and increase their chances of winning – hopefully a lock at a World Series berth once more, which they haven’t won since 2020.


Shohei Othani joined the Dodgers to form a superteam image


The Dodgers have won the West Division titles since that title in 2020, earning a wildcard berth in 2021, and then finishing as the best division team in 2022 and 2023, only to fall short in those campaigns ever since. This time, however, the team has added Shohei Ohtani – the league’s reigning MVP along with the likes of Tyler Glasnow while securing contracts with Clayton Kershaw and James Paxton, which should make them continue their postseason streak this year since 2012.


Atlanta Braves


While the Dodgers are the runaway favorites for the MLB, the Braves are still following closely with the hopes of cementing a huge campaign once more. The Atlanta Braves emerged as playoff contenders since entering the postseason in 2017 and not missing a single beat ever since. They aren’t going away anytime soon, and the Braves almost have every reason to be a massive contender this season, especially with the addition of Jarred Kelenic and veteran star pitcher Chris Sale in the free agency.

The last time the Braves won the World Series was in 2021, and they haven’t been out of the postseason since that 2017 emergence from the team.

Atlanta Braves image


On top of that, last season was a blast for the team, coming up with a lead in all offensive categories from the previous season. The Braves led the league in totals when it came to runs, home runs, OBP, OPS, AVG, and even extra-base hits RBIs. This just says a lot about their pace heading into this campaign as another favorite to move into the top of the league.


Houston Astros


The Houston Astros have become a different beast since emerging anew from their sign-stealing scandal back then. The team has dominated the West AL and has been a strong force in the postseason as well, making it to the World Series in four of the last seven years – which is a massive feat for any team in the MLB considering how tough it is to play in that division that is full of competitive teams in the sport. So what makes the Astros a hot favorite to win in the 2024 MLB season?


Houston Astros image


The Astros have won the World Series twice in the last seven years, with the 2022 World Series being their most recent victory on the big stage. There are some pending issues for Houston to fix, but it does seem that they will get the best chance to come up with a climb to the top once more with impressive games coming up. This is why there will be bigger expectations from the club as they try to see which players from their young roster will get to step up and carry the team to new heights.


New York Yankees


Aaron Judge is still a lone wolf MVP candidate image

The New York Yankees have always been a household name in the MLB, and there is no doubt that they are coming in with a lot of inspiration from their new additions, especially superstar and veteran outfielder Juan Soto. They still have the likes of Gerrit Cole and even Giancarlo Stanton on their lead offensive unit, and let’s not forget Aaron Judge’s presence in this squad should still make them a relevant team that would have a chance to come up with a shot at the World Series, especially with the lack of success that would see them sink to the bottom of the league again. That is something that you would want to avoid as one of the legendary MLB franchises.


Another reason why the Yankees are expected to play inspired baseball is that they haven’t won the World Series since 2009, and breaking the drought should make it a big deal for their fans, considering how it would be big for them to make a climb now more than ever. What makes it more interesting is that the team didn’t make the playoffs last season, and the re-rotation of the squad should give them the best chance to make a big improvement in their games this year.


Texas Rangers


You’d be surprised that the Texas Rangers – the defending World Series champions – are far on the fifth spot in this list. Well they may have won the championship, but as I said before, the MLB is always full of twists and turns, and the Rangers benefitted well from playing against the best teams in the league last season and setting the standard of winning in the MLB. Their win last year closed out and ended a World Series drought since 2008, and they have what it takes to win again. That said, the Rangers made no changes in their roster and had a comfortable offseason - especially for a squad that has won the championship with everyone on board.

The Texas Rangers are defending champions image


Still, this doesn’t guarantee that they will get the best chance to win the World Series, but they shouldn’t be eliminated from the equation either, which is why fans should also expect more from the defending champions to shore up their big performances and come up with a much more aggressive stance in the coming months.


What to Expect in the 2024 MLB Season?


The MLB season is coming in just a few weeks’ time, and you should not miss the big stage considering how the clubs would be eager to make their presence felt in their games. That being said, it is wise to get started in placing your wagers as early as now and have faith in your favorite squad to make some noise in the season. Who knows, you might just get lucky and score a handsome win that you’ve been waiting for!


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