Top 10 NFL Teams Likely to Make a Promising Playoff Run

Top 10 NFL Teams Likely to Make a Promising Playoff Run image

📖 Published on: July 2nd, 2024

✍️ Updated: July 2nd, 2024

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With the NFL Draft already leagues behind all of us, teams are now putting themselves deep into the OTAs, training camps, massive roster shifts and signings, and many other things that concerns a team’s chances of winning in the big stage. So what stands out among the various teams in the league in the offseason that can help them make a case for the playoffs?

Which Teams Will Make a Playoff Rally?

The NFL is always one of the biggest leagues to look out for in the sports world, and it cannot be denied that we are seeing some promising runs in the game coming from the big strides of each team where they can improve on their chances of winning in the season, the playoffs, and the Super Bowl. We all know how the playoffs can be quite challenging when it comes to its intensity, blazing showdowns, and even tough injuries that lead to massive shifts in the game, and so on.

The 2024 NFL season is expected to be a massive blast image

This is why the offseason is so important in the NFL. It gives teams a chance to play at a high level with great upgrades and promising roster shifts that will eventually lead to a promising shot at the top of the league. Depending on their upgrades and key changes in the games, it is easy to say that all of the offseason moves will come into play to give each team a shot at the top, either resulting to a deep playoff run, a disappointing finish, or a Super Bowl finish if they ever get lucky.

So who are the top 10 teams to look out for this season?

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs image

Without a doubt, the Kansas City Chiefs will be at the top of this list now more than ever considering the fact that they have already added boosts in Marquise Brown in the free agency and then Xavier Worthy in the draft. This is definitely a great look for the team that already has a well-rounded unit on the offensive side and has managed to keep its core on the defensive end. We all know how well the Chiefs are when it comes to coming up with big strides in the season, and there is no denying that their chances are starting to be even more promising at this point.

Cincinnati Bengals

Accepting the fact that their defensive combo in the safety is one thing to get them started on the move in the offseason, but it also cannot be denied that adding Geno Stone and Vonn Bell back into the mix helps add more versatility to the team while also creating a potential upside in the defense. It is also worth noting that these key additions will likely boost their chances of actually scoring a big break in the game where they can focus on developing Jordan Battle’s role in the game, perfectly enhancing his efficiency and help the Bengals bring a balance in their squad.

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Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers image

Perhaps the only reason I am ranking the Green Bay Packers so high on this list is the fact that they have splashed well with Xavier McKinney, signing him for a four-year deal at $68 million. Safety seems to be the addressed issue for the Packers now, especially after they brought in three key players in Javon Bullard (second round), Evan Williams (fourth) and Kitan Oladapo (fifth). This is a fresh perspective considering the fact that they have lost the likes of Darnell Savage, Jonathan Owens, and Rudy Ford, all of which have been considered massive pieces for the team’s defensive end over the years.

San Francisco 49ers

Let’s be clear, the 49ers only have to focus on the defensive end given the fact that they did not have any real answer to Kansas City in the Super Bowl. This pressing issue is also starting to be the real deal after they are still in search of a player to pair with Nick Bosa to come up with a promising line. They did try that already with Randy Gregory and Chase Young last season, and it did not work well at all. Now with Leonard Floyd in the roster, it is starting to look like a good groove for the team, especially with Yetur Gross-Matos being added to complement the defensive line in the coming years.

San Francisco 48ers image

Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens image

While all the focus is on how Lamar Jackson will improve on his play calls in the game, it seems that bringing in a cornerback in Nate Wiggins and TJ Tampa proves to be a good move for the team, especially when it removes the need for them to trade for players after scoring well in the draft. It is also easy to say that the return of Marlon Humphrey and Brandon Stephens this season will be quite a promising look on their defensive side, which should be a massive case for the team’s chances of winning.

Detroit Lions

There’s no doubt that the Lions have significantly made leaps in their game since the regular season. Now the focus shifts to the team’s chances of winning by adding some impressive DBs in the squad. Sure, adding Terrion Arnold and Ennis Rakestraw Jr. might offer you some insight on where they are expected to take on the rest of the campaign, but it is also easy to say that the team has stacked on major upgrades by also bringing in some notable signings in Carlton Davis III and Amik Robertson, who are all known for their reliability in the DB spot.

Detroit Lions image

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles image

After choking what is arguably their best season ever, the Philadelphia Eagles are clearly keen to make some upgrades to address their weaknesses in the roster. Signing CJ Gardner-Johnson is clearly a great move to begin with, boosting the safety spot before they eventually added two promising defensive backs in Quinyon Mitchell and Cooper DeJean. All of these three players are even expected to become key starters in the season, and their offseason moves can be graded with an A+ given how most of their issues have been addressed so far.

Houston Texans

We all know how the Houston Texans could have been easy contenders season had it not been for their lack of impressive pass-catchers in the squad. For starters, the team has already traded for Joe Mixon and even brought in Stefon Diggs – two of the best players on the receiving end who have a massive reputation for their strong games night in and night out. With CJ Stroud elevating his game heading into year two, and both of these two key additions should fuel the offensive unit of the squad to give them the chance to reach deeper runs in the playoffs.

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Dallas Cowboys

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I have been a Cowboys fan for as far as I can remember in engaging in sports content, but I like to believe that adding Eric Kendricks to the mix will help on the defensive by a mile. Dak Prescott is already a beast on the offensive end, and I would like to see more from the Cowboys when it comes to the defensive side, where they have also added some key linebackers in Marist Liufau from the draft and DeMarvion Overshown returning from injury seem to be quite the answer to speed up Markquese Bell to the safety spot instead.

Cleveland Browns

Despite trading for Jerry Jeudy to retool its offensive side, bringing in Amari Cooper to add some receiving options, and even giving a tight end boost in David Njoku, the Browns have had an overall quiet offseason so far. They have simply re-signed their key players and made some small additions , but that’s what they actually need to do aside from actually coming up with wins down the stretch. This is why I firmly think that the Browns can make some strides to finally make a way to carve their path to the Super Bowl or at least enjoy a deep playoff run at the very least.

Cleveland Browns image

Stay Patient with the Wait for the Next NFL Season

The NFL is still months away from actually breaking out with more intense matches, fiery showdowns, and blazing rivalry games from unfolding. This is why you can expect a lot of talks as to how each team is building up to its chances in the offseason to get a shot at the big stage in the NFL season now more than ever.

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