Hierarch Tactics: Three Protoss Combos You Should Consider in Starcraft II

Hierarch Tactics: Three Protoss Combos You Should Consider in Starcraft II image

📖 Published on: May 16th, 2024

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While many say that the Protoss isn’t one of the most efficient races in the game, it all depends on the actual player who works on the game itself. Still, it is worth knowing how to effectively use the Protoss, especially with the way they can be used to run down enemy bases, crash down fiery attacks from above, or coordinate a balanced attack, creating a perfect strategy that players can make the most of if they want to win a game.


How to Roll with the Protoss?


The Protoss is one of the highly advanced factions in the game that you can consider using in StarCraft II, and you may want to learn how to roll best with the faction if you want to win games. Still, nothing beats coming up with the best tactics in the game and learning how the Protoss can be an indestructible force that you can consider for a promising chance at winning and beating your opponents.


Protoss is not much of a complicated team to use image


For starters, the Protoss build around a massive pile of resources, relying on a lot of minerals to even construct the biggest parts of their arsenal. Even a single Zealot – the most basic unit of the Protoss, requires 100 minerals to train.


The Photon Cannon is one of the most unique defensive structures in the game image

Still, this means that Protoss players must play it smart and come up with a lot of resource-gathering structures to support their armies. Hogging resources is the best strategy that one can consider if you’re going to gear up for a big fight, especially against Terran heavy hitters. On top of that, Protoss defensive structures are always promising enough to consider as well. The Photon Cannon, for intstance, are both used as a defensive attacker and a detector at the same time, and the Shield Battery further enhances the Protoss’ shields that help restore them when needed. This is an effective way to come up with a strong base that you can hold on to for the rest of the game, but we are coming into the biggest difference of playing StarCraft II, the armies.


Three Big Protoss Combos to Use in Competitive Games


The Protoss is the most adept of all factions in the game when it comes to controlling the battlefield. Just adding a Pylon can help you set up a warp point anywhere on the map, meaning that you can just put up a building and then let it be there for good. It also serves as a checkpoint for Protoss players to come up with an instant spawning area closer to your opponents. But what should players maximise in building up their armies for a chance to win?


Balanced Combo (Zealot, Immortal, Archon)


A balanced combo is always recommended for beginners and even experts in the game. Zealots keep the fast-moving front of this army, while the Immortals provide the needed firepower to take on the heavy units, while the Archons bring in the max power that you need when it comes to putting up a lot of fight against bases and enemy defenses. This is the cheapest build that you can consider while also putting up some punches against enemy units.


Zealot image

Immortal image

Archon image


Balanced in terms of costs, hitting power, and overall production value, this balanced combo should help players come up with a promising firepower to take on attacking forces, both Terran and Zerg. It even has what it takes to go up against Protoss units as well, with the Immortal dealing plenty of damage to shields as well. This lineup doesn’t need much deep-tech research to train, but is extremely powerful on a land assault.


Fast Movers (Templar, Archon, Zealot)


Well, blitzing is a common strategy in StarCraft as well. We have seen the Zergling rush and the Thor Rush from the Zerg and the Terran, respectively, but the Protoss also has certain units that can make the rush work and come up with a scrounging attack on enemy bases for a quick sweep. Of course, this means that this is a cheap lineup, with Templars basically creating the production for Archons in a quick snap. A combo of both these Templars and Archons should make for a better assault force, considering that they pack enough damage and offer extensive flexibility for players.


Templar image

Archon image

Zealot image


What makes this a crucial lineup is that it can be supported by Zealots – cheap units (at a meager 100 minerals), to make it even more effective. Zealots will take the helm and take the most of the hits while both the Templars and Archons deal the big gun damage that they have to take on the rest, making it easy to make a sweeping rally and cut out the rest of the enemy without taking too much time.


Aerial Marauder (Void Ray, Phoenix, Carrier)


As said before, Protoss has pretty much expensive units compared to the two other factions thanks to its advanced technological build. However, its aerial dominance makes it even more promising, especially when going up against some of the toughest enemies in the game. It is worth noting, however, that the Protoss is known well for having a variety of air units that can harass enemies both in the ground and in the air.


Void Ray image

Phoenix image

Carrier image


The Void Ray is undeniably one of the strongest units in the game that can harass enemies in the air and in the ground. It is even effective against buildings, defenses – pretty much everything. This is why you can consider building it en masse while training a few carriers to create a wide array of support hitters while protecting them with a contingent of Phoenix. This will help deliver a lot of damage in a single run. The only downside for this is that this is too expensive to train at the very least – and many players often opt to just use this as an endgame tactic and deliver a win.


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