The Last Man Standing: Novak Djokovic

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📖 Published on: March 6th, 2024

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Tennis is all about longevity, and a lot of players have stood against the test of time over the years to prove their dominance in the game. However, today’s generation of tennis has been defined by the big three of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic – who is arguably the last remaining GOAT of tennis in the current setting of the ATP Tour.


Down the stretch of the 2010s, it seems that Federer and Nadal was forever destined to reign supreme at the top of the Tour. However, the recent years have seen them get injured, with Federer eventually retiring for good while Nadal struggles to return to his form. In light of all that, the third of the Big Three, Djokovic, has remained consistent as he was destined to be the last man standing.


How Djokovic Cemented His Legacy as Part of the Big Three?


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It took Djokovic five years since going professional to actually make his presence felt in the ATP Tour. At the age of 20, he went on to announce his entrance to the big stage by beating both Federer and Nadal in the 2008 Australian Open to claim his first major title. In two years’ time, Djokovic was already considered to be at another level in the game, which led to the formation of the Big Three in tennis, with the Serbian becoming the third elite star in the sport. In 2011, the Serbian star went on to claim the world no. 1 spot for the first time in his career, winning a total of three majors and five Masters titles in that year. What made that his landmark year? He just went 10-1 against his two other rivals.


Flash forward to 2024, where the Serbian star is now established as one of the best players to ever play the game. Djokovic now has a total of 24 Grand Slam titles – a record for most in the ATP Tour, and 10 of those coming from the Australian Open to go along with a record-setting 40 masters. As of the time of writing, Djokovic has been the only one to ever pull off a triple Career Grand Slam, as well as a career Golden Masters – twice. He has also finished seasons eight times as the year-end world no. 1. What more would you even ask for?


Djokovic’s success as one of the best tennis players in the world cannot be stressed enough considering how well he continues to play the game at a high level. On top of that, he is still battling hard in the ATP Tour, eager to continue building his legacy as the best tennis player to ever play in the Tour. With continued success, it does seem that Djokovic will continue playing at a high level for more years to come.


How Djokovic’s Longevity Will Make Him a Legendary Tennis Icon


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Djokovic, at the age of 36, is already the face of longevity in tennis. He has surpassed many known players in the game and is even on the prowl to keep finding ways to win and even set records in the game, which makes him even more valuable and fun to watch time after time. Whether you believe it or not, it does give him a lot of opportunities to cement his legacy in the sport further.


So why does his longevity play a huge role in his quest to be a legendary tennis icon?


Comparison to Sports Icons


Well, the sports world takes pride in showing why their games are for players who can stay on their competitive side for a long time. Known stars such as Tom Brady (NFL) and LeBron James (NBA) are the faces of longevity in their respective leagues. Brady retired from the NFL at the age of 45, playing 23 seasons in the NFL. LeBron James, on the other hand, is still playing at a high level at the age of 39 and seems to be in good condition to actually play for up to 45 years of age as well. To these athletes, age definitely is just a number, and it should be the same for Djokovic as we continue to see him put up majestic performances one game after another as time goes by.

Djokovic winning US Open 2023 image


Insert Djokovic, who continues to play at a high level at the age of 36, and he is also proving the world why he should be considered the greatest tennis player of all time. His dedication to immense body conditioning and maintaining a healthy diet has kept him physically fit, being able to perform well against younger players in the Tour. This will be a milestone for Djokovic and will have him compared amongst the legends of the sports world in no time.


More Chances to Set Records and Win Titles


Djokovic winning Paris Masters 2023 image

Given that he plays up to the age of 45, and at a high level at that, there is no doubt that Djokovic can definitely come up with an impressive stretch and prove that he is one of the players who have set a high standard in the ATP Tour. Moreover, this will allow him to break records of his fellow ATP greats in the Grand Slams, Masters 1000, and many other events in the competition that will have him as the “man to beat for future” generations.

This means that Djokovic will get to play more games and tournaments in the years to come. Assuming that he can stay healthy unlike his co-big three partners, then Djokovic’s current form should allow him to win more titles, gain a massive following, and have fans love him even more.


There’s just so much left for Djokovic to achieve even with all the feats he’s reached in his career, such as the Olympic Grand Slam – which is a huge feat he’s yet to conquer.


A Player of Two Generations


Of course, having an extreme longevity in the tennis world means being able to play at a high level for a long period of time. Started out in 2003 as a pro, Djokovic has already seen 21 years of action in the ATP Tour – and two decades of tennis have already passed him by, and yet he’s still a talent to remember in the game. What more could he bring to the table than to be able to see and even surpass the two generations of tennis that he has seen in his career.


Imagine being able to witness the rise of young talents such as Carlos Alcaraz, who has already become a promising rival to Djokovic in the post-Big-Three era of the ATP Tour. There are still the likes of Daniil Medvedev, Jannik Sinner, Alexander Zverev, Stefanos Tsitsipas, and many other talents in the ATP Tour who are still yet to hit their ceiling in the game. Djokovic is definitely making his presence felt as one of the fiery stars who can still rock the Tour on his own, and being able to play on both generations of the current tennis world is definitely a feat that no one would be able to beat for years to come.

Djokovic shaking hands with Alcaraz image


What to Expect From Novak Djokovic’s 2024 ATP Tour?


Novak Djokovic is still on the prowl for at least three more Grand Slam titles – and an Olympic campaign this season. This is why it is still expected for the Serbian star to continue shining bright in this season. He has a lot to offer in his game, and Djokovic is certainly pushing for more chances to win in every single tournament he plays in, which is why there are indeed high expectations for him to play at a high level. He is, truly enough, the last GOAT standing in the Tour.


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