Royalty Tennis Smash: Who Will Reign Supreme in Wimbledon?

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📖 Published on: July 1st, 2024

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Wimbledon has always been one of the biggest tournaments in tennis, and it cannot be denied that there’s always the hype of the competition with players battling hard to gain points to begin the second half of the ATP Tour season. With that said, the challenging surface has always been in the eyes of many players, but who will come out on top on the big stage this time?

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The grass surface of Wimbledon has played host to various storylines in the tennis world, and it cannot be denied that there are bigger expectations with the current Tour proving to be quite a massive battle between the top stars of the game. This just means that there are huge expectations to look out for as the tournament comes in hot with the top players battling in the competition.

What are the Stakes in Wimbledon?

In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of massive battles that have unfolded in the early months of the ATP Tour, and the gaps between the ATP Rankings in the top 10 are starting to grow thin, with the top three being a tournament win away from going on top of each other, which makes the Wimbledon a much more promising competition to look out for considering that there are plenty of contenders who are keen to make some drastic leaps to the top of the ATP Rankings.

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We all know how dedicated these players are, and it goes without saying that there are a lot of impressive showdowns that fans can expect especially with the way the past few tournaments have been building up at the very least. Now more than ever, the stakes are higher, and the challengers are set to play at a much more competitive level, which is why there is more to expect with the way this tournament is slated to unfold.

But which stars are coming in hot with the hopes of setting the standard and reigning at the top of Wimbledon? After all, the third Grand Slam of the year is definitely one of the most crucial tournaments that will play a huge role in who will come out on top by the end of the year.

Who Are the Favorites to Win in Wimbledon?

There are only a few stars who are expected to take a nab at the crown in Wimbledon, but never underestimate these players, as they are indeed playing with a lot of determination as the massive points up for grabs will certainly help their case in the race to the top, which is why there are definitely big expectations among these stars to play at the highest level possible.

Here are the favorites to look out for in Wimbledon:

Carlos Alcaraz

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After dropping out early in the Queen’s Club Championships at the hands of Jack Draper, it is easy to say that Carlos Alcaraz himself now has his sights set on the grass of Wimbledon with the hopes of making a deep push towards the top. He has already wrapped up a massive campaign in the French Open earlier this month, and that should be the pace that he is riding on if he is going to come up with a massive victory in the competition. The defending champion for Wimbledon will definitely have all the eyes locked on him, and it is up to him to meet the expectations and deliver a promising finish that fans have been waiting for in his campaign this year.

Jannik Sinner

Jannik Sinner has been on a massive climb this season. His recent win at the Halle Open adds more to his long list of victories on top of the Australian Open, and the Miami Open, showing how the Italian star has been on an incredible pace ever since climbing atop the ATP Rankings despite falling short in the French Open earlier this month. Sinner is expected to play a much more confident brand of tennis in Wimbledon as he seeks to claim his first grass-court title, and this should set him up for a fantastic climb to remember if he manages to pull it off.

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Novak Djokovic

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Aside from the 2023 edition of the Wimbledon, seven of the last 11 editions of the tournament have belonged to Novak Djokovic, who is slowly losing ground in the ATP Rankings after the wild finish in the French Open. Currently, with 8,360 points at the second spot, it does seem that Djokovic can still cover a lot of ground if he manages to stay afloat in the race and keep on winning big, even if it all comes in the final stretch of the Tour. It cannot be denied that the Serbian star is all set to take a huge leap in the standings should he win now, and that is what makes it important for Djokovic to reclaim his title in Wimbledon now more than ever.

Alexander Zverev

At this point, we all know that Alexander Zverev is just a tournament win away from joining the fray in the top three and making it more exciting for the rest of the season. It cannot be denied that Zverev himself has made big leaps, especially that final showdown with Alcaraz in the French Open has essentially helped him make a jump to the world no. 4 spot, and a victory in Wimbledon should even help him come up with a huge chunk of points, especially in a tournament where he could either close the gap between him and the top three, or at least prevent them from gaining any points while gets closer himself. Either way, a run to the final of Wimbledon should see him get close to the 8.5k mark in points gained in the ATP Rankings.

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Daniil Medvedev

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We may have seen him lagging behind in the rankings, but make no mistake, Daniil Medvedev has been on a promising stride in his games so far, and not just because his hunger for more wins has fueled him to perform even better, but because he is yet to clinch a winning title in the current season. All this means is more pressure for Medvedev to finally come up with a majestic run that will see him emerge at the top of the game now more than ever. Luckily, Andrey Rublev is far behind him (4,420 points) to pass him in the fifth spot, but it does not mean that the Russian star can actually take his time and wait for a winning chance to come by.

Who Will Reign Supreme in Wimbledon?

Aside from the players mentioned above, there are still many contenders who are expected to take flight in Wimbledon, such as Andrey Rublev, Hubert Hurkacz, Casper Ruud, Alex de Minaur, Grigor Dimitrov, Holger Rune, Jack Draper, and many other names. This just means that fans can expect the action in Wimbledon to ramp up a bit as the rounds progress, and it would definitely mean that there are also bigger battles waiting to unfold that may or may not shock fans. All in all, it does seem that we are locked in for a roller coaster ride that will change the landscape for the ATP Tour in the coming weeks.

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