Redeem Team 2.0: Can Team USA Regain its Dominance in Basketball?

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📖 Published on: July 4th, 2024

✍️ Updated: July 4th, 2024

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We were all witnesses when Team USA fielded a new crop of stars in the national team in the previous year’s FIBA World Cup, where the team crashed down hard as they failed to secure a medal finish by the end of the tournament. This led to a massive backlash among many fans, claiming that USA is no longer the supreme team that was said to be dominant in the game to begin with.

What to Expect from Team USA Basketball in the Olympics?

We have all seen Team USA fall off in its status as the best basketball team on the planet after that rough ending in the FIBA World Cup. Since then, the long summer has become quite a promising view for many fans, with known NBA stars suddenly coming up with a strong desire to play for the national team. This started out when LeBron James, a former member of the national team and a proven winner in the game, suddenly expressed his desire to play for the squad and come up with a chance to prove that Team USA is still the best team in the world.

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This desire by James spread throughout the league like wildfire. Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant said in an interview during the 2023-24 season that he would like to play for Team USA. Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry was also on the hype train, and everyone else followed suit. We have seen the likes of Jayson Tatum, Anthony Davis, Tyrese Haliburton, Anthony Edwards, and Bam Adebayo join in on the squad.

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All of these names were included in the list when Team USA released its latest roster for the Olympics. However, surprise names such as Jrue Holiday, Devin Booker, and most surprisingly, Joel Embiid. The most recent addition to the squad was Kawhi Leonard, who made his decision in the midst of the 2024 NBA Conference Finals – where his team, the Los Angeles Clippers, was eliminated two rounds earlier. This ensemble features a lot of talented stars, and multiple NBA titles and Finals appearances at the very least.

Can Team USA Win in the Olympics?

So, can Team USA cement its place in the basketball world in the coming Olympics? There are plenty of issues surrounding the team’s chances considering that there are a lot of contenders to look out for in the world, and this would really mean war on the basketball stage considering that there are bigger stakes in the coming games.

But can Team USA find its way to the top?

Regaining Ground Against FIBA World Cup Champions Germany

Germany snagged the gold finish in the FIBA World Cup after that promising battle in the semis where the United States failed to come up with a victory against one of the toughest teams to beat in Europe. Of course, this loss sent shockwaves to many fans of the NBA, whose stars represented the United States on the big stage. This just says a lot about how big the expectations are for Team USA considering the fact that they are one of the best teams in the world to ever play the game. Still, this only means that the USA will have its eyes on Germany come the tournament because they have a score to settle soon.

Germany is a team to beat for Team USA image

Germany is on every single team’s hitlist in the FIBA World Cup, but let’s not forget that defeating Team USA will be glorious for any playing team. This is why the squad needs to gain ground on the competition and establish themselves as the team to beat in the early stages if they are going to set the tone should they have the chance to finally face Germany and bring the big game in front of them. Who knows, this will be a massive spectacle waiting to unfold.

Creating a New Identity for Team USA

Team USA has been vulnerable in basketball for so long. But the game isn’t always that way for the team considering the fact that they are the defending champions for this year’s Olympics, which makes them quite the favorite to look out for considering the fact that they are also bringing in familiar faces to begin with. In case you did not know, Team USA has won the last four Olympic Golds in a row, and this says a lot about how well the team has been able to respond when losing big in their games.

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The 2019 and 2023 FIBA World Cups were disappointing for the team, and it cannot be denied that we are seeing some of the biggest frustrations mount up for the team. This is a chance for Team USA to forge a new identity in the game and deliver one of the biggest storylines in the game, and this is what the storyline will be for Team USA as they finally hope to shake off all the big struggles they have seen in the past and win big.

A New Power in North America

After that tough finish in the FIBA World Cup last year, we are seeing a new power in North America arise from the shadows and become a team to watch. Canada has been one of the few teams to look out for from time to time, and they have recently made their way to the upper echelon of the basketball world with a Bronze finish in the 2023 FIBA World Cup. What made it even more promising was the fact that Canada defeated the United States in the battle for third back then.

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We are expecting to see Luguentz Dort, Kelly Olynyk, Dwight Powell, Dillon Brooks, and RJ Barrett to be crucial pieces for the team, and it cannot be denied that it is something to look at considering that some of them are known stars in the league. But now Canada is slated to feature a headline of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Jamal Murray, and NCAA standout Zach Edey. This is a team that Team USA needs to beat now more than ever to reestablish its dominance in the North Americas and the rest of the world now more than ever.

Support Team USA Ahead of the Olympics

We are weeks away from seeing the best stars of the game today take on the big stage with the hopes of finally rebuilding its lost dominant legacy in basketball. Still, it is going to be fun to watch as Team USA hopes to secure its place in the basketball world, and it cannot be denied that it will be a run to remember with all the shining stars who are set to play on the big stage now more than ever.

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