Rebet Sportsbook Launch: All We Know So Far

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📖 Published on: May 1st, 2024

✍️ Updated: May 2nd, 2024

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Rebet is making a lot of noise in the sports betting stage with a lot of promising features and impressive innovations. It is presented as a “new free-to-play social sportsbook” that is expected to revolutionize the betting scene with user-to-user contests to spice up the user experience to a whole new level.


What is Rebet?


Making a launch in the sports betting scene at this point seems to be a daring climb for any site, but Rebet is taking the fight into the sports betting world with the hopes of setting a new standard in the industry. Rebet Sportsbook was founded by students from Dartmouth College, who are known for their profound knowledge of economics, software development, technology, and entrepreneurship. The gambling platform is slated to be available for 47 states while providing access to official games and real-time data across 60 professional and college sports leagues, which should be a promising boost to all sports betting players.


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Initially launched last February 2024, Rebet is seeking to transform the norms of the sports betting experience with a community-centric approach compared to other sportsbooks out there. Rebet gambling is powered by a dynamic social media model that allows users to enter a friendly competition with their mutuals in “peer-to-peer” contests while riding out picks with their friends with the titular “Rebet” feature. The Rebet App is available for download in the App Store, and interested players may also visit their website for more information.


What Makes Rebet Unique?


Rebet allows players to bet against their friends image

While there are many other sportsbooks known well to the industry with impeccable reputation, the approach set by Rebet makes it different from the rest of the competition. On top of the peer-to-peer contests that the site is making itself known for, the enhanced social dimension helps build promising interaction among sports fans who are accessing the app. Players will be able to communicate with their friends as Rebet uses followers, posts, comments, and direct messages as a way to create a harmonious and engaging community atmosphere in the app. Moreover, this approach sets Rebet in a different tone – more of building on the fanbase of each sport’s love for the game, and that has been the big difference that led to the students making Rebet more of a personalized sports betting app that appeals to the masses.


“Rebet was really driven by our shared love for sports and this realization that there’s this huge void in the current sports betting experience,” CEO and co-founder Carson Hubbard told Sports Business Journal. “(Sports betting) is such a social experience — inherently, every time you’re making a pick, you’re talking about it. And so, we were like, ‘Why is this (social) experience not seen on the (traditional sportsbook) platform?’”


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This unparalleled idea by Rebet to include a competitive scene between friends to challenge each other’s knowledge, strategies, and techniques in sports is something to consider. Compared to other betting sites, this feature by Rebet allows players to create their own personalized contests and even set their own unique terms while also competing in a refined but competitive environment. Unlike mainstream betting sites, this opens up the avenue of social connections between players and even makes betting more of a personal case that highlights the wits and prediction skills of every bettor.


On top of that, Rebet also features an exclusive cash currency, which is available for free daily but cannot be withdrawn for prizes outside the app or transferred to other accounts. Rebet Coins are mainly used for internal transactions only and are provided for free on a daily basis. It is also worth noting that Rebet Cash will come in as an in-purchase bonus for additional Rebet Coins, which can be exchanged for real money as long as you win with it in betting in the app.


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Rebet Cash stands with the same value as the US Dollar with a 1:1 exchange rate. The redemption starts at 20 Rebet Cash, so you’ll need a minute to at least collect bigger amounts.


Why Rebet is a Good Option to Bet On


As stated before, Rebet has a ton of unique features that can help bettors enjoy the best of their experience in sports betting with the use of the app. It promotes engagement with the rest of the sports betting community, allowing you to enjoy the experience with like-minded players who have a strong love for the game. Of course, there’s no perfect sports betting platform. Rebet is still working on a comprehensive site for sports betting that can be an ease in the eyes for everyone to access. An Android app is also yet to be available, and it would lead to more visibility in the app in the long run.


All in all, Rebet comes in as an impressive sportsbook that will definitely set the bar when it comes to bringing the love of sports and sports betting together in one with the feel of competitive stakes between your friends and all sorts of sports bettors.

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