Enter the Warzone: Ranking the Top Teams to Win in the CDL Major 2

Ranking the Top Teams to Win in the CDL Major 2 image

📖 Published on: March 18th, 2024

✍️ Updated: March 20th, 2024

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As the Call of Duty League Major 2 closes in fast, it does seem that many fans expect to see some fiery action between the 12 playing teams in this month’s major. With fiery games coming your way, it is time to see which teams will have a shot at winning the tournament with bigger stakes for each squad battling their way to the top of the league.


With the seeding now in place, it does seem that the warzone is on the big stage for all teams to come up with the championship at the end of the tournament. But what should you expect heading into the competition?


Background Check: The CDL Major 2 Qualifiers


The Call of Duty League Major 2 has made a lot of noise in the qualifiers in the past few weeks. It has also shown a lot of intense showdowns and fiery matches that proved to be a promising campaign for various teams, which is why you should not miss the blazing action that will take place in the Major itself.


CDL Major 2 Qualifiers just wrapped up image


On top of that, the 12 big teams are battling for the top spot in the Major, and you would not want to miss this showdown now more than ever! This is the big stage of the COD’s competitive scene, and the biggest players in the league are coming into town to play.


Ranking the Top Teams in the CDL Major 2


The CDL Major 2 opens up the biggest battles in the competition with 12 teams playing at the highest level, and this just means that there will be bigger challenges that will be set for these playing teams now more than ever. This is something that you should not miss especially with the rivalries that are starting to cook up in the games ahead.


Here are the playing teams in the CDL Major 2 and their chances of winning:


Atlanta FaZe


Atlanta FaZe image

Atlanta FaZe is one of the top teams that you should look out for considering how well they managed to come up with the third seed in the qualifiers. The team is a plus-12 in their rating in the qualifiers, which just says a lot about the big expectations set before them. On top of that, FaZe is the defending champions for Stage 2 as they won last year, but it does seem that they will have to come up with impressive campaigns if they are going to sit at the top of the league once more with a title win.


Boston Breach


While they are not much of a contender team, Boston Breach has managed to sneak into the seventh seed in the qualifiers, which means they get to start in the winners’ bracket of the Major, allowing them to have a significant advantage in the coming games, especially a second chance should they ever lose in the opening phase of the campaign. On top of that, this is a chance for the team to move up in the standings as they are currently sitting at the lower spots of the 2024 CDL Standings. This is why they will have to come up with all the wins they need and make a huge climb in the Major.

Boston Breach image


Carolina Royal Ravens


Carolina Royal Ravens image

Another lowly team in the league, the Carolina Royal Ravens will have ample time to rest in their games before they get to play the losing teams in the upper bracket. Still, the team managed to snag some impressive wins in the qualifiers, and they have done a great job of putting consistency at their core to work in their favor. However, it also means that there is heavy pressure on the Ravens to actually put up some of the biggest and most daring climbs in the game, and this is their big chance to do so.


Las Vegas Legion


Sitting at the borderline of the top eight, the Legion actually needs to come up with some impressive strides this season if they are going to make it to the qualifying spots by the end of the season. At the top five of the qualifiers for the second stage, it does seem that the Legion has what it takes to put up some of the incredible performances that we are all waiting for, and this maybe their best chance of putting up a quest for dominance in their stage campaign this year. Who knows, maybe they can emerge as surprise winners in the Stage 2 of the CDL Major.

Las Vegas Legion image


Los Angeles Guerillas


Los Angeles Guerillas image

At the bottom of the online qualifiers, it does seem that the Los Angeles Guerillas will have to pray for a miracle if they are going to get a chance at winning on the big stage. Winning only once in their games in the qualifiers seem to be a sign that they are going to have some tough struggles, which is why it is something to watch out for in their games in the Major. Who knows, maybe an underdog story is going to be the big twist that everyone will get when the CDL Major comes in full swing with the Guerillas showing off.


Los Angeles Thieves


Compared to their counterpart, the Thieves are actually looking good and have one of the best chances of winning in the tournament. After finishing 4-3 in their online qualifiers run, it does seem that the team has a fair shot at the title, especially with their overall positioning in need of a dire push if they are going to pull off a promising campaign. Who knows, maybe a surprising twist is all we need to see them make a comeback and a promising climb in the standings by the end of the Major.

Los Angeles Thieves image


Miami Heretics


Miami Heretics image

As the team with the home advantage, it goes without saying that the Miami Heretics are quite the favorite to win – albeit at a lower chance. The team finished eighth in the qualifiers, not even coming up with more than three wins on that end. It is not much of a promising twist, but you can say that there will be a lot of interesting stories as to how the team will actually find its way towards a promising climb in front of their home crowd – which will definitely prove to be a storyline to look out for.


Minnesota RØKKR


The top-five RØKKR definitely had some tough finishes in their games so far, including their poor losses in the qualifiers. As one of the teams waiting in the lower bracket, it would mean that the RØKKR will have to grind their way to the top of the Major if they are going to come up with a massive win. A strong climb is what they will need if they are going to wind up as strong winners in the campaign now more than ever, and this tournament is their best chance to build their pace heading into the next three Stages that will demand more from their games.

Minnesota RØKKR image


New York Subliners


New York Subliners image

Make no mistake, the New York Subliners are poised to be the winning team for this season, and it is a no-brainer that they are expected to pull off some of the big climbs that will see them come up with promising performances on the big stage. As the Grand Final champion, the expectations for the Subliners are high enough, especially after falling short of their campaign in the Stage 1 Major. Don’t get me wrong – bet on the Subliners to win if you have faith in their games.


Seattle Surge


While they have struggled to come up with promising wins in the qualifiers, there are still many fans who believe that the Seattle Surge can come up with a strong chance to win big in their coming games, and you can definitely expect them to show why they deserve all the hype. After starting the season strong, the Surge have made some mistakes down the stretch, but their positioning in the Major actually gives them a good chance to make a climb in their games.

Seattle Surge image


OpTic Texas


OpTic Texas image

As the top-seeded team in the qualifiers, it does mean that there are a lot of pressure on the OpTic Texas to stay on the winning track and pull off some of their big wins down the stretch. However, given how challenging this will be with all the contenders looming around, one can say that this will bring some intense games later on as OpTic clashes with some of the best teams in the upper bracket. So far as odds are concerned, it does seem that Texas can emerge as a winner for the first time since 2022.


Toronto Ultra


The winners of the first stage are usually expected to perform at a high level if they are going to make the most of their chances on the big stage. Considering how Ultra has managed to pull off a promising rally against the FaZe last stage, there is no denying that they have what it takes to pull off a deliberate victory against the best teams in the competition. Everyone can be certain about their chances, but this will be Ultra’s tournament to lose at this point.

Toronto Ultra image


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