The EPL Race: Ranking the Top 5 Clubs' Chances to Win the League

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📖 Published on: February 21st, 2024

✍️ Updated: February 27th, 2024

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No one can deny the fact that this has been the most exciting it has been for the English Premier League as fans continue to see an intense race brewing hot in the season. One week after another, the chaos in soccer never stops, and it just seems that the five teams have the very best chance to make the most of their chance at winning the title.


Why is the EPL Exciting this Season?


Over the past few years, only two or three clubs are left fighting for the top spot, while most of the previous runs have ended up lopsided for most of the campaigns. Still, this season should not be taken for granted as there are now five clubs – or even six to consider in the odds of winning the championship. It just seems that things just got real with the way these clubs are playing right now.


Just as the season brings the intense challenge between the top clubs in the league, it is a no-brainer that the expectations are higher than ever as the campaign closes down to its final moments. There are still a lot of points up for grabs, but it will definitely go down to the wire if these clubs play at the highest level to put an exclamation point on their season and increase their chances of winning. After all, no one has reigned supreme in the EPL for so long.


Which of the top five clubs have a chance to win in the EPL this season?


Liverpool FC


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The Reds have been really an impressive club to watch this year with all of their impressive strides. Many predicted that the loss of their elite stars was a huge cost that would definitely end their contendership in the EPL, and yet here they are – sitting at the top of the league with an impressive stretch in their games. What makes it even fun to watch is that Liverpool has been gaining ground and keeping their confidence afloat, even in the closest of games that have really challenged their hopes of winning.

Heroics from Mohamed Salah, Alexis Mac Allister, and the timely rise of Dominik Szoboszlai has definitely fueled their hopes of winning.


What makes this even more interesting is that this is the final season where manager Jurgen Klopp will be coaching the team. What better way would it be to top off than to see the Reds bring the trophy home once more? That will be an end to an era for ages, and Liverpool has a strong chance to achieve that feat.


Manchester City


The Citizens have every right to be considered as the leading team to win among many sportsbooks. The star-studded team that has a young elite scorer in Erling Haaland already brings a lot of pressure on their opponents, but health remains a big issue that will likely threaten their chances of winning. Inconsistent performances from their stars have led to unwanted draws and losses, which just means that there is still a lot to expect from them when they return to full health.

March is a pivotal month for the defending champions as they have a tough stretch coming up, and it means that they are likely to get some hard games in the schedule.


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It would be a test of their mettle and how they are keeping their composure even in the biggest games that would be crucial for their title hopes. Right now, the focus for City and Pep Guardiola is to figure out a promising game plan that will allow them to focus on late-game defense instead.


Arsenal FC


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While there are many doubts about Arsenal’s form, you cannot stress enough how effective Mikel Arteta has been as a genius on the pitch for his players. The effective lineups and fast-paced changes for Arsenal’s game has allowed them to adapt well into various opponents without much hassle, and the squad continues to click well with ease. Their efficient scoring cannot be questioned as well, and the newfound confidence of Bukayo Saka has played a huge role in their success so far.

Arsenal’s big campaign last season was a tough break, but now the team brings in a huge confidence in their game – seemingly learned well from their mistakes back then.


It means that the club can now expect to deliver a title if they manage to keep on winning and fend off Liverpool and Manchester City from making a final push. On top of that, Arsenal also has to stay focused and not drop games in the final moments if they plan to finish strong.


Aston Villa


While they are not that close compared to the top three, it is easy to expect that Aston Villa can still make a push for the top spot one last time if they can shake off their struggles. Defense has been a primary struggle for the club, but that remains to be seen if they can improve on that end as they hope to win big now more than ever. On top of that, it seems that the “lucky streak” of Villa is finally over and will need more big strides from their big stars.

Unai Emery has already proven that he is a genius in crafting comebacks, but it would be enough for the Lions to finish the campaign with a spot in the Champions League next year.


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Still, Villa has actively challenged the top spot with their presence in the elite four, and it would be fun to see how the club can switch up their games and deliver a storied ending to a season where many experts believed that they would be relegated instead.


Tottenham Hotspur


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The wonderful days of Ange Postecoglou are definitely over. Sure, they are still reeling from losing Harry Kane in the offseason, but they’ve landed a gem in James Maddison – who fits perfectly with Son Heung-min’s playstyle. So far, the Spurs have struggled to stay on the winning track for more than months after that hot start that saw them as championship contenders. It cannot be denied that the team would be gearing up for a late rally, but they are way far behind the top four, which means they would need a string of victories late in the campaign.


Tottenham has always blown their chances of winning the league title over the years. Known for their notorious way of “bottlenecking” their games, the Spurs need to beat the odds if they plan to lock up a win this season, and that says a lot about how the Maddi-Son combo will be utilized more – albeit at a much higher usage rate. Who knows, maybe the Spurs can shock the EPL one more time with a huge turnaround late in the dying weeks of the season.


Honorable Mention - Manchester United


Manchester United image


Say what you will about the Red Devils, but Manchester United deserves a chance to be considered for the title race. Sure, they have seen some deep issues when it comes to the dedication from their players, but it does seem that United has been more than capable of handling their business in the past few months. One can even argue that Erik ten Hag’s quick decision to adjust his rotation has helped them thrive in the biggest games so far.


Who Will Win the EPL Title This Year?


The title race is definitely a tight one – the first in many years. However, it will definitely go down to the final games in May, with the champion being settled in Matchday 38 for good. This just makes it more exciting to watch and stay tuned for the biggest games in the EPL in the coming months. It all goes down to the biggest clashes that will decide the big points gained by the contenders to wrap up the season, so make sure you do not miss the intense battles between the likes of Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City, Aston Villa, Tottenham, and even Manchester United!


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