Second Strike: Predicting the Second Leg of the Champions League Round of 16

Second Strike: Predicting the Second Leg of the Champions League Round of 16 image

📖 Published on: February 29th, 2024

✍️ Updated: March 4th, 2024

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With March coming in hot, it seems that the second leg of the Champions League is making waves once more, and you should expect to see some of the fiery matches that will unfold down the stretch as the best European clubs try to take on the task of being the undaunted champion of the whole continent.


The UEFA Champions League always brings the best out of the leading teams in all European leagues, and some of the historic football stories are forged on that stage. As the games are about to take flight, you should know where each of the games stands and which clubs have a better chance to move on to the next round.


Predicting the Second Leg of the Champions League Round of 16


GambleSpot takes on the task of providing a detailed Champions League preview for the second leg of the R16. There are a lot of fiery games that are coming in hot, and you would want the chance to make the most of your wagers as these fixtures are considered high-stakes showdowns that you would not want to miss.


Over the years, the Champions League has always given us some of the biggest shows on the football stage. From promising comebacks, fueled performances from the top players, and wire-to-wire victories from the leading clubs, this season’s edition of the Champions League has been a special story as it showed how the UCL can be unpredictable especially when it comes to the wide range of upsets that has taken place over the past few weeks.


Without further delay, here’s GambleSpot’s Champions League Round of 16 predictions:


Bayern Munich vs Lazio - March 6th


Bayern Munich vs Lazio image


An aggregate of 0-1 in favor of Lazio was not on the bucket list for most of the popular Champions League last 16 predictions all over the internet. Bayern’s collapse at the hands of Lazio in Stadio Olimpico seems to be quite a disappointing finish considering how well they’ve been this season. Heroics from Ciro Immobile in the 69th minute allowed Lazio to escape with a 1-0 win at their home, but now it seems that Bayern will be the one to have an advantage at home as they aim to claim this back and move on to the next round. It is expected to see Bayern launch a huge counter-offensive in front of their home crowd.


Real Sociedad vs Paris Saint-Germain - March 6


Real Sociedad vs Paris Saint-Germain image


Paris Saint-Germain is expected to come away with a clean-sheet victory once more after securing a massive finish in their home game in the first leg. So far, PSG has been a dominant team on both ends of the pitch, and you should know that they are an even bigger beast on the road. This is why the victory at the Parc des Princes will set the tone for the coming showdown as Real Sociedad just hopes to stave off elimination and pull off an upset. There is still a fair chance for them to strike up their game and deliver a strong finish at home to take out one of the favorites to win in the UCL.


Real Madrid vs RB Leipzig - March 7th


Real Madrid vs RB Leipzig image


Believe it or not, the Blancos are not entirely favorites to win in this matchup. However, the circumstances seem to favor them as Real Madrid is slated to play at home with a 1-0 aggregate in the score. A proper defensive scheme is in play for sure, and no one can deny that they are entirely capable of closing it out now more than ever. Real Madrid is playing inspired football against one of the struggling clubs in the Bundesliga, which is why another victory is definitely for them.


Manchester City vs FC Copenhagen - March 7th


Manchester City vs Copenhagen image


Let’s all be frank here as mature sports lovers, there is no chance for Copenhagen to even take on a win against Manchester City. That 3-1 victory for the Citizens was a promising touch on how poised this team is to come away with another victory – let alone take it at home, where they have thrived as one of the best clubs in the EPL. Now more than ever, it does seem that City is ready to take their game to the next level, which is why it is a no-brainer that the squad will be able to claim an easy win against their Danish opponents. Demolition from the hot-scoring hands of the City Stars will lead the way toward an uncontested finish for the defending EPL champs.


Arsenal vs FC Porto - March 13th


Arsenal vs FC Porto image


Porto came away with a huge upset in their first leg against Arsenal, and it is now up to the Premier League contenders to come up with a much more promising run that will have them rallying against one of the top clubs in the Portugal League. The Gunners are highly favored to win in this second leg against Porto, especially having an advantageous home crowd that has waited long to host Champions League games over the years. A wire-to-wire victory is expected for Arsenal by the final whistle, especially when they get a chance to play at a high energy and not give in to the massive pressure of having to climb back up. I’d say that Arsenal will pull off at least a 3-0 win in this one.


Barcelona vs Napoli - March 13th


Barcelona vs Napoli image


This is one of the most unexpected twists among the Champions League games. An epic tale of comebacks and upsets is really in store between these two rivals, which is why you should not miss their clash. Considering how tough Barcelona’s season has been, this just adds more fuel to the fire as they finished their first leg at home with a 1-1 aggregate score. Now coming into Napoli’s home stadium is going to be a challenge as they face a huge upset if they fail to break the deadlock against Napoli. On the other hand, the Italian squad is expected to deliver a daunting win, even though they are still placed as underdogs in this showdown.


Borussia Dortmund vs PSV - March 14th


Borussia Dortmund vs PSV image


Another clash that is slated to have a wild ending is the showdown between Borussia Dortmund and PSV. The Dutch league leaders are expected to pull off an upset in front of the Yellow Wall in Signal Iduna Park when they battle it out for the second leg. It is a no-brainer that this will be one of the crucial matches to look out for as PSV is considered a favorite to win this year’s edition of the Champions League. However, they will need to beat the young and gritty squad of BVB if they are going to make it to the second round and avoid a huge upset.


Atletico Madrid vs Inter Milan - March 14th


Atletico Madrid vs Inter Milan image


If this was a home game, then the Serie A giants would be a lock to win. Inter has already made the most of their opportunities in the first leg – although they didn’t do enough damage to ensure that they would have a bigger lead heading into this second leg on the road. Atletico is a team that is known well for being able to ride into their home crowd’s momentum. This is going to be a challenge for Inter to pull off, especially at this stage in the Champions League.


What to Expect in the Champions League Round of 16 Second Leg?


The second leg of the Champions League Round of 16 is something that has been always notorious for wide upsets and intense games that many fans do not expect. This is why you should not miss any of these fixtures so you can see if you got your wagers right en route to the actual games. There is a chance that GambleSpot’s predictions will turn out right, but you should be ready for a backup plan in case that things go south – especially in a competition that is known well for blazing football action.


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