Gamble Picks: Predicting the NHL Conference Finals

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📖 Published on: May 21st, 2024

✍️ Updated: May 22nd, 2024

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The 2024 season of the National Hockey League is sweeping the nation with its intense and promising games that have riled up a lot of fans this year. We are looking at one of the biggest showdowns in the postseason as there are now four teams left vying for the last two spots that will give them a chance to score a win in the Stanley Cup Final.


Story of the Postseason: Who Are the Last Four Teams Standing?


This has been a fun season to look out for, and while there are no shortage of plot twists to begin with, this playoffs has been really full of fiery showdowns and blazing battles that really brought fans to the edge of their seats. But it has been a long while since the top four teams in the league have made their way to the conference final, and this says a lot about the level of competitiveness that is proving how the NHL is starting to come up with a promising set of games that will take the game to bigger heights.


Now who’s left to take their chance to the Stanley Cup Final?


Dallas Stars

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The Dallas Stars have been a phenomenal team to watch. The team came back from an 0-2 hole to begin their playoff run against the defending champions Vegas Golden Knights. Of course, this ended in a classic Game 7 battle, where the Stars edged the defending champs in a 2-1 victory to punch their ticket to the second round. Dallas would go on to defeat the Colorado Avalanche, overcoming the offensive prowess of the latter and winning three games after losing Game 1 and then closing out their rivals in a 2OT affair in Game 6. It is easy to say that the Dallas Stars are really making a strong case for a massive return to the final since winning it in 2020.


New York Rangers

After a strong ending to the regular season, the New York Rangers continued to put in the work by starting with a dominant run in the Playoffs. The Rangers went on to pull off an easy sweep against the Washington Capitals, allowing only a total of eight scored points against them in the whole series. The Rangers did not hold back in their series against the Carolina Hurricanes, where they went up 3-0 and had to scrap for the final win after the Canes shown signs of life and won Games 4 and 5. The Rangers sealed the deal in Game 6 with a 5-3 win, bringing a promising pace in their games so far that is expected to lift them in the Conference Final.

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Florida Panthers

Florida Panthers image

The Florida Panthers has really made it clear that they are on business in the Stanley Cup Playoffs – beating the Tampa Bay Lightning in five games without much hassle, before finally pulling off an upset series victory against the Boston Bruins – yes, you read that right. The Bruins have been eliminated by the Panthers in six games, with the juggernauts being held to just a single point scored in a total of three games, including the crucial Game 6 where they could have forced a Game 7 instead. If there’s anyone expected to win big now more than ever, it is time for the Florida Panthers to shine bright on the big stage once more.


Edmonton Oilers

Plowing through the LA Kings without much hassle has been the sign that the Edmonton Oilers are making a huge difference in the postseason. So far, their seven-game escapade against the Vancouver Canucks proved to be a promising showdown that showed how the Oilers have matured over time. Their promising teamwork led them to come back from a 3-2 deficit to storm in back-to-back wins to defeat the Canuicks and score a series win to finally secure their run in the Conference Finals now more than ever. But will this be the chance for the McDavid-Draisaitl combo to win their title?

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What to Expect in the NHL Conference Finals?


The penultimate showdown of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is expected to bring the massive intensity that has been building up in the past few months. This just says a lot about the way the NHL ascended into one of the biggest sporting events that many fans would love to see. The stakes are high, the games are slated to be intense, and one can say that the Stanley Cup Playoffs is going down for real!


See more details and our predictions for the coming playoff series below:


Western Conference Final: Dallas Stars vs Edmonton Oilers

Winning franchises are about to collide as the Stars and the Oilers take center stage in the Western Conference. These two teams have been promising rivals for so long, and they have met in the postseason for a total of six playoff series, with the Stars emerging victorious in the last five. Still, the Stars are set as heavy favorites to emerge in this series, but this is something you want to look out for considering that the teams are evenly matched on a star-for-star basis. Still, let’s not forget the fact that the Stars have won the season series at 2-0-1, but fans can expect to see more from the warring teams in the West.


Stars vs Oilers image


Miro Heiskanen and Matt Duchene are expected to become the leading scorers in this series, and it does seem that they can match up well against the star power of Leon Draisaitl and Connor McDavid. Tyler Seguin will need to step up more if he is going to lead the supporting cast of the stars, considering how well the Oilers’ own backup unit has responded in playing against adversity in their recent games so far.


Gamble Pick Prediction: Oilers in Six


Eastern Conference Final: Florida Panthers vs New York Rangers

This is the dream matchup that many fans are looking forward to, and it seems that the New York Rangers will finally have a chance to come up with a strong performance against one of their long-time rivals in the Florida Panthers. This marks the second time that the two teams have faced each other in the Playoffs, and it seems that this is going to be a fun series to look out for now more than ever. The Rangers just won the Presidents’ Trophy in the season after setting a team record of 114 points, and now it seems that the Panthers have a chance to oust one of the teams that arguably had one of the best seasons ever.


Rangers vs Panthers image


Artemi Panarin is going to be one of the biggest players to look out for in this series, as he has always been in the season. It cannot be denied that Alexis Lafreniere is going to be a promising playoff riser in this series especially with the way he has stepped up for the Rangers in the past two matchups. All eyes are also going to be on Sergei Bobrovsky, who has been arguably the best goalie in the postseason right now. Matthew Tkachuk is also heating up with his playmaking, and has found a promising duo tandem with Aleksander Barkov, who is clearly making strides with massive goal-scoring galore at this point.


Gamble Pick Prediction: Panthers in 7


See Who Cruises to the Stanley Cup Final!


The Stanley Cup Final awaits us in the next month, and these sets of games in the conference finals will surely bring us at the edge of our seats! Make sure to find out who will emerge as the Best of the West and the Beast of the East once the coming games ensue! Support your favorite teams and make the most of your wagers while you’re at it!


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