Is Team Spirit Ready to Defend its Title in The International?

Is Team Spirit Ready to Defend its Title in The International image

📖 Published on: June 25th, 2024

✍️ Updated: June 26th, 2024

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We have seen how this season has been quite disappointing for Team Spirit with a lot of short runs that have ended in tough losses and poor finishes in the games. The current campaign has seen them come up with poor performances in key tournaments, and despite being ranked second overall, it does seem that there is a lot to hope for the team in its goal of improving in its games and delivering a promising groove en route to The International in the later months.

What Should Fans Expect From Team Spirit in the 2024 Campaign?

Team Spirit entered this season as one of the heavy favorites to win in The International, and was even expected to dominate the tournaments previously held and upcoming ones without question. However, it does seem that Team Spirit is struggling to keep the same composure and impressive groove in their games in the past few months, and this year hasn’t been much kinder to the squad’s chances of winning now more than ever. So far, it seems that they are not going to get that winning groove if they aren’t going to step up in their games in the long run.

Team Spirit has been a successful force in the season so far image

While they are still the best team in CIS, it cannot be denied that their dominance is somewhat waning now more than ever. BetBoom Team is on the rise, and Virtus.Pro is also making its presence felt in the game with sets of impressive victories in the different tournaments. Let’s not forget that Natus Vincere is a dormant and sleeping giant in their own right, which is not that far behind in their bag, and will likely be a team to beat in the later months as well.

The squad composed of yatoro, Collapse, Miposhka, Mira, and Larl are definitely a winning team, but their chances are starting to be on the fence with the way they have played in their games. While they have seen some impressive games in the PGL Wallachia Season 1, it is not enough to actually make them a strong case for their chances in The International, where the stakes are even bigger and teams are hungrier for a chance to prove their worth on the big stage.

So far, the expectations are not going well for Team Spirit to be actually considered a prime contender to win. But who knows, maybe they can come up with a promising victory once more?

What are the Chances of Team Spirit Winning in The International?

While The International is still months away, fans and experts alike are now starting to come up with speculations on which team is more likely to come up with a promising finish in the big tournament. Team Spirit remains a top pick, but what will affect their chances of winning in The International?

TI Champions Curse Seems to be in Effect

Believe it or not, the TI Champions curse is real image

Teams are 1-9 in attempts to win The International for the second straight year after winning the previous edition. Whenever teams manage to snag a promising finish to claim the Aegis of Champions, the squad never seems to be the same again as the last 10 champions have seen only one champion who successfully managed to win back-to-back The International runs, which is OG in 2018 and 2019. While Team Spirit has won the tournament twice, they didn’t win the succeeding tournament after their 2021 triumph over PSG.LGD, not reaching the finals of the 2022 edition. As a TI champion, Team Spirit needs to shake off this tough break if they are going to pull off a repeat.

Team Spirit has Overcome Struggles Over the Years

The TI 23 triumph was proof of Team Spirit's grit image

This is not the first time that Team Spirit has needed to find its groove en route to a title finish in The International. For instance, the 2022-23 season has been a storied campaign for the squad, where they had a rough start before moving with incredible pace in late season with wins in the Riyadh Masters, DreamLeague Season 21, and ultimately The International 2023. This season almost has the same template with the team not really bringing much of a promising set of results in their games. The first championship for the team for this season? PGL Wallachia in 2024, which is almost close to the closing parts of the campaign. It cannot be denied that the team is closing in to pull of something – hopefully break the TI curse now more than ever.

Bigger Contenders Are Chasing Big Glory in the Dota 2 Scene

Xtreme Gaming has built a solid presence in Dota 2 image

The Gaimin Gladiators have been a fierce contender in the Dota 2 scene image

As said before, The International brings out the best out of all participating elite teams, and we are already seeing some key favorites who are likely to come up with the same massive run in the coming months. For instance, Team Falcons is already starting to rack up massive victories down the stretch. Let’s not forget that Xtreme Gaming and even the Gaimin Gladiators are making a lot of noise when it comes to putting up huge rallies in key Majors where there are a lot of points up for grabs. This is why Team Spirit desperately needs to catch up and start making some big strides in the season.

Can Team Spirit Emerge as a Top Pick in The International?

Dota 2 is expected to be one of the biggest esports in the world, and The International itself is an event that is delivering a promising experience for fans to enjoy. Team Spirit may be struggling now, but maybe they can find a way to get their pace back up and running again, and hopefully make history as the second team to ever win The International in back-to-back years.

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